EBPW Chapter 52.2

Chapter 52.2 A Belated Wedding Ceremony (2) 

“Thank you for your kind intentions, but I can protect myself without the need for your concern.” Gars’ pale red pupils stared at He Zhou momentarily. “He, you can’t favour one and discriminate against the other. You keep letting Wen Ren eat meat everyday while you only leave us watching in the front seats.”

The meaning of his words caused He Zhou’s face to feel hot. He understood what Gars was trying to imply. In the past few days, he and Wen Renyi did indeed, have been eating a lot of meat, but they had set up a boundary, so Gars and Auster shouldn’t have heard anything.

However, Gars’ eyes were sharp, he found clues in every little move they made.

“You also said it before. I’m too weak,” He Zhou contemplated for a moment before slowly voicing. “But I can still easily trap you. If you returned to the organization, wouldn’t you be unable to stand a chance? How would you deal with them?”

Gars’ eyes turned cold, “I don’t need you to worry about this, He, I know you mean well but I can’t keep myself holed up in here. I’m a vampire, I don’t fear the darkness.”

He didn’t fear the darkness and had even experienced the worst kind of pain. At this point, death meant nothing to him.

In the end, He Zhou couldn’t continue convincing him so he could only watch as Gars and Auster disappeared into the night.

Wen Renyi watched the figure standing in front of the French window and walked over to him, embracing him from behind. He placed his head on He Zhou’s right shoulder, and said, “Gars has his own path to walk. No matter what he chooses, I believe he won’t regret it.”

He Zhou hummed in acknowledgement before he turned around and said, “On the way home, you said you had a gift for me. What is it?”

Wen Ren smiled softly and handsomely. It was as if every time he saw He Zhou, the icy air he exuded would dissipate. He took He Zhou’s hand and led him to a room on the second floor.

He Zhou was not a curious person. Aside from being familiar with the bedroom and the kitchen, he basically hadn’t entered the other rooms.

Wen Renyi pushed the door open and entered together with him. He Zhou froze up instantly. The scene in front of him caused his heart to sour slightly, yet he still felt exceptionally moved.

“This is?”

A smile hung on Wen Renyi’s face. He pulled He Zhou towards the antique wardrobe, and said, “Open it and take a look.”

He Zhou reached a hand out and did as he said. The jade-colored hand contrasted against the fine mahogany, making his hands appear more white and slender, and the rounded fingertips tinted slightly red. Wen Renyi’s eyes turned deeper.

Once the wardrobe was opened, the sight of two gorgeous red suits entered their views. The vermilion-colored bottom was embroidered using a golden thread to form a complicated and luxurious pattern, it looked matchlessly exquisite.

“There might be some differences with the one you wore before, Ah Zhou, but this is the best I could do.” Wen Renyi took his white jade hand and pulled it close to his lips, pressing a kiss on it. The light under the red lampshade cast a dark red color on He Zhou’s face.

The room looked exactly the same as his room back in the Shen Yan Sect and this was coming from Wen Renyi who had only heard him describing it once.

“It’s very good.” The rims of He Zhou’s eyes were tinted with affection. He stared into Wen Renyi’s eyes and smiled delicately. “Thank you, Ah Yi.”

He hadn’t met anyone else who bothered to spend so much effort to make him happy. 

Wen Renyi kissed him on the lips. “We couldn’t hold a ceremony before we married so I wanted to make up for it. Is it ok if it’s just the two of us?”

He Zhou couldn’t care less about the empty formalities, much less having people to cheer for them. What he was touched by, wasn’t this ceremony, but the way Wen Renyi treated him.

His eyes flitted over to the quaint tea table not far from them. On top, there were exquisite wine wares to be used for exchanging nuptial cups.

“Shall we put it on?” Wen Renyi took out one of the vermillion wedding suits and asked.

He Zhou’s voice was low and hoarse as he responded, “Okay.”

He slowly removed his shirt, and was gradually dyed with the color of red. His slender figure appeared even more outstanding and refined. Wen Renyi’s eyes had already darkened like an abyss as he personally helped He Zhou button up his wedding suit. His fingers swept across He Zhou’s skin, carrying a scorching heat that almost scalded the two people’s heart. It accumulated and rolled into a warm current.

He Zhou rarely wore red clothes. He consistently dressed in light colors which made him look otherworldly and flawless in other people’s eyes. However, the vermillion wedding suit seemed to have brought out his grace. The golden thread outlined the delicate patterns, accentuating his noble beauty. Wen Renyi brushed the corner of his brows naturally, and sincerely praised: “It’s beautiful.”

It was even more beautiful than he had imagined.

Wen Renyi also changed into the same suit and took He Zhou’s hand, going towards the table and sitting down. He poured two glasses of cold and transparent wine, ”Ah Zhou.”

He Zhou took a glass and drank it at the same time as Wen Renyi. The wine was evidently of good quality, because downing one cup into the belly had managed to inebriate the two people. It was unclear whether the wine had made people drunk or whether the person who was present had caused the other to be intoxicated.

He Zhou’s mood remained in a state of excitement tonight. He stared at the wide-sleeved Wen Renyi, and his heart drummed even louder. Under the instigation of drunkenness, he grabbed Wen Renyi’s wrist and held his chin, leaning over to give him a kiss.

With such a partner like this, He Zhou felt as if he could die without regrets.

That night, the room was filled with red billowy waves.

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