EBPW Chapter 46.1

Chapter 46.1 The Young Master’s Origins (1)

The village was so quiet, it was almost eerie. Feng Lan and Xiao Yue were observing the peaceful water pit when they heard He Zhou and Wen Renyi’s conversation and immediately felt spooked.

“You’re already inside the array?” Feng Lan and Xiao Yue found it incredulous. They hadn’t felt a thing at all!

He Zhou remained calm and composed. “Lift your heads and take a look.”

Three people did as he said and saw the vast starry sky. It didn’t look like there was any abnormality happening so Xiao Yue couldn’t help but reveal a perplexed look towards He Zhou.

“Do you still remember which direction we came from?”

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This they were sure of. “From the north.” Feng Lan used his right hand to point in the direction of north.

‘Then why don’t you take a look where the Big Dipper(1) is.”

  1. The Big Dipper is also called the Northern Dipper and is used for celestial navigation.

The three people once again raised their heads to look at the sky. Astonishingly, they discovered that the direction they came from and the Big Dipper’s location were exactly opposite.

“It was perhaps undetectable while we were at the city but when we arrived at the village.” He Zhou’s gaze fell on the overgrown weeds beside the water pit. “In this season, there should at least be cricket sounds, even if there wasn’t, it’s impossible for this place to be completely silent.”

Wen Renyi added. “Moreover, this pool is too serene.”

It was so serene it looked just like a mirror. It was definitely too odd.

“Young Master He, how do we dispel this array?” Feng Lan asked this because he could see from He Zhou’s unruffled expression that he knew of a way to dispel this.

“To be able to lead people into entering the array unconsciously makes this array quite formidable.” He Zhou suddenly scrunched his brows. “It would require a lot of effort.”

Wen Renyi heard this and immediately knew that He Zhou was using this opportunity to raise the price of his appearance fee. He felt that this side of Young Master He was so cute and decided to lend him a hand. “Now that we’re inside the array and all the other people’s location are unknown, aside from them, He Zhou will now have to bring you both out of here too. This is definitely going to be more difficult than initially planned.”

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How could Feng Lan be blind to what they were trying to do? He immediately beamed and expressed. “It won’t be a problem.”

Although He Zhou was trying to raise the price with Feng Lan, he didn’t tell lies. To be able to lead people into an array without their awareness showed that the person who set this array up, was skilled.

“Captain Feng. You previously mentioned that these people were trapped in the water pit?” He Zhou sent his godly sense to probe the depths of the water pit, passing through the surface and entering the body, but he soon realized that entering wasn’t going to be as smooth as he thought.

This reminded him of the underground work in Puli City where his godly sense was unable to penetrate through. Of course, although this body of this water pit was difficult to navigate, entering the pit was still fairly easy. 

When he inserted his godly sense, he realized that it wasn’t as dark as he imagined it to be. On the contrary, it was filled with light. Aside from the brightness that he saw, there were also familiar looking spiritual stones as well as magic weapons. There were even rare books. 

“Captain Feng. Did you receive the distress signal from several members or did the Peach City’s Operation team realize they were missing and reported it to Jing City.”

Feng Lan noticed something amiss with his words so he didn’t attempt to conceal anything and replied. “I received a report from Peach City’s Operation Team. The first group who went in did so about a month ago, so Peach City’s Operation team sent another group to investigate. In the end, it became a complete wipe out and not a single person could be contacted. They inquired the villages about it but every one of them claimed to not have seen any strangers nor did they hear of any strange movements.”

Feng Lan said and sighed. “Peach City’s Operation Team sent the third group out and they mysteriously lost them as well. Because of that, they didn’t dare send in any more people and instead, sent a report to the head operations team, asking for backup.”

He Zhou heard this and said with a calm face. “In a moment, I’m going to bring you into the core of the array. I need you to remember one thing. No matter what you see, please remember that those things are fake and are used to confuse people.”

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The reason why those people never came out was because they had been lost in the plethora of cultivation sources that were found on the inside. Though he couldn’t be sure that every one of them would see the same thing but the ones he saw were definitely those.

Wen Renyi gripped He Zhou’s hand and answered. “Alright.”

Feng Lan and Xiao Yue didn’t express any opinions.

He Feng tugged Wen Renyi and jumped into the water pit together. The strange thing was that it didn’t create a splash. Feng Lan and Xiao Yue were stupefied for a while before they followed them and jumped inside as well.

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