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  • EBPW Chapter 47.1

    Chapter 47.1 Gars’ intentions (1)

    Although He Zhou and Wen Renyi decided to go to Province Gui, they were not in a hurry because some things needed to be clarified first.  

    He Zhou’s mother passed away when He Zhou was too young to realize what had happened. He only knew that his mother had passed away due to sickness but he didn’t specifically know which sickness it was, hence, they decided to go to the He Family to ask He Shaoning to shed light on the matter.

    He Ye was at school while Zhao Jing went to another province. Aside from the helper, only He Shaoning was left at home. The three people silently finished their meal before He Shaoning spoke up. “Come with me.”

    Inside the study room, He Shaoning shot a glance on the rings worn on the two people’s fingers. He then turned around to take a book from the bookshelf and took the picture inside, handing it over to He Zhou. “When you said you were going to Province Gui, I immediately knew it was going to be because of your mother.”

    He Zhou took the photo and saw a young girl that looked quiet and elegant, wearing a long dress. Behind her was a strip of river and and a tall mountain peak. The picture appeared to have been taken whilst they were travelling.

    “Then are you aware of mother’s history?” A scene suddenly appeared in He Zhou’s mind. It was of a young gentle girl carrying a child and teasing him. 

    Wen Renyi saw that his expression was amiss so he asked in concern. “What’s wrong?”

    He Zhou snapped back to his senses. “It’s nothing. I just thought of some matters.” He said, then, he turned to He Shaoning. “Dad, do you know anything about mother’s past?”

    He Shaoning sighed. “No, I don’t,”

    He Zhou nodded. “Then how did mother pass away?”

    He Shaoning’s gaze was filled with vexation and regret. “I should’ve been with your mother when she returned to her home but I was too late.”

    “That is to say she didn’t die of sickness?” He Zhou’s gaze turned sharp. “But instead she was murdered?”

    “That’s right.“ He Shaoning looked at the necklace on He Zhou’s neck. “This was the necklace Qing Lian left for you before she took her last breath. She said it was an heirloom of the Shen Family.”

    He Zhou was taciturn for a while. “Dad, do you know the secret on this necklace?”

    “I don’t.” He Shaoning paused. “However, I do know that the reason you got into an accident was also because of the necklace.”

    “Uncle, do you know about the Sealed War?” Wen Renyi suddenly asked. 

    He Shaoning froze in shock, his gaze immediately turning complicated. “Ah Yi, how do you know about the Sealed War?”

    “I chanced upon it in one of the ancient records in the operation team. There was a written account on top.” Wen Renyi explained. “The Sealed War had taken several ability users’ lives. In the end, the four big families of Hua Country as well as each sect underwent a long period of nurturing their cultivation and was able to recover their vitality. Uncle, I believe that there should be a record of this in each of the families.”

    He Shaoning nodded. “You’re right. However, these records could only be accessed by the succeeding family head. Since you already know about this matter than there’s no harm in telling you. In the family records, the appearance of the Sealed War is due to the existence of an unknown force trying to seize the world’s vitality. Every country sent their best people to seal the power but sealing isn’t the same as destroying. Moreover, nobody knew how long the seal would last.”

    “If you said it that way.” Wen Renyi’s gaze was cold and sharp. “Ah Zhou, the underground work  in Puli City, the mad cultivators, the necklace and even the crystal stones are all connected.”

    He Zhou suddenly felt that the matter had become much more complicated than they thought. 

    He Shaoning didn’t add anything to it and only said. “When you go to Province Gui, be a little more cautious.”

    “Don’t worry, Dad. Since I still have value to them, they wouldn’t kill me so easily.” He Zhou smiled. “Besides, Ah Yi will protect me.”

    When He Shaoning remembered Wen Renyi’s cultivation base, he was slightly more comforted. “I’ll send you to the airport.”

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi declined his offer and returned to the villa. They then packed up their luggage and asked the driver to send them to the airport.

    The journey from Jing City to the travelling scenic spot of Province Gui, Lin City, took two hours so He Zhou and Wen Renyi closed their eyes and cultivated, allowing time to pass by in the blink of an eye. 

    The hotel had already been booked so after they got off the plane, the two people towed their luggage to the hotel. Just as they finished handling the procedures at the reception, a familiar voice rang behind them. “What a coincidence to actually encounter you both here.”

    He Zhou turned around. “It’s not a coincidence.” These people obviously followed them all the way to here.

    Gars’ eyes twinkled. His lips were so red it looked like he had put on lipstick and his skin was as white as porcelain. When he smiled, he looked like a doll. He appeared before them empty-handed as Auster followed behind, pulling two luggages.

    “Why do you say so?” Gars’ Chinese flowed out fluently. “Auster and I were just talking about how Hua Country’s landscapes are beautiful so we especially came here to have fun and coincidentally came across you two. Are you both here to have fun as well? Why don’t we do it together?”

    Auster who was standing behind him, rolled his eyes in helplessness. He didn’t know why Gars liked to follow these two people at all.

    He Zhou didn’t continue speaking with Gars and directly went straight to his room with Wen Renyi. It was almost dusk at that time so the two people decided to go to Shen Qingyan’s village tomorrow to take a look.

    While He Zhou was in the bathroom taking a shower, Wen Renyi had already contacted people in Lin City to arrange tomorrow’s transportation to their destination.

    He had just hung up on the phone when the sounds of water in the bathroom stopped running. Wen Renyi’s gaze fell on the pajamas laid out on the bed and he couldn’t help but smile. How could Ah Zhou forget to take his clothes inside? It seems that Ah Zhou was really feeling uneasy during the plane ride.

    He took the pajamas, arrived in front of the bathroom door and knocked. “Ah Zhou.”

    The sounds of water stopped running and He Zhou’s low voice rang out. “Hm?” It was only just a syllable yet it induced people’s fantasies and caused their imaginations to run wild.

    Wen Renyi held himself back and gently answered. “Ah Zhou. Your pajamas were left outside.”

    The room was silent for a while before the doors opened. He didn’t know whether He Zhou was feeling uneasy but when he actually opened the bathroom door, he had exposed his bare body for a moment while he took the clothes from Wen Renyi’s hands.

    Wen Renyi still hadn’t reacted when the door was shut closed again.

    He stood in front of the door and rubbed his nose. It felt a little itchy.

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