EBPW Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.1 The pair returns home (1)

He Zhou followed the two bodyguards and entered an elevator. He watched them press the 10th level button.

The two people’s lower bodies were stable, from his deduction, they should be Xuan Level Late Stage Cultivators. He had heard that Wen Renyi’s military accomplishments before becoming a waste had already reached Sky Level Late Stage, with only a little bit more would he be able to step into Xiantian Realm, and could be said to be a genius among geniuses.

It’s a pity that talented youth fell and had even lost his sight. 

The elevator quickly reached the tenth floor. He Zhou had just stepped out of the lift and a lavishly beautiful lobby entered his view. The hanging chandelier continuously radiated bright multicolored light on and off. It simply was just light pollution.

This Wen Renyi’s taste was simply thought-provoking.

“Please follow me here.” One bodyguard stood in the front to guide while the other stuck closely to He Zhou’s side seemingly afraid that he would escape and run off.

He Zhou followed them and arrived outside a room. The bodyguard knocked on the door and a second later, it was opened by someone from the inside. The one who opened the door was another tall man wearing a black suit.

“Come in.” That person waited He Zhou to enter before swiftly closing the door.

The room was decorated very extravagantly, just like an ancient castle’s court, even if He Zhuo looked as calm as water and was almost blinded by the lights in the room, he couldn’t help but doubt Wen Renyi’s tastes again.

“Young Master is inside, Master He, please.”

He Zhou opened the door, and stepped inside. He saw a person quietly sitting before a study table, the assistant sitting across him was in the middle of reporting.

Wen Renyi heard the sound of He Zhou coming in and signalled the assistant to go out. When the assistant turned around, he appeared to be an elegant-looking youth. When he saw He Zhou, there was a complicated look in his eyes and when he passed by He Zhou he shot eye daggers at him and stomped out in anger.

How strange.

There were only two people left in the room. He Zhou stood across Wen Renyi and under the lights was able to see his face clearly. Although the original owner had been together with Wen Renyi when he was getting their certificate, He Zhou had only seen this person when he was just a spectator, but it was lacking compared to seeing him in reality in person.

Judging from just his appearance , Wen Renyi did not lose to He Zhou. It was only their style that differed. He Zhou looked fresh and handsome whereas Wen Renyi was like an iceberg, reserved and inviolable. If his eyes weren’t infected with cataracts, he would’ve looked a lot better, it really was a pity.

“My apologies, I went abroad before you woke up and I couldn’t find the time to visit you. I actually just got back today.” Wen Renyi said, holding a teapot and pouring a cup for He Zhou. He seemed familiar with the task, very unlike a blind person.

“Please consider this cup of tea as my apology.” The room light was soft, diluting the cold feeling emitted by Wen Renyi’s body. His voice was clear and faint like a breeze that would easily dissipate. 

He Zhou sat down and looked at the green tea in the cup, pursing his lips. “Why were you looking for me?”

Wen Renyi paused for a moment before opening his soulless eyes. “Come home with me.”

“What do you mean?”

Wen Renyi stayed silent for a second and lowered his head slightly. “We are legal partners, naturally, we should live together.”

He Zhou was stunned, he could sharply see the man’s ear tips gradually turning red…This person looked to be cold like frost yet he did not expect him to blush easily in shame. He felt slightly moved and planned to continue observing when he saw the man suddenly stand up and say. “Let’s go.”

He Zhou then discovered that Wen Renyi did not differ that much in height with him.

“Is it only because of this?” He Zhou sat still and looked up to the man, viewing his elegant jawline.

Wen Renyi “looked” towards his way. “You should have known already that that car had been tampered with. Somebody secretly wants to murder you and now that you’re living well, those people naturally won’t leave you alone.”

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