EBPW Chapter 48.2

Chapter 48.2 I will always support you (2)

He Zhou used his eyes to signal that Gars and Auster were still outside. “This was also mother’s remnant.” He said as he held the book and pulled Wen Renyi out of the room without touching anything else.

Gars’ gaze fell on the book on his hands and said. “In order not to create any unnecessary conflict, why don’t you quickly let me have a look at the book.”

He Zhou’s face turned cold. “How could I easily allow another person to touch my deceased mother’s remnant?”

Gars snorted. “Even your accent is the same as his. As expected of outside people. I would advise you not to struggle. Just as Wen Renyi said, there are many freaks like me out there, including Zheng Mo Sect’s head, Qi Changling.” He narrowed his light red eyes slightly.. “Forgive me for speaking too bluntly but you are still too weak.”

He Zhou kept the book in his hand and his golden core stage might gradually charged towards Gars.“If he wanted to come out, he would have already come to find me.”

Since He Zhou and the demonic had perished together during the great war, it was sufficient to see that their cultivation bases were on the same par. However, what was unclear was how much the demonic head had grown in all of these years and whether he was the cause of the Sealed War.

Seizing the vitality of the world was definitely something that only the demonic race would dare to do.

Gars’ expression changed and apparently, He Zhou’s words jabbed his sore place.

“So what? Your current strength is far too lacking.” His words were injected with honesty..

He Zhou only smiled as he continued to hold the book. He left the courtyard together with Wen Renyi. Gars and Auster didn’t think much of it and quickly went to follow them.

Wen Renyi and He Zhou didn’t hurry back home because Wen Renyi still had matters to handle in Province Gui.

At night, after He Zhou had finished his bath, he leaned on the bed, flipping over the romance novel he had taken with him. Wen Renyi felt flabbergasted at this but he still helped him dry his hair, asking. “Is there anything peculiar with this book?”

The book wasn’t thick so He Zhou had finished going through half of it. When he heard Wen Renyi’s question, he replied. “There is a restriction cast on this book. Only Shen Family members are allowed to see the contents of the book. Wait until I finish reading it and I’ll explain it to you.”

Wen Renyi nodded while he dried his hair. Then, he went to the sofa and turned the computer on to start managing his work.

A while passed before He Zhou had finally finished reading the entire book. Wen Renyi who kept paying attention to him also got up. Seeing his slightly furrowed brows, he asked. “Are you tired?” as he helped him knead the space between his brows.

He Zhou automatically pulled his hand down and held it with his hands, saying. “ Ah Yi, you previously mentioned that the people who joined the Sealed War are all dead, is that right?”

Wen Renyi sensed something amiss. “Was it not true?”

He Zhou shook his head. “The Shen Family was originally an array aristocratic family. The Shen Family’s grandfather had participated in the Sealed War and the seal array was in fact created by him. However, he relied on using the array to escape, leaving behind everyone else to be sacrificed. He was overcome with so much shame, he concealed his identity from thereon.”

Wen Renyi immediately understood. “Then what about the necklace?”

“The book didn’t mention it.” He Zhou placed the book beside the bed and leaned back on the pillow. “Ah Yi, I suddenly thought of a problem. Dad had mentioned that the demonic head wanted to absorb the world’s vitality to try and restore his original strength but was soon sealed. Now that the seal isn’t stable today, since he possesses such a tremendous amount of power, why is he incapable of breaking through the seal? Is there a catalyst that he is missing and could that catalyst be inside this necklace?”

Wen Renyi bent his head down and gently kissed the tip of his nose. “Don’t think about it too much and go to sleep.”

He Zhou pursed his lips. “I have a feeling that Gars was right. My current cultivation is too low. I fear it may be too difficult to stop the huge monster that the demonic head has become.”

Wen Renyi remembered the Peach City fantasy array where he saw He Zhou engaging in battle with someone and dying as a result and his heart palpitated for a moment. He suddenly took He Zhou in his arms and said. “Having been sealed for so many years must have dealt a huge damage to his cultivation base. As for those cultivators who had been controlled by the drug, the Li Family had already started researching the antidote for it and we still have many people on our side so don’t worry too much.” 

——No matter what, I will always protect you.

In the end, He Zhou couldn’t sleep a wink due to feeling the pressing urgency so he sat up and cultivated. Wen Renyi also accompanied him and they did it together until sunrise. 

He Zhou felt his Inner Xi and sighed. “It’s still too slow.” Because he had dealt with the demonic head before, he knew that the extent of the demonic head’s strength was not to be underestimated. 

“You don’t need to hurry.“ Wen Renyi held his hand. “This necklace is yours. You are now in control of his life.”

“Then what if he uses the lives of the people in exchange?” The light in He Zhou’s eyes dulled in plain sight. “What if they used your life?”

“Then do what you think is right. Regardless of what you choose, I will always support you.” Wen Renyi took his hand and kissed his ring.

“Ah Yi thank you.” Young Master He could choose to sacrifice himself without hesitation, however, he couldn’t ignore other people’s lives.

“How should you thank me?”

He Zhou chuckled at this and leaned in to kiss him. 

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