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  • EBPW Chapter 43.2

    Chapter 43.2 I’m just afraid you’ll get hurt (2)

    He Zhou hummed in acknowledgement. “I know. Ah Yi.”

    Wen Renyi heard this and a trace of happiness arose in his heart. He held He Zhou’s hand and continued. “Then you…”

    “I’m just afraid that you’ll get hurt.”He Zhou said in deadpan.

    The room was filled with an awkward silence for a minute and Wen Renyi took a gulp of water silently. He then stood up and calmly said. “Go take a rest first. I’ll be going to the study room to handle some company work.”

    He Zhou watched Wen Renyi’s figure as he left. When he returned to the bedroom and closed the doors, he broke out in laughter at once.

    Seeing Ah Yi shrivel up was really quite amusing.

    Jing University Campus’s Assembly Hall.

    Under Ding Zhi’s guidance, He Zhou arrived at the overcrowded hall. Ding Zhi was still in the middle of explaining to him. “Master, it seems that a young entrepreneur is visiting us today. The school had specially invited him to do a lecture so all of the people in our department came over.”

    He Zhou sat down with him and was surrounded by chatters on all sides. When he turned his head to the side, he saw a fellow classmate holding a small poster with a person’s figure printed on it.

    Wasn’t this Qin Zhao!

    He Zhou couldn’t help but chuckle. The identity of a young entrepreneur didn’t suit the Demonic Sect leader. However, since the Demonic Sect was the biggest sect among the evil sects, it was natural for them to at least have their own corporation in the secular world. 

    “Master, have you ever heard of Qin Zhao?” Ding Zhi leaned near his ear and giggled.

    He Zhou cast him a glance. “Didn’t you remember the information I gave you? Try to recall the name Qin Zhao.”

    Ding Zhi’s brain operated in flying speed before his eyes widened abruptly. “Are you saying that Qin Zhao is the Demonic Sect’s…..” He covered his own mouth and borrowed the poster from his fellow classmate. After carefully scrutinizing it, he realized that the description on it wasn’t too different from the information given to him at all. The only difference was that, on the information given to him, Qion Zhao was wearing the sect leader attire of the Demonic Sect, whereas on the poster, he dressed like an elite businessman. 

    Qin Zhao finally went on stage and incited thunder-like applause. He appeared with an elegant demeanor, his countenance tall and handsome, completely unlike the average sect leader. The lecture content was delivered in a humorous and witty manner. Moreover, the information was very practical so everybody listened to it with great gusto.

    He Zhou looked through the information. Qin Zhao’s real age was 37 years old. He entered the Xiantian Realm at the age of 32 and was considered to be a genius among geniuses. In the secular world, his identity was also the boss of a corporation who was considered to be a giant amongst men.

    He spoke for nearly two hours without stopping for rest. When the lecture came to an end, the school director invited him for a meal, Qi Zhao smiled and said. “I’ve always heard that Jing University has been hiding hidden dragons and crouching tigers(1). I feel very honored to have seen so many remarkable students today.”

    1. Hidden Dragons and Crouching Tigers: talented individuals

    The director heard this and thought it was natural to call over a few students to accompany them so when He Feng, who was staying in the library, caught news of this, he felt extremely stupefied.

    He had always been an introvert. He rarely joined any gathering that was held, so he was unaware that Qin Zhao had come to give a lecture at his school. When he received the notice for companionship, he immediately wanted to refuse it. And when he arrived at the gathering venue, seeing that the person that he was supposed to accompany was Qin Zhao, his feeling of refusal became even stronger. 

    But since he was already there, he could only watch how things would slowly unfold.

    The director called him over mainly because he had placed first in the entrance exam of his department. Besides that, his performance in school was outstanding and because they wanted to nurture his talents more, they gave him this opportunity. 

    He Feng had kept a very low profile. His family background wasn’t disclosed so other people treated him as an ordinary student. As a proclaimed ‘ordinary student’, to be able to see a prominent figure like Qin Zhao as an opportunity to be cherished.

    Apart from He Feng, there were also other outstanding students of other years present.

    He Feng was taciturn and reticent on the dinner table while all the others gave toasts to Qin Zhao. Since he was the only one remaining immovable, the director panicked and secretly dropped hints to him. He Feng knew that he had to take care of the school’s face so he stood up to give Qin Zhao a toast with an expressionless face.

    Qin Zhao appeared extremely delighted at this as he downed a glass down before excusing himself to the bathroom. He even insisted on pulling He Feng along with him.

    He Feng also wasn’t willing to stay at the table any longer so he followed him to the bathroom. Qin Zhao let go of his wrist and the first thing he said was. “I didn’t know you were going to come.”

    He Feng lifted his eyes to look at him.

    “I also didn’t know this would be arranged.” Qin Zhao earnestly explained.

    He Feng believed him because Qin Zhao simply had no reason to lie.

    Seeing that he still didn’t want to speak, Qin Zhao paused before continuing. “I went back and thought about it for a long time. He Feng, I decided that I won’t treat you that way anymore. I have never harmed your mother and the necklace isn’t that important to me. You can live a free life without anyone to threaten you.”

    He Feng couldn’t help but look at him flabbergasted.

    Qin Zhao naturally wouldn’t explain to him that when he went back home that night, he had specially consulted his subordinate and had been enlightened with the principle of ‘the more you force someone, the more you push them away’. If he couldn’t give up on He Feng, then he should take a step back. 

    “You can head home first and I’ll explain it to them later.“

    He Feng nodded. “Thank you.” With this, he exited the bathroom without turning his head back.

    “He Feng” Qin Zhao called out to him. “Actually, I’m not as old as you think, I’m only 37 years old.” Seeing He Feng look back at him, he remembered that He Feng was only 18 years old. It seemed that the age difference was quite big so he added one more sentence. “To Xiantian cultivators, 37 isn’t really that old.”

    He Feng immediately turned quiet again. He couldn’t help but feel that Qin Zhao’s words were a joke. Although he could sense that Qin Zhao’s attitude was changing, what did that matter to him?

    “Goodbye, Mr. Qin.” He Feng left this sentence without a trace of reluctance. Then, he turned around and left. 

    Qin Zhou watched his slender and petite figure leave, his lips hooking up into a smile. Goodbye. 

    When the feast ended, Qin Zhao was planning to head over to a branch in Jing City to carry out an investigation when his assistant notified him while driving. “Director Qin, Mister Wen Ren just called, he said he wanted to see you.”

    T/N: A 19 year age gap.. wow.. idk it seems a little bit old for me. but I guess time should flow differently for cultivators.

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