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  • EBPW Chapter 4.2

    Chapter 4.2 The pair returns home (2)

    “Are you saying you can protect me?” He Zhou stood up and faced Wen Renyi, not waiting for him to reply, he continued. “Our marriage is just a family alliance. If i die, wouldn’t it set you free? Why would you want to protect me?” This was asked based on He Zhou’s original owner’s point of view, of course personally, he didn’t really care what the other thought.

    Wen Renyi didn’t seem to expect to hear such words. He lightly knitted his good looking brows and slowly said: “Mr. He, to me, having a partner means responsibility and I would never abandon my responsibility.”

    Looking at the way he answered earnestly, He Zhou recalled his former self who lived for the sake of his responsibilities in the sect, the Wen Renyi before him was similar to him, however, he was more fortunate than Wen Renyi. He had not suffered the painful frustration of falling from a godly level, he hadn’t experienced the grievances and helplessness of being thrown rocks at while being down. Moreover, he hadn’t had to struggle to prove his value under the condition of being blind.

    Even so, Wen Renyi didn’t not let go of his own principles.

    The lake of the heart that had been calm for ten years had been moved very lighty but even if it was light, the range of the ripple would just get wider and wider.

    He Zhou’s heart softened. He originally wanted to tell Wen Renyi clearly that the two of them could peacefully divorce but seeing Wen Renyi seriously living no matter the conditions, he wanted to see how many surprises this person could bring him, for example. what was under his ice cold facade was actually an innocent little lamb.

    “Alright. Let’s go home.”

    Wen Renyi was the helm of the Wen Family Group, he had a lot of real estate under his name and chose a villa that was closest to Jing University as their wedded home. This was also to facilitate He Zhou in attending school.

    He Zhou made a call to Song Cheng and explained the circumstances. Song Cheng hung up with a laugh and conveyed the news to He Shaoning and the others.

    He Zhou sat at the back of the car and Wen Renyi sat beside him. There was not much distance between the two but he could smell a faint aroma on Wen Renyi’s body. It was clear and elegant, and it smelled very good.

    “If you know that my car was tampered with, then could you find out who the culprit is?”

    Wen Renyi turned his head slightly and showed an earnest state of communication, it was just that the focus of the eyes were not right, he looked to be very behaved and polite, it really made a person’s heart hurt.

    “I’m sorry, I still haven’t found any clues, I will continue to ask people to investigate.” His expression while speaking was earnest and even carried a bit of guilt.

    He Zhou stared at this delicate side profile and couldn’t help but think of the pet he raised before, pretty and obedient.

    “You’ve worked hard.”

    Wen Renyi pursed his lips and turned his head the other way to stop speaking.

    The car ride to the villa was smooth and it stopped at the entrance of the villa, He Zhou had just wanted to get off when he saw Wen Renyi hand over a bunch of keys. “I still have some matters to handle, you should go home first.”

    He Zhou took it and got off the car before closing the door. He watched the car go far away and leisurely walked to the front door. He inserted the key into the keyhole and right at this moment, a fierce wind came up from behind. Master He responded quickly and swiftly avoided it, smoothly pulling out the key.

    That man made a move again and slammed towards He Zhou’s door, He Zhou’s body was nimble and quickly retreated down the stairs. The two played a cat and mouse game. He Zhou keenly noticed that the person didn’t have any murderous intentions and seemed to be probing something so he purposely made a wrong move and let himself get hit on the shoulder, stumbling a few steps back.

    That person seemed to have understood and didn’t loiter around any longer, quickly disappearing in the dark.

    On the other hand, Wen Renyi who was sitting inside the car, received a voice message, after listening to it, he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, speaking to the bodyguard seated at the front. “Your information was correct, He Zhou really has changed from before.”

    That person, was more agreeable than he had imagined him to be.

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