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  • EBPW Chapter 45.1

    Chapter 45.1 The Young Master is adorkable (1)

    Rain trickled beyond the window, rapping against the cold glass and leaving behind a trail. He Zhou sat on the balcony cultivating unperturbed. When he finished, his gaze involuntarily landed on the ring finger of his left hand.

    A ring was donned on it, looking simple yet elegant. There was even a pattern engraved on top. Although he didn’t understand what it meant, he thought it looked good.

    Wen Renyi had already gone to the company in the early morning. He had also prepared breakfast to warm in the kitchen. He Zhou rubbed the ring with the belly of his thumb and a smile erupted on his face.

    The rain was currently pouring outside so Wen Renyi had asked the driver to return to the villa to send He Zhou to school. After He Zhou finished his meal, he rode the car to school.

    Just as he got off, he bumped into Auster and Gars. Gars appeared extremely happy while holding a black umbrella. His soft reddish brown hair dazzled brightly among the crowd. 

    “He Zhou.” He smiled and greeted, revealing adorable little canines. “The weather today is good.” 

    Rain droplets descended down the umbrella surface and dropped down to the ground, causing a ripple to arise from the puddles. He Zhou knew he was genuinely happy. After all, Gars was a vampire. Although he didn’t fear sunlight, he was naturally not fond of it.

    “Congratulations. There’s finally rain in Jing University.” He Zhou replied and staggered to the side. 

    Gars’ eyes curved, his light red eyes reflected He Zhou’s noble and handsome side profile. He suddenly neared the young master, his gaze particularly focusing on the silver necklace hanging on He Zhou’s neck. He complimented him saying. “This necklace looks quite unique. Was it a gift?”

    He Zhou stopped in his heels. Although the rainwater gradually tilted along with the wind, not one managed to drop onto He Zhou. He turned around and faced Gars, speaking slowly. “It was my mother’s remnant.”

    He always had an inkling that Gars was somehow connected to the organization but his intuition told him that Gars didn’t have any malicious intentions towards him because so far, all the things the vampire had done to him were of curious intentions.

    Gars’ expression remained unchanged, even his pupils did not have the slightest change. “My apologies.”

    From this, He Zhou could conclude that he had probably already known this. Perhaps Gars’ goal was this necklace, or rather, to keep a close watch on this necklace.

    Although vampires were said to be terrified of silver, since he was a vampire that did not fear sunlight, it wasn’t too hard to believe that he was also immune to silver as well. 

    The three people arrived at the classroom. As always, Ding Zhi left He Zhou a seat. However, who could’ve expected that Gars and Auster would also sit beside them. A boy then ran over, taking the two books the occupied the tables.

    Gars smiled at him. “Thanks for helping us reserve the seats.”

    The boy’s face flushed slightly, looking slightly shy. “It’s no problem.”

    Ding Zhi’s eyes widened. Gars’ ability to charm people was astounding. He was able to quickly capture a classmate’s good graces. If Ye Xiao had acted like he did in the past, he wouldn’t have been bullied so easily.

    After silently listening through one class, the class bell rang, indicating a rest period of 10 minutes. When the teacher left the classroom, the classroom became lively. The girls went to the bathroom in groups and the boy gathered together to banter around.

    He Zhou slowly flipped through his textbook. Ding Zhi was originally a lively and energetic person, however, after he formally took in a master, he gradually began to change. Seeing his master quietly reading a book, he didn’t dare disturb him and only picked up a book to read to himself.

    “Class Monitor, do you and He Zhou live in the same dormitory?” Gars who sat at the side, raised his porcelain white face and asked him with a smile.

    Ding Zhi was used to seeing He Zhou and Ye Xiao’s good looks but faced with Gars’ attack, he couldn’t help his heart from beating faster and he nodded stupidly. “That’s right.”

    “Do you get along well with him?” Gars asked again.

    Ding Zhi remembered He Zhou’s warning about not revealing their relationship as master and disciple and replied. “En, well yes. Young Master He is really easy to get along with.”

    “I can see that.” Gars smiled and added. He then stopped talking to him. 

    Ding Zhi scratched his head and turned to look at the motionless He Zhou. He only felt it baffling.

    After smoothly going through another class, He Zhou suddenly received Feng Lan’s news, telling him that something had happened somewhere and that they needed him to break an array.

    If it was him from before, He Zhou wouldn’t have thought too much about it. However, now, he couldn’t help but ponder about it. First of all, there were other array masters in Hua Country aside from him and since other array masters existed, why did they look for him the moment something happened? Second of all, he always had a feeling that all these events happening were organized for him.

    Needless to say, this kind of thinking may be excessively narcissistic, however, there were times where intuition was capable of saving lives. Perhaps, in the end, all things led to another place, which was the secret area Qin Zhou had talked about.

    He didn’t immediately reply to Feng Lan and instead went back to the dorm, bringing along Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao to cultivate with him. They usually did this at a time where Qi Shen was not present at the dorm.

    Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao had both decided that by the time they became third years, they would move out of the dorm.

    Not a moment later, Wen Renyi called over. “Did Feng Lan ask you to go to Peach City to break an array?”

    He Zhou couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. Wen Renyi’s network of news didn’t disappoint him at all. He smiled and answered. “How much do you think I’m going to be charged for my appearance fee this time?”

    “Let me go with you and I’ll negotiate the appearance fee for you.” Wen Renyi chopped the nail and sliced the iron (1).

    1. Chopped the nail and sliced the iron: Said In a resolute and decisive tone.

    “You’re too busy with the company.” He Zhou symbolically refused him.

    Wen Renyi paused and said. “Your appearance fee could be worth as much as the company profits for 1 month.”

    He Zhou knew he was joking but he still felt exceptionally happy inside. 

    When Feng Lan called once again, He Zhou agreed to go to Peach City. Feng Lan then cheerfully replied that he would send a car to pick him up. 

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