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  • EBPW Chapter 49.2

    Chapter 49.2 The Missing Soul (2)

    The family heads of the aristocratic families could look through the records so naturally the leaders of the sect could do so as well. Qin Zhao heard this and knit his brows, nodding. Wen Renyi and He Zhou exchanged a glance. “Was Sect Leader Zhan looking for us because of the matter of the Sealed War?”

    Zhang Yinfeng sighed. “The cultivators who had gone rogue and appearing everywhere in the country have been putting citizens’ lives in danger. When the Li Family aided the special department and conducted research into this matter, they discovered a drug inside their bodies. This drug could stimulate a person’s vitality to their limits, allowing their cultivation to soar quickly in an instant, however, the duration of effects it had varied from person to person. Moreover, this drug is only a semi-finished product. I felt it important to notify you of this matter.” 

    The three people nodded. 

    “Originally, the Sealed War occurred because a dark force had suddenly appeared in this world, attempting to seize its vitality. Now that the opportunity has presented itself again, we have to be on guard.” Zhang Yinfeng’s gaze fell on the necklace on He Zhou’s neck and with a kind face, he voiced. “The demonic head is still sealed but he still holds tremendous power. I believe that if we’re unable to unite in time, it would be too late.”

    “Are you saying that the vitality of the cultivators who had gone rogue area are also within the demonic head’s plans?” Qin Zhao suddenly became alarmed. “Although sealed and unable to take the world’s vitality right now, he can still exploit people?”

    He Zhou nodded. “Indeed so.”

    He previously mentioned that the demonic sect’s life force was extremely strong, possessing countless ways to expand his strength.

    Qin Zhao’s face gradually turned solemn. “Sect Leader Zhang. Are you propositioning that we three sects should combine forces and unite to resist against the demonic head?”

    Zhang Yinfeng shook his head. “It’s not only us, it’s all of us.” He stared at the calm river with a faraway look.” During the Sealed War that happened in the past, several lives were sacrificed. Now that Guwu has started to rise again, I fear that it would receive another attack.

    “Then why did Sect Leader Zhang only call over me and Sect Leader Qin?” Wen Renyi suddenly asked. 

    Zhang Yinfeng smiled. “I was just asked by the special department team to do so. They probably assumed that since we’re all from the Jianghu, it would be easier for me to discuss these matters with you. Moreover, one of you is in the Demonic sect while the other is from the Zheng Mo Sect, so only an old man like would be courageous enough to dare speak such matters to you.”

    “Sect Leader Zhang exaggerates.”

    Zhang Yinfeng chuckled brightly while stroking his beard. “The special department attaches a lot of importance to this matter. They even tried contacting other countries to formulate a case on holding off against the demonic head. Only, there seems to have been a spy amidst our group.”

    The cabin turned silent for a while before He Zhou spoke up. “In Puli City of Rose Country, we discovered an underground work which we suspect to be their lair. Moreover, Gars Bruch, a vampire that doesn’t fear sunlight, also belongs to their side.”

    “What about the others?” Qin Zhao couldn’t refrain from asking. Since he also went to the tournament, he naturally knew who Gars was.

    He Zhou plastered on a small smile. “We’ve trapped them all.”

    Gars had followed them the entire time and had acted very unbridledly. They felt it was inexcusable to let it pass so they took some action.

    Qin Zhao nodded. “What answers do you want to get out of him? Was it difficult? Since he’s a vampire that doesn’t fear sunlight then it doesn’t seem odd that he wouldn’t fear silvers as well. What else could he be afraid of?”

    Vampires could live a long life but those who lived long naturally didn’t fear death as much.

    He Zhou chuckled. “Everybody has a weakness.”

    Qin Zhao and Wen Renyi agreed to set aside their opposing differences and unite their power. Zhang Yinfeng then appeared to heave a breath of relief and didn’t intend to delay their time any longer, allowing everyone to go their separate ways.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi returned to the hotel and entered Gars and Auster’s room. Inside the room, the two people completely remained unmoved and big eyes were staring into small eyes.

    “He, I’ve really underestimated you. You actually managed to lead us right into your trap without a sound.” Gars curved his eyes. “I think I admire you even more now.”

    He Zhou naturally wouldn’t sit around and wait for death while they chased him around so he had surreptitiously set up an array in their room, waiting for them to fall into it and get trapped.

    “Gars. You seem like you’re enjoying this kind of treatment.” He Zhou sat in front of him, his dark eyes watching him attentively.

    Gars Bruch’s light red eyes stared back at him. “I’ve already said before that I’m quite interested in Hua Country’s arrays.”

    “Then you can continue staying in the array.” He Zhou remarked before getting up and intending to leave.

    “He, I thought you were going to torture answers out of me.” Gars smiled like an angel that was possessed by a demon.

    “Are you going to talk?” He Zhou turned around to look at him.

    Gars stared at Auster who was at the side. “If you let go of him, I can tell you a few secrets.”

    Auster’s face turned pale from worry. “Gars!”

    He Zhou looked at Wen Renyi who had a gentle and serene smile. “Do what you want to do.”

    What He Zhou wanted to do was to naturally bring Gars back to Jing City. However, they couldn’t just let Auster go. Considering his relationship to Gars, there was no doubt he was going to report this matter to Gars’ clan. By that time, who could predict what trouble would come waiting for them.”

    “Auster. My apologies. It’s been hard on you.” When Gars was brought to the airport, it was as if he had let go of something as he spoke these words to Auster with sincerity.

    Auster really wanted to ask him. With your ability, you couldn’t possibly be easily trapped in it. Why didn’t you resist? However, once he came into contact with Gars’ gaze, the questions stuck in his throat had disappeared.

    Since Gars did it, then he must have his reasons.

    He Zhou brought Gars and Auster into Wen Renyi’s villa and poured them both hot tea.”Say what you want to say.”

    Gars sipped a mouth of tea, his gaze falling onto the necklace as he finally revealed an answer..

    “What he’s looking for is a missing soul.”

    T/N: Me lowkey shipping Auster x Gars in this chapter (*´ー`)

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