EBPW Chapter 46.2

Chapter 46.2 The Young Master’s Origins (2)

The feeling of weightlessness they felt when they fell was a bit unnerving. However, with Wen Renyi there, they safely touched the ground. The scenery before their very eyes was like heaven. When Feng Lan and Xiao Yue landed beside them, they were also dumbstruck.

This place was like paradise. It was filled with all kinds of spiritual stones and they were top grade spiritual stones at that. There were also first class cultivation methods as well as fascinating complex arrays.

He Zhou closed his eyes. These were definitely things that he wanted. It wasn’t because he was greedy, it was just that a cultivation maniac’s head was filled with these things, so he could not help himself from having these desires.

“What do you guys see?” Young Master He became curious. 

Wen Renyi suddenly tightened his hold on his hand and his appearance became gentle. A few seconds later, however, it turned into a frosty look. He closed his eyes and asked He Zhou. “Can the array be broken?”

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He Zhou sensed something odd with him and turned to look at Feng Lan and Xiao Yue. He realized that his words weren’t getting through them since their entire person became foolish.

He Zhou did not tarry any longer. Since they were already inside the array and Ah Yi had seen some unhappy things, he would have to break the array as quickly as he can.

“Ah Yi. Let go of my hand first.” Wen Renyi was holding on too tightly that He Zhou couldn’t help but speak out.

Wen Renyi opened his eyes and saw that everything was serene like he couldn’t see anything anymore. He promptly let go of He Zhou’s hand

He Zhou’s state of mind was clear. Although he yearned for great progress, he didn’t demand for it unreasonably. He also didn’t have that strong of a desire so resisting the temptation in front of him was quite easy.

It was nothing but a land of fantasy so he might as well break it.

Feng Lan and Xiao Yue were still immersed in their own world with glittering eyes. However, it didn’t last for long as their beautiful world suddenly disappeared as if it had never existed.

Feng Lan snapped out of his senses and only saw a field of overgrown bushes that reached at least half a person’s height. Not too far away there was a cemetery that was eerily cold and dark. It appeared quite scary as everything he had just seen all disappeared in the blink of an eye. When the wind blew the water pit, it evoked ripples to form on the surface.

“Has the array…been broken?” Xiao Yue felt a bit muddled. 

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He Zhou took Wen Renyi’s hand automatically. “En. The people you were looking for are over there.”

In the field not too far away, 10 people were standing around in a daze. Some were even hugging the gravestones with an entranced look. When they finally awoke to their senses, their faces immediately turned green and there were also some who fainted. These were probably the first group of people who had been dispatched. 

By this time, daybreak had come. Darkness had dispersed and some villagers’ home started to light up. Taking the chance while they still hadn’t come out, Feng Lan hurriedly called Peach City’s Operation team to let them know they had successfully completed the rescue mission.

He Zhou carefully inspected the water pit, walking along the side of the shore. Then he bent down and dug out a small piece of crystal stone from the ground. He asked Wen Renyi. “Have you seen this kind of stone before?”

Wen Renyi carefully scrutinized it for a while before shaking his head. “I’ve never seen it before.”

He Zhou nodded in understanding and dug out a few more crystals before placing them in his hand, They appeared pure, sparkly, exquisite and lovely. He looked at the crystal stones with a grave expression.

Wen Renyi didn’t recognize what they were but he did. He didn’t only recognize them, he was extremely familiar with them. Ever since he was young, these crystal stones followed him as he grew up and cultivated. He even liked to use these to form arrays.

But he never expected for these crystal stones to actually appear in this place. He believed Wen Renyi, and since Wen Renyi said he hasn’t seen these before then it proved that these crystal stones definitely didn’t exist in this world in the past. Or rather, their existence was undiscovered.

After Feng Lan made contact with Peach City’s Operation team, he discovered something odd with He Zhou. “Young Master He, is there something wrong with these stones?”

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He Zhou couldn’t explain it to him in detail. After all, he didn’t even understand the situation fully himself so he shook his head and gripped the crystal in his hand. “There’s nothing wrong.”

Young Master He pondered about the matter of crystal stones whereas Wen Renyi also seemed just as dazed. In fact, he didn’t even notice Feng Lan’s measuring gaze on He Zhou. His expression was slightly suspicious but just after two seconds, it restored its normal appearance.

The people of Peach City’s Operation Team came very quickly. Everyone was brought away quietly without alarming the villagers. Feng Lan didn’t plan to stay in Peach City any longer so he refused the hospitality of Peach City Operation Team’s captain. He asked Xiao Yue to drive the car, speedily making their way back to Jing City. 

However, they had to stop by some places for breakfast and lunch. By the time it had reached 6 in the afternoon, they had just arrived at Jing City. Feng Lan intended to invite them out for a meal but was rejected by Wen Renyi.

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