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  • EBPW Chapter 41.2

    Chapter 41.2 The Young Master comes to the rescue (2)

    Ding Zhi greeted Liu Chong and asked. “Is this the friend you mentioned you were taking care of in the hospital?”

    Qi Shen nodded.

    Liu Chong suddenly exclaimed in surprise. “Brother He!”

    He Zhou, who stood behind the table, smiled gently. “Long time no see.”

    Qi Shen glanced at Liu Chong. “You two recognize each other?”

    Liu Chong laughed. “The last time I went to Feng City to play, I bumped into Brother Zhou by coincidence and that’s how we got to know each other.”

    Qi Shen shifted his gaze back and forth between them and said. “It’s a really small world huh.”

    “Since this is fate, why don’t I treat you all for a meal?” Liu Chong asked enthusiastically.

    Qi Shen disapproved. “You’ve already spent so much money staying at the hospital, why don’t you save your money.”

    Liu Chong had only told Qi Shen that it was just a superficial wound he got from playing outdoors, however, in reality, it was an injury inflicted from catching a bandit. It was a work injury. And because the special department had good welfare, they provided all kinds of compensation and settlement money. Besides that, the hospitalization fees were also dealt with for him, so his pockets were currently bulging with money.

    “It’s fine. I can still afford a few extra meals.”

    Qi Shen didn’t continue to argue any longer.

    At 6 in the evening, Liu Chong brought them to a high-end restaurant which caused Qi Shen to be suspicious whether he was trying to impress them or not. He originally thought that Liu Chong was going to act like Ding Zhi, bringing them to a roadside stall yet he didn’t expect him to bring them to such a sumptuous place like this.

    Although Liu Chong would always treat him to a better restaurant whenever he attained scholarships in the past, that was also because their relationship was close and he had leftover money. Now that they currently had five people, the consumption per capita would not be low at all in this place, he didn’t know whether his wallet would be able to support the expenses or not.

    However, seeing Liu Chong’s joyful face, he didn’t want to dampen it.

    They didn’t arrive at a good time since the restaurant was bustling with people so the five people sat near the window. While they waited for the dishes to arrive, they started chatting with each other. The main forces behind all the talking were Liu Chong and Ding Zhi. Once the two chatterboxes started talking, they wouldn’t stop at all.

    When the food arrived, the few people started clearing them up. Each person had a different eating style. Liu Chong and Ding Zhi ate without restraint. Qi Shen ate as if he was reciting a poem, slowly and unhurriedly with slight appeal. Ye Xiao kept to himself without speaking, only, at times, he would glance at the dishes He Zhou picked out and secretly remembered them by heart. 

    He Zhou listened to their conversation while eating, his posture wasn’t too noble and lofty yet for some reason, it appeared pleasing to the eyes. 

    Liu Chong rambled on while secretly observing He Zhou on the side. He was definitely worthy of being a descendant of the noble family. His temperament was on an entirely different level as compared with that of an ordinary person’s.

    He Zhou was still eating when he lifted his head and saw someone coming out of the room on the right. It was Qin Zhao, followed closely by He Feng from behind!

    Qin Zhao’s brows were scrunched. He appeared unhappy whereas He Feng’s face was cold and his eyes drooped down. The atmosphere between the two people looked very unpleasant.

    He Zhou contemplated for a while before notifying other 4 people and leaving to pursue Qin Zhao and He Feng who left the restaurant.

    The golden week had passed and the autumn chill gradually surfaced. He Feng raised his eyes, staring at Qin Zhao’s back. He knew that the man was definitely angry. However, he didn’t want to continue this twisted relationship any longer. He wasn’t a slave who came and went as he was told to. Furthermore, he didn’t want to gain power using ‘that’ kind of way.

    As they approached closer and closer to the black car that was parked at the side, a conflicting feeling arose in his heart. Once he remembered that his mother’s life was in danger, he lost the courage to resist.

    “Xiao Feng.” A familiar voice that appeared like a life-saving straw resounded. He Feng suddenly turned back and saw He Zhou wearing casual clothes, walking towards him.

    “Brother Zhou.” His voice came out in sudden chokes. When grievances have been suppressed in the heart for a long time, sometimes, as soon as you see a trusted family, you wouldn’t be able to hold back the sourness from surging and leaking.

    Qin Zhao had also turned around and his deep gaze landed on He Zhou. “He Zhou.”

    “Mr. Qin. What a coincidence. I didn’t think that you and Xiao Feng would know each other.” He Zhou stepped forward and shielded He Feng behind him. “Did you have an appointment? I’m really sorry but I have some things I need to discuss with Xiao Feng, would it be alright for you to excuse us, Mr. Qin?”

    Qin Zhao saw He Zhou’s protective stance of Xiao Feng and he couldn’t help but feel irked. “He Zhou, I’m sure you understand the principle of ‘first come, first serve’?”

    He Zhou was perplexed by Qin Zhao’s sudden show of hostility. However, He Feng was his little brother. He couldn’t stand seeing him be manipulated by Qin Zhao so he needed to come up with a way to separate Xiao Feng from Qin Zhao. 

    “I am Xiao Feng’s older brother and as the saying goes, an older brother is like a father figure. Whatever I say, Xiao Feng will naturally have to listen to me.” He Zhou paused for a while before he released his might to suppress Qin Zhao. “As for you, who are you to Xiao Feng?”

    Qin Zhao’s lips twitched as he was suddenly at a loss for words..

    In the end, what was his relationship with He Feng?

    T/N: you his rapist. ノಠ_ಠノ

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