EBPW Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.1 Sharing and sleeping in the same bed (1)

He Zhou rolled his shoulders and entered the villa.

The villa was spacious. The decors’ style was different to that of the restaurant under Wen Renyi’s name. This villa was more eye-catching.

He adapted within a day of the living this life and had thought to be grateful to the heavens for letting him be reborn into this body but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that he was connected to this world in countless ways, otherwise, why would he have dreamed of the original owner?

While thinking this, his phone rang, He Zhou looked at the screen prompt, it was a person called Big Huang, one of the original owner’s friends. His full name was Huang Qi, the son of a nouveau riche.

“Young Master He, I heard that you were discharged from the hospital today? The brother wanted to celebrate with you, do you want to come out and get hyped up?” Huang Qi’s male duck voice challenged He Zhou’s mental toughness.

“There’s no need. The doctor said I needed to rest. It’s too noisy there, I’m hanging up.” Without waiting for Huang Qi to finish speaking, he hung up the phone, the heavy metal music from the other side of the line really made his brain hurt.

Just after hanging up the phone, another phone call came, this time it was Xu Lin.

“What is it?”

“Young Master He! You’re trending! Quickly look at Weibo!” Xu Lin’s voice sounded very excited seeming as if he was the one who was trending instead.

Weibo? He Zhou filtered through his memories, it seemed like a social platform for people in this world to communicate.

“I got it.”

He hung up the phone and opened the platform. He discovered a lot of weibo friends had tagged him or sent him private messages, the most asked question was —-Master He, is the person in the video you? Is it really you?

He Zhou tried to click the video link open. It showed him walking out of the cake shop in the very beginning, scooping and eating the cake, it ended when Xu Lin had hoisted the Bat off. After watching the video, he once again clicked to show the comments below.

“Ahh ahh ahh” all followed in the same suit, he scrolled down and there was nothing else but “Little brother is so handsome”, “Handsome brother is amazing” and the like. Aside from a few black keyboard warriors, the rest were the type to lick their screens.

It was the first time for Young Master He to receive a direct praise upfront, even though he was the model of his peers, everybody looked upon him with reverence, he had never been enthusiastically flattered before. 

This kind of feeling was novel but it wasn’t bad.

He put down his phone and went for a round around the house, deciding which room he should rest at. Wen Renyi didn’t even tell him and just as he was about to sit on the sofa and wait for Wen Renyi to return, he heard the sound of the door being unlocked.

Wen Renyi entered the house and closed the doors, even though his eyes couldn’t see but his movements were no different from others. He Zhou thought about it, Wen Renyi was still a person who had a foot in the Xiantian Realm, his godly senses were still stronger than an ordinary person’s so even if his eyes are blind, his spirit still existed.

Wen Renyi felt He Zhou’s presence and slightly tilted his head. “You haven’t gone to rest yet?”

He Zhou replied with “En. I forgot to ask which room I’ll be sleeping in.”

Wen Renyi paused for a moment, and somewhat bewilderedly asked. “Aren’t we already married?”

Then? He Zhou didn’t understand his meaning, or he pretended to not understand, after all, everyone knew that they didn’t have feelings for each other, they haven’t even said more than a few words to each other too, so how could they sleep in the same room?

He Zhou felt that his words may have hurt Wen Renyi but he still continued. “In the end, our marriage is just an alliance, you have your life and I have mine…”

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