EBPW Chapter 48.1

Chapter 48.1 I will always support you (1)

Shen Qinglian’s residence wasn’t big by any means but it was elaborate and beautiful. When you took a look from the outside of the courtyard, blue bricks and black roof tiles were hidden by verdant trees, appearing extremely peaceful and harmonious.

However, standing before them in the middle of the courtyard, was a strange darkness. Ghost-like objects seemed to float around them, emitting sinister laughing sounds.

“What the hell is this?” Auster spoke in his mother tongue. He was so alarmed he had forgotten to speak in Chinese.

A cold and gloomy smile graced Gars’ face. “I previously read it in ancient texts about Hua Country. These are spirits summoned by the demonic sect to amplify their strength. They’re quite uncommon to be seen.”

Auster saw that he was completely unaffected and gradually started to calm down. “You’ve seen this before?”

“A gist of it.” Gars clearly didn’t want to waste any more breath.

He Zhou had dealt with the demonic clan before so he was more than familiar with the mocking smiles of the spirits. Because of this, he was even more convinced that the demonic head whom he “perished together with” had really come to this world. 

“Ah Yi, I will need your assistance.” This array was evidently not easy to undo. With his current Earth Rank Late Stage Cultivation Base, he didn’t have a certain grasp of it. 

Wen Renyi nodded. “Say it and I’ll do it.”

Gars stood at the side, lighting up a blue flame on his finger and helping to disperse the spirits that gathered around He Zhou and Wen Renyi. He appeared extremely laid-back, flinging his fireballs from time to time, causing the spirits to hesitate from moving.

Auster was useless. He could only grab tightly onto Boss Gars’ legs. Seeing that he had helped him carry his luggage, Gars tentatively rescued his weak heart.

Under Wen Renyi’s assistance, He Zhou was quickly able to break the spirit array. Gars sincerely praised him. “He Zhou is such a remarkable array master.”

He Zhou ignored him. He still couldn’t understand what Gars wanted to do. If Gars was here to keep an eye on him then why was he acting so conspicuously. This wasn’t the character of someone who schemed. He may have denied this but he could definitely tell he was monitoring him.

The courtyard reverted back to its original image with overgrown weeds under their feet. The courtyard’s blue limestone walls revealed a trace of desolation. He Zhou went up the stairs and arrived before a wooden door. The paint on it had also been chipped off and the marks on it had been mottled. 

Wen Renyi pushed the doors. The ring on his fingers glinted underneath the sunlight. Gars covered his eyes out of reflex. As expected, now matter how much he was mutated, innate tendencies were still difficult to shed.

The hall presented itself before them, decorated with simple furniture. However, a few people could tell with just one look that these furnitures were made from good quality wood. They could even almost smell a tinge of sweet fragrance.

Aside from this, there was nothing else that struck differently.

According to He Shaoning’s description, He Zhou very quickly found Shen Qinglian’s bedroom. Her bedroom was closed securely. He stopped in his tracks and told Gars. “This is my deceased mother’s bedroom, would you mind waiting outside?”

Since Gars was still a noble, he could only abide by etiquette and heeded He Zhou’s words, waiting outside the room with Auster.

After He Zhou and Wen Renyi stepped into the room, a confused Auster couldn’t help but ask. “What are we actually doing here? Also, what do you mean by the organization you were talking about?”

“Auster, how long have you known me?” Gars leaned on the tree trunk and asked lightly.

Auster scratched his head. “10 years, more or less?”

“En.” Gars picked a leaf on the ground and rubbed it in between his fingers. The cool feeling made him happy. “Ever since you knew me, I didn’t fear sunlight nor did I fear silver. You were also curious about it before but the world is so big and full of extraordinary things.” 

Auster raised his golden head and nodded. “That’s right. Even werewolves like me who don’t hate vampires are very rare.”

Gars burst into laughter before gazing at Auster. “I’m really fortunate to have a friend like you.”

Auster was embarrassed by his first display of feelings and said. “Gars, you still haven’t told me about what the organization is about. You seem to be hiding a lot of things from me.”

“Actually, I was just curious about the arrays of Hua Country. After the tournament ended, my clan sent me here in order to be good friends with He.” Gars shook his head. “But, He doesn’t seem to like me.”

Auster nodded. “I don’t like them either.”

After He Zhou and Wen Renyi entered, they saw that the room’s interior was filled with a Jiangnan girl’s taste and they felt somewhat uncomfortable. Although Shen Qinglian was He Zhou’s mother, He Zhou wasn’t really close to her at all. They hadn’t reached the level of intimacy yet.

The things here should have remained unmoved. According to He Shaoning’s words, the people who murdered Shen Qinglian were looking for something and that something was this insignificant looking necklace.

“Ah Zhou, did you find anything?” Wen Renyi waited for a while and seeing that He Zhou had not reacted, he couldn’t help but ask him.

He Zhou’s gaze fell on the table where a book was placed on top. There were distinctive marks that someone had flipped it open so he walked over and swept the dust on the cover away. Seeing the title on it, he knew that it was a novel, a spring romance novel.

A girl reading a romance novel could be considered normal. 

He Zhou slowly flipped through it and immediately became surprised. 

“Ah Zhou?” Wen Renyi saw that he was staring fixedly at the contents of the novel so he couldn’t help but inquire. “Is there something wrong with the book?”

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