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  • EBPW Chapter 49.1

    T/N: As pointed out by Kleep in the next chapter, I accidentally posted 49.2 first before this XD My apologies!!

    Chapter 49.1 The Missing Soul (1)

    The Zheng Mo Sect’s headquarters were located in Gui Province’s Lin City. He Zhou and Wen Renyi did not only come here for Shen Qinglian’s matter, they were also here to settle the matter of Zheng Mo Sect’s leader.

    Wen Renyi had always been a celebrity in the Gu Wu circle. After having displayed his full capabilities during the tournament, news of his cultivation recovery had been spread around. Forum posts in the Guwu Circle had been stacked to a level akin to lofty buildings, each discussing whether the Wen Ren Family would regret their decision or whether Wen Renyi would become the new sect leader of the Zheng Mo Sect.

    During this period of time, the Zheng Mo Sect had been without a head and had wanted to select a new leader. However, they refused to accept just anyone. There were a big portion of people who secretly supported Wen Renyi even though Wen Renyi had never expressed any opinions towards this circumstance.

    On this day, the third elder of the Zheng Mo Sect gathered everyone in one place and displayed a stern face. “Ever since Sect Leader Qi lost his way, our Zheng Mo Sect had failed to select a new sect leader countless times, but as of yesterday, I had received a call from Mr. Wen Renyi.”

    There was nobody in the room that didn’t know Wen Renyi , their hearts couldn’t help but tremble secretly because they knew that Wen Renyi had a Xiantian late stage cultivation base. In Hua Country, he had the reputation of being one of the top experts to exist. If he could become Zheng Mo Sect’s leader, it would simply be the Sect’s good tidings.

    In addition to that, he was the grandson of the previous preceding sect leader.

    The third elder observed their expressions before continuing. “As you already know, Mr. Wen Ren had already indicated his reason for coming. Is there anyone in the room who holds any objections to this?”

    Other people couldn’t help but watch the third elder’s face that was calm without ripples. They started to make conjectures. The third elder has always been taciturn in dealing with people, so why would Wen Renyi contact him? Was it possible that they were secretly affiliated?”

    There were naturally people who were unhappy about this sitting in the audience, however considering Wen Renyi’s strength and speaking from the aspect of bloodline, he was more than qualified and suitable for the position, hence nobody voiced any complaints.

    Wen Renyi brought He Zhou into the meeting room and received everyone’s measuring gaze. He issued his Xiantian Late Stage might out and suppressed everyone in the room, allowing the originally serene room to become stuffy. When everyone felt the air turn viscous, breathing became more difficult for them.

    This was completely a show of strength!

    “I am Wen Renyi.” Wen Renyi’s deep and cold voice swept across everyone’s ears. “Your new Sect Leader.” 

    His words came out resolutely in an unquestionable tone.

    With this, the new leader of the Zheng Mo Sect had been easily decided. Without him, they wouldn’t be able to take on strong adversaries so they could only accept him. 

    Wen Renyi didn’t take up too much time and only settled some affairs of the Zheng Mo Sect before leaving. Seeing his familiar face, the people didn’t even dare to make a sound.

    On the way back to the hotel, He Zhou looked at Wen Renyi’s gentle tilted side profile and spoke. “You were very handsome earlier.”

    Wen Renyi gave a low chuckle and caught He Zhou’s hand. “It’s not as majestic as young master’s.” Seeing He Zhou in between laughter and tears, he couldn’t help but add. “I hope for the day I could personally see the look of Ah Zhou wearing a Chang Pao(1). I would definitely not have any regrets.”

    1. Chang Pao
    Dressed up like an old Beijing resident - China culture

    He Zhou shook his head and chortled. “It’s a pity that I only came here with my soul.”

    Wen Renyi naturally did not tell him that he had already asked for it to be tailored. He only needed to wait until the time was right to ask Ah Zhou to change into it.

    The two people stepped into the hotel and were quickly chased by someone. Those people were familiar to them. They were the Tian Qin Sect Disciples Gao Ren and Chi Huan.

    “Young Master He and Mr. Wen Ren.” Gao Ren cupped his hands. “The Sect Leader wanted to sincerely invite you two over and hopes that his invite would not be declined.”

    Why was the Tian Qing Sect’s leader looking for them?

    Chi Huan stood at the side and lazily said. “Don’t think about it too much. My master invited you over because he wanted to discuss some matters. Qin Zhao is also going to be there.”

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi knew that his words contained the truth so they followed him to the river side. 

    Green ripples appeared on the surface of the river where an antique looking boat was anchored at the shore, gently rocking along with the waves. 

    The people on the boat sensed the incoming people and went out of the cabin. One person had an honest countenance and his gaze was gentle. He wore a Tang suit(2) and looked like he had quite a strong character. The other person wore a westesrn suit, appearing slightly more antisocial and evil. Once he saw He Zhou and Wen Renyi, he scrunched his brows, recalling the array He Zhou had trapped him in.

    (2)Tang suit

    “Young Master He, Sect Leader Wen Ren, please climb on the boat for a chat.” The Tian Qing Sect’s leader Zhang Yinfeng smiled and invited the two. 

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi stepped onto the boat which then promptly began to move forward towards the center of the river.

    Zhang Yinfeng invited them to sit inside the cabin. Inside, there was a short table with four sides. A small stove was placed atop the table which was currently heating up tea. The fragrance of the tea assailed the nose. Coupling this with the breeze of the river, it was quite charming.

    “The three of you need not be confused.” Zhang Yinfeng personally poured tea for them and explained. “I’m honored and grateful to have the three of you come over. Please treat this tea as wine and allow this one to respectfully offer the three people a cup.”

    The three people raised their cups together with him and gulped it down in one go.

    Zhang Yinfeng once again poured tea for them before placing the kettle down. “I’m sure the three of you must have already known about the Sealed War?”

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