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  • EBPW Chapter 5.2

    Chapter 5.2 Sharing and sleeping in the same bed (2)

    Wen Renyi took a few steps forward, facing He Zhou. He had unfocused cataracts and a spiritless expression. “You hate me for being blind, hate me for having no military accomplishments.”

    That cold as frost face actually showed a faint of grievance. 

    Master He was not a sympathetic person but he was also not a cold-hearted person and he knew his limits. Wen Renyi who fell from a god level had been thrown rocks at by people and was ridiculed, even if he hardened his will, there would also be times where he was vulnerable, now that even his partner disliked him, he would definitely feel hurt.

    “I don’t dislike you.” He Zhou smiled. “Actually, I quite admire you, I mean, before, you were a male god. Now, you’re STILL a male god whereas I am considered white silk trousers. Why would I dislike you?”


    He Zhou hummed in agreement, after all he wasn’t lying.

    The soft light in the living room was scattered on Wen Renyi’s face, plating him with a layer of gentleness. He “looked” at He Zhou, swiftly raising the corners of his mouth into a light smile, his voice low and soft. “Then come with me.”

    He Zhou felt that this person was really gentle, good-looking, had a really nice voice, capable, and had a strong will that even if he was blind. It really didn’t hurt a single ounce of his elegant bearing. 

    Wen Renyi opened a sliding door, and He Zhou followed him in. Inside was very spacious and looked to be comfy and refined. It revealed a trace of ancient charm. The furniture was constructed with top grade wood, the room exuded a trace of a fresh scent, it was very refreshing.

    “Are you satisfied?

    A low and soft voice clear voice rang beside his ear, He Zhou recollected his senses and looked over, with a tone of curious coincidence said. “Mm, it looks a lot better than what I saw at the restaurant.”

    Wen Renyi was stunned before chuckling. “This was the place I arranged before going blind.” The implication was that the restaurant’s other decor had nothing to do with him.

    He Zhou felt deeply sorry for the misunderstanding. “It’s not early anymore, do you want to take a rest?”

    Wen Renyi nodded. “You can go take a bath first, all the clothes are in the closet on the left, I still have some matters to deal with. You have a rest first.” He said before leaving the bedroom.

    He Zhou had accepted the situation with good will and thought that there wasn’t anything to two guys sleeping together, after all, the bed was so big and his sleeping posture was good. He also believed that there was nothing to nitpick about Wen Renyi’s sleeping picture too.

    He took a shower, dried his hair and wore white pajamas lying on the soft big bed. He closed his eyes and felt the Inner Xi in his veins. He prompted them to continue circulating over and over, cleansing the veins, the Inner Xi gradually became stronger. If an expert knew the circumstances of his body, they’d be extremely surprised. Even a sky level expert’s Inner Xi’s circulation speed wasn’t that quick.

    By the time it came to the eighth round, Wen Renyi had come in. He Zhou closed his eyes, and breathed as if he were asleep. Wen Renyi paused slightly, and then proceeded to the bathroom as if nothing had happened.

    He Zhou couldn’t sleep under such circumstances, especially if he had to share a room with a complete stranger, but it didn’t matter, he’ll just circulate his Inner Xi and forego sleeping. After all, he’ll still be as energetic the next day.

    Wen Renyi wore the same design of pajamas in light gray and laid down beside him. His breathing slow. He Zhou guessed that he must have already fallen asleep and slowly relaxed his mind, letting his Inner Xi spontaneously circulate.

    Suddenly, a painful groan arose in the silent bedroom, He Zhou’s brows twitched, before extending his hand to turn the lights on and looked at Wen Renyi. Wen Renyi’s brows were slightly knitted, seemingly like he was enduring a painful matter. In Young Master He’s eyes, Wen Renyi’s age was considered to be a younger generation to him, and this child left a good impression on him so he still had some concern for him.

    A fingertip touched the middle of Wen Renyi’s eyebrows as Inner Xi was poured in to pacify him, Wen Renyi gradually became serene and He Zhou relaxed, just as he was about to shift his hand away, a pair of eyes opened before him.

    Purple mist bubbled, lurking in the white cataracts, it was weirdly astonishing.

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