EBPW Chapter 42.2

Chapter 42.2 I like you a little weaker (2)

He Zhou had already known all of this so he nodded with a calm face. “How did you and Qin Zhao get to know each other?”

The hands He Feng placed on his knees clenched tightly. He pursed his lips and although he felt a prick of pain, it was far less than the humiliation he felt inside.

“He was the one who found me, in order to have me keep an eye on you. Brother Zhou, I’m so sorry. He used my mother’s life to coerce me, I…. I didn’t have a choice. I have never wanted to hurt you. I’m sorry……” He said while bending his waist down, burying his face into his palms as his shoulders trembled slightly.

He Zhou sighed inwardly. He Feng was only 18 years old. Having to endure all these things at the age of 18 for such a long time was a difficult thing to do. 

He sat beside He Feng and reached out a hand to stroke He Feng’s black hair, gently telling him. “It’s not your fault but Xiao Feng, do you know what methods Qin Zhao uses exactly, to threaten aunt’s life?”

He Feng raised his head, revealing his red eyes and abruptly shook his head. “I don’t know. He wouldn’t tell me these things.”

“Why did you not tell my family?” Young Master He wasn’t familiar with how to properly comfort somebody so he could only continue probing. “The He Family isn’t scared of Qin Zhao.”

“I’m afraid that he will hurt mother and you.” He Feng said in a low tone.

He Feng remembered the words Wen Renyi spoke in the car. “Then, what do you think he would do?”

He Feng became dazed and he looked at He Zhou blankly.

Would Qin Zhao really hurt his family? Shouldn’t this question immediately evoke a definite answer? Then why was his throat choking up? He Feng couldn’t help but ask himself honestly.

Was it possible that he actually wasn’t sure whether Qin Zhao was that kind of evil person.

“Brother Zhou, I…I really don’t know.” He Feng appeared red-eyed, his face filled with evident self-doubt.

“If you’re worried about Aunt’s safety, you could let Aunt live in the He Family’s old residence. The security level there isn’t bad and second uncle is secluded there. As for me, because of the necklace, they won’t make a move on me so easily.” He Zhou recommended. 

He Feng smiled bitterly. “Brother Zhou. You know that my father has never recognized my mother and I, so mother cannot step inside the old residence.”

He Zhou was silent for a while before he smiled and said. “Then just use violence to curb violence.” He soothed He Feng, telling him not to worry and asked Wen Renyi’s driver to send him back to school, while he remained in place.

“Ah Yi. If your report wasn’t wrong then Qin Zhao’s biggest target may perhaps only be Xiao Feng.” 

Wen Renyi sat on the chair in the study room and lifted his head too look towards Young Master He. Although his expression was cold, his eyes were filled with tender sentiments.

“Supposing that your conjecture is right, what do you think of Qin Zhao?” Wen Renyi silently waited for He Zhou’s answer. 

He Zhou spoke instantly without hesitation. “Even if it was like this, he’s still quite selfish. Using threatening methods to attain what he wants, it’s no wonder he’s affiliated with the demonic sect.”

Wen Renyi was dumbfounded.

In He Zhou’s eyes, was he also that shameful? The blood of the demonic sect also flowed within his body and he also selfishly wanted to possess He Zhou for himself.

“My mother is also from the demonic sect.” Wen Renyi hung his head slowly and replied in a desolate tone. “Ah Zhou, I’m the same as Qin Zhao. He wanted to use that kind of method to trap He Feng by his side, and I, have also been deceiving you all along because I want you to become mine, will you also hate me for that?”

Young Master He’s expression gradually froze solid. “What do you mean?” Ah Yi had always wanted to treat him the same way Qin Zhao has been treating Xiao Feng?

Wen Renyi realized He Zhou’s expression wasn’t right and sense of crisis immediately arose in his heart. He quickly stood up and gripped He Zhou’s hand. “What I mean is that, I’m not really as weak as I look. I was only fooling you before. Are you going to hate me?”

He Zhou was finally understood and he couldn’t help himself from laughing. “I know. I’ve never treated you as the weaker one.”

Wen Renyi felt relieved. “But, you seem to like the weaker side of me, am I right?”

Young Master He was at a loss. It wasn’t that he liked the weaker side of Wen Renyi, it was because, the stronger part of Wen Renyi made him feel uneasy and hate was too strong of a word.

“Of course not. The one I like is Wen Renyi, no matter which part of him it is.” He Zhou said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Really?” Wen Renyi immediately recovered his vitality and his eyes glowed brightly.

He Zhou’s heart melted into a puddle. Ah Yi had actually been feeling this apprehensive all along. It was definitely his fault for not having done enough. “En, really.”

Wen Renyi took him into his arms and embraced him closely. Although there was air conditioning in the room and the two people wore light clothes, the touch of their skin created an intense fervent heat. Wen Renyi only felt a scalding rush from his heart, it was as if the beast that had been bottled up inside was about to break out of its cage. 

Young Master He keenly detected something odd with the air and immediately signalled his intention to retreat. However, Wen Renyi’s action became more valiant as he held He Zhou’s wrist, pulling him out of the study room and travelled all the way into the bedroom, pushing the door open, entering and closing the door, all in one breath.

Young Master He still hadn’t reacted when his lips received another ruthless attack and in the next second, both his feet left the ground as Wen Renyi lifted him up and placed him on the big soft bed.

Fine, he admitted it. He still preferred the weaker side of Wen Renyi.

Wen Renyi gradually turned gentler so He Zhou didn’t refuse as much anymore and instead, started to enjoy the feeling under Wen Renyi’s constant spurring. Their tongues entangled in a dance, as if nothing could ever separate them. 

“Ah Zhou, can we dual cultivate?” Wen Renyi bit the young master’s glossy red lip and whispered in low magnetic voice in his ear.

“Which kind?” He Zhou asked, still drunk from the taste.

Wen Renyi slipped his right hand into his clothes as he gave a low chuckle and replied. “You choose.”

He Zhou’s breathing became sluggish due to the hand that wandered in like a swimming fish, lighting up a fire in his body. He couldn’t escape it so he directly stretched his arm out and pressed Wen Renyi’s head down, touching the two foreheads together.

“Godly sense.”

Wen Renyi pulled his hand away with difficulty. He respected his lover and since He Zhou didn’t want to do it with him, he wouldn’t press him further.

He Zhou originally thought that the dual cultivation of their godly senses was better than their souls, however, when a stream of scorching godly sense entered his sea of knowledge, he couldn’t help but feel excited. 

And it wasn’t the excitement coming from his sea of knowledge.

The author has something to say:

One day, Boss Wen Ren finally realized the reason why Ah Zhou refused to do soul dual cultivation. He immediately went over to beat Qin Zhao up and after that, he downloaded some ‘beautiful videos’ for him to watch, in the end…. 

T/N: the left is up to your imagination XD oh author, you tease. Also, Wen Renyi asking for He Zhou’s consent is sexy AF, Qin Zhao could learn a thing or two from him smh….

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