EBPW Chapter 46.3

Chapter 46.3 The Young Master’s Origins  (3)

He Zhou had already sensed Wen Renyi’s abnormality during the ride. However with Feng Lan and Xiao Yue present, he thought it best to keep quiet.

Feng Lan saw that they were adamant about their decisions and could only send them back to the villa.

When they reached the villa, He Zhou hadn’t even asked anything before he was tightly pulled into a hug. He Zhou then realized the Wen Renyi’s body was frighteningly hot.

“Ah Yi, what’s wrong?” Young Master He patted Wen Renyi’s back.

Wen Renyi took a deep breath and replied. “I saw you in my fantasies.”

He Zhou left his arms and pulled him towards to sofa to sit. He gave him a comforting smile. “I already told you. No matter what you see, those are all false. You don’t need to care too much about it.”

Wen Renyi slowly shook his head and remarked in a low husky voice. “No. In the beginning, I saw you wearing a long gown, smiling at me. The next second, you seemed to be fighting with someone, in the end, you perished and disappeared.”

He Zhou’s expression suddenly turned grave. Why would Wen Renyi see these kind of things in his fantasies? Weren’t fantasies supposed to be produced from one’s inner desires?

“Ah Zhou. Was that you?” Wen Renyi lowered his voice and asked. 

He had always thought that He Zhou was somehow different from the past but he dismissed those thoughts. Moreover, he hadn’t paid too much attention in the past, so he thought that his understanding of him wasn’t shallow, but the more he got to know him, the more he came to discover He Zhou’s powerful aspects.

The crucial point was that his level of array mastery was considerably deep. 

Naturally, Wen Renyi was a selfish person. As long as he liked this kind of He Zhou, he chose to become disillusioned without the pursuit of truth. However, the scene that he saw from today’s fantasy created a sense of panic in him, because it seemed to confirm his conjectures.

After he was gravely injured, he was almost possessed. In that case, was the current Ah Zhou only temporarily residing in this body with intentions to leave in the future or will he die in battle just like what was shown in his fantasies?

If this question was asked before everything that had happened so far, Young Master He would probably be unsure as how to answer, but since he had seen the crystal stones that belonged in his world, he couldn’t help but make an assumption and said. ”Ah Yi. You might think it’s inconceivable but I think there might be a connection between this world and my world.”

”Your….world?” Wen Renyi became startled.

He Zhou nodded and recounted his origins to Wen Renyi. “I think so. I don’t think there’s a possibility that I could be possessed.”

Wen Renyi knit his brows slightly. “Are you saying that after you perished together with the demonic head, you woke up and found yourself in this world. But when you were in the Shen Yan Sect, you would often have dreams of the He Zhou in this world. Then could it be possible that, you and the demonic head didn’t die and came to this world together?”

He Zhou stared at the crystal stone in his hand. “If it was really like this then could the mysterious organization be the demonic head? But, the organization has existed far longer than this body had.”

Wen Renyi shook his head. “Although you both died at the same time and your souls came into this world, there could have been a mishap in the passing of time. You also said it before. The demonic head’s existence is tenacious. For your case, because your state of mind was damaged, after wandering around for several years, you were able to finally attach yourself to the body of a fetus and reincarnate into a person, but since your spirit wasn’t stable, you were unable to regain consciousness until after the accident. This also explains why He Zhou’s cultivation constitution is the same as yours. “

Needless to say, this deduction held reasonable basis. 

“But, since the demonic leader already possesses tremendous power, why do they still want this necklace?”

Wen Renyi’s pupils were like cold frost. “We need to swing by province Gui for a visit.”

Young Master He heard this and happiness arose in his heart. Ah Yi wasn’t frightened of his origins. He even calmly analyzed the relationship between him and this world. Moreover, he was even going to accompany him to the province of Gui to investigate the matter.

How nice.

Thinking like this, he planted a kiss on Wen Renyi’s forehead.

Wen Renyi smiled and immediately pressed him down on the sofa. He looked at him deeply as he spoke in a low and magnetic voice. “You looked great in a Chang Pao(1).”

1. Chang Pao is a traditional Chinese clothing worn by men

T/N: That 0-100 switch from serious to lovey dovey  ( ̄ω ̄;)

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