EBPW Chapter 40.2

Chapter 40.2 Sealed Demonic Path (2)

“Master!” Ding Zhi yelled out in excitement on the other end. “Summer’s over and today’s officially the start of school, when are you planning on coming back?”

He Zhou chuckled. “I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Alright!” Ding Zhi’s youthful and excited voice resounded from the speakers of the phone. “Master, I think I’m getting the hang of cultivation more recently. I’ve stayed up the entire night meditating without sleep and when the next day came, I felt more clear-headed than when I slept, also, I….”

“Is it Master?” Another cold and indifferent voice resounded beside the phone.

He Zhou heard Ye Xiao’s voice and allowed Ding Zhi to hand the phone over to Ye Xiao. “How has your cultivation been doing recently?”

Ye Xiao’s indifferent voice carried a trace of respect. “I’m doing well.”

He Zhou knew that although Ye Xiao appeared delicate, in reality, he was much more powerful than Ding Zhi. In Ye Xiao’s eyes, He Zhou was considered the most important person in his life. Although they had only interacted for a few short months, he couldn’t suppress the emotions he had towards He Zhou and the more time that passed, the more this feeling grew deeper.

“Tomorrow, I’ll be back in school. By that time, I’ll inspect the progress that you’ve both made. Pass these words to Ding Zhi. I still have some matters to deal with so I’ll hang up first.”

Beeping sounds could only be heard on the phone in Ye Xiao’s hands as he resumed his previous appearance. He slowly handed the phone back to Ding Zhi who quickly took it to press beside his ear and found that He Zhou had already hung up the phone. 

“Master hung up the phone just like that?’ Ding Zhi’s face turned bitter. 

Ye Xiao started pack his bags. “He mentioned that he’ll be inspecting our progress when he comes back and told me to let you know.”

Ding Zhi leapt up from his chair and climbed up the bed. “I’m going to quickly cultivate then!” This time, he was going to win the praise of his master.

He Zhou was completely unaware of the two people’s determination to succeed. Once he finished having dinner in the He Residence, he returned to the villa with Wen Renyi.  

After the two people finished their baths, Young Master He laid on the bed and waited for Wen Renyi to finish narrating the sealed war. In the end, because Wen Renyi had been abroad for a few days, the work he had at the company had piled up and was waiting for him to be handled, so he went to the study room.

While He Zhou was deep in contemplation, he felt a hidden connection between him and the sealed war so he tossed and turned, unable to fall into slumber. He also wasn’t in the mood to cultivate, so after turning it over in his mind several times, he found himself standing before Wen Renyi’s study room. Just as he was hesitating to knock on the door, someone had opened it from the inside.

Wen Renyi’s blurry gaze fell onto He Zhou’s face. He Zhou felt slightly apologetic for his intrusion and remarked. “Continue what you were doing, I’ll be returning to the room.”

Wen Renyi pulled him into the study room and confined him in his arms. He let out a low chuckle and said. “I was originally going to come find you about your mother’s matter.”

He Zhou followed him and sat down on the sofa. “What kind of person was she? What is with the necklace?”

Wen Renyi took out a faxed document from the table and handed it to He Zhou. “Aunt originally came from an ordinary family in the South Province of Gui. Then, when she got into Jing City’s university, she met uncle. The two people had you without even having gotten married. Uncle ignored the opposition of his family and stubbornly married aunt. Unfortunately, a few years hadn’t even passed when aunt passed away from sickness.”

He Zhou looked at the information on the paper and only felt somewhat distracted for a period of time. He actually felt a faint ache in his own heart as naive and happy memories resurfaced in his mind. These were obviously scenes he hadn’t seen before. In fact, these were memories of the original owner.

However, he couldn’t pay too much attention to these peculiarities and continued to listen to Wen Renyi. “This necklace was passed down from your mother’s ancestors. As for what it’s used for, we are still unable to find that out.”

He Zhou reached his hand out to touch the necklace. An extremely complicated array was concealed on top of it. If this said necklace was passed down from her ancestors, this meant that his mother’s ancestors were not simple people.

He wanted to break the array and see what was hidden inside the necklace but breaking it required a long time without any interference. Moreover, in the event that he managed to break it, perhaps, outside forces would be the first to know, and by that time, it would be hard to predict what would happen.

It was best to wait a little longer.

“Then, what’s the Sealed War about?” He Zhou inquired. 

The records of the Sealed War were kept solely kept with the special department so Wen Renyi could only recount using his own experiences.

“As you know, Gu Wu has been passed down to this day and has been steadily declining since. Everybody assumed that technology had changed the world, inflicting a big impact on the existence of Gu Wu cultivators, but in reality, the reason why Gu Wu cultivators, and even the supernatural ability users of the world, had been losing power was due to the Sealed War.”

He Zhou slowly began to realize from Wen Renyi’s words, that in the beginning, from a very long long time ago, the Gu Wu’s strength and ability users in this world were glorious and flourishing. However, the big sealed demonic path war had almost annihilated the ability users of the entire world. Several traditions had also faded from this world due to this reason.

Because most of the high-level ability users participated in the big war, after the war, there was a long period of time of quietness. Fortunately, the low level ability users who were left, were able to recover. Some of the remaining considerably rich families also began to stand out, such as the four big families of the Hua Country and the different sects for instance.

It was because of the Demonic Path again.

Young Master He thought of his demise together with the Demonic Path that had led to his arrival in this world.

“Where did the Sealed War take place?”

“According to the records in the book, it was at the summit of the world, in the Xiya Mountain Range.” Wen Renyi could feel He Zhou’s palm turning cold so he couldn’t help but comfort him saying. “The Demonic Path has already been sealed. You don’t need to worry.”

He Zhou kneaded his glabella. “I have a feeling that there’s something more we’re missing.” He always had an inkling that the aftermath of the Sealed War were still at play.

The world had no idea how tenacious the Demonic Path’s existence was. 

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