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  • EBPW Chapter 47.2

    Chapter 47.2 Gars’ intentions (2)

    Not a moment later, He Zhou stepped out of the bathroom holding a towel to dry his hair. His brows were scrunched as if he was deep in thought about something. Seeing this, Wen Renyi did not disturb him and went straight to the bathroom.

    By the time he came out, He Zhou was already lying in bed and relaxing.

    “Ah Zhou, what’s going on with you today?” Wen Renyi turned the big room light off and turned on the small wall light on. He laid down beside He Zhou and asked him softly.

    He Zhou turned over to the side and stared straight into Wen Renyi’s eyes. “I think I’m beginning to remember my mother. I keep seeing memories of her in my head.”

    Wen Renyi interlocked his fingers with him and slowly rubbed the ring on He Zhou’s finger. He then kissed He Zhou’s forehead. “Don’t think about it anymore.”

    “They keep popping up in my mind. I can’t help but think of it.” He Zhou drooped his eyes and replied. This was the first time Wen Renyi had seen such a weak side of him and the feeling of wanting to cherish him intensified.

    “Ah Zhou.” Wen Renyi’s eyes glowed like star lights. His voice extremely low and gentle. “Do you want me to help take your mind off of it?”

    He Zhou raised his eyes to look at Wen Renyi before suddenly breaking into a smile. “I was still wondering how you were able to endure after seeing that scene earlier.

    Wen Renyi’s breath became sluggish before it abruptly turned heavier. He couldn’t help but want to monopolize this Young Master He who took the initiative to tease people.

    “Ah Zhou.” Wen Renyi crashed his lips onto his. “Shall we dual cultivate?”

    He Zhou smiled, hooking his hands at the back of his head and pressing their foreheads together. “En, Godly Sense Dual Cultivation only.”

    The two people tossed around until midnight as Wen Renyi held He Zhou’s hands and ruthlessly kissed his lips over and over again.

    The images in He Zhou’s head were finally wiped away. He stared at Wen Renyi’s gentle and handsome face before asking a doubt he had been harboring in his heart. “Ah Yi, why do you keep on insisting on having soul dual cultivation?“

    Wen Renyi was stupefied before he reached out to take He Zhou into his arms. “Wait until you’re finally willing to try it with me and you’ll eventually know. Good night. Go to sleep.”

    The next morning, the two people arrived at Shen Qinglian’s village, Song He County.

    Song He County had green hills and blue water. One look and you could immediately tell that it was a land filled with outstanding talent. Song He County was also considered a scenic highlight. The county still retains many of the cultural elements left behind by the old generations. The buildings in the county were also in accord with the aesthetics of the ancient times. It looked beautiful and elegant, presenting a completely unique and distinctive style. 

    Today was a working day, so the number of tourists visiting weren’t a lot. He Zhou and Wen Renyi were also able to find Shen Qinglian’s former residence without much difficulty.

    Shen Qinglian’s former residence in the county was an extremely surreptitious place where no tourists would even pass through.

    He Zhou swept his godly sense inside the house and didn’t find a soul in sight. He was about to push the door open when the incredibly persistent Gars suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

    “You guys are really good at this. You actually found such a quiet place.” Gars revealed his little tiger teeth with a dazzling smile.

    He Zhou glanced at him. “Since you’ve acted so blatantly obvious, you don’t need to keep hiding it anymore. Which organization sent you here?”

    “He, we’re just here to have fun.” Gars walked towards He Zhou. “Since you’re so interested in this place, I naturally became curious too.”

    Wen Renyi’s white cataracts have completely disappeared so an indifferent cold light flashed through his pupils. “Gars, you said before at Puli City that you were a freak. Then are those people who work at the organization, the same kind of freak as you are?”

    Auster who had followed Gars, had a foolish expression on. What were they talking about? Why couldn’t he understand a single sentence at all?

    Gars blinked before reaching out a hand to block the sunlight. “I’m not going to say anything.” He stressed on the last word.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi exchanged a look before telling Gars. “Then come enter with us.”

    The courtyard doors were easily pushed open. Wen Renyi held He Zhou’s hand and stepped in first. When Gars and Auster also entered the courtyard, the scenery inside the courtyard underwent a sudden change.

    “What’s going on?” Auster couldn’t help but blurt out.

    On the contrary, Gars kept his cool. He tilted his head, looking at He Zhou. “We’ll just have to see He’s ability in action here.”

    “Are you saying that the array from before was set up by you?” He Zhou seemed to have recalled something. “Does that mean Tan Shu(1) was also one of your people?” 

    1. Tan Shu: The first villain that appeared in Chapter 13. Held a bunch of kids hostage including He Ye.

    When he thought about it, each time he encountered an array, the level of it was more profound than the previous array he had faced. This could very well be the other party’s way of probing him out. They enticed him step by step to fall into the inescapable net that been set up for them since long ago.

    Gars opened his pretty eyes. “He, break the array.”

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