EBPW Chapter 39.2

Chapter 39.2 The Young Master takes the initiative (2)

The next morning, after He Zhou and Wen Renyi cultivated in routine, they finished their breakfast and got on the train, heading off to Puli City.

To their surprise, after just having gotten off the train, they “coincidentally” bumped into Gars Bruch and Auster Hawke.

Auster was sullen the entire night after having been thoroughly defeated by Wen Renyi in the tournament so Gars had dragged him to Puli City in the early morning to help him alleviate his gloom. 

Auster didn’t believe that Gars would be such a considerate person. However, he was also curious as to what Gars was planning so he tagged along with him. Now that they had both encountered He Zhou and Wen Renyi, he figured out that Gars’ intention at once.

The question was, how did he know Wen Renyi and He Zhou were coming to Puli Market?

He Zhou also thought it odd but presuming that Gars could potentially be affiliated with the organization, his actions of appearing here wouldn’t be strange at all.

“What a coincidence.” Gars remarked as he walked up to them. He reached out his right hand and continued. “I didn’t think that we would come across you. Are you here to look around? Why don’t we do it together.”

Wen Renyi stood in front of He Zhou and gripped Gars’ hand. Gars’ gaze swept over their faces and evidently, the number of his targets incremented from 1 to 2 people.

He held great interest towards Wen Renyi’s ability to control time and space. 

He Zhou tugged Wen Renyi’s hand and refused him, saying. “We haven’t had a honeymoon after we got married, so I wanted to take this opportunity to be with Ah Yi. I’m sorry.”

Gars suddenly broke into a laugh. “You guys are so affectionate. Then, Auster and I won’t be disturbing you any longer. If fate allows it, let us meet again.”

Auster: What do you mean we won’t be disturbing them any more? We should be disturbing them!

He Zhou and Wen Renyi both knew that Gars wasn’t the type to give up easily. However, this didn’t affect their mood to appreciate Puli’s market views.

As it had only been less than a century since its establishment, Puli was filled with modern breath. Great streets and small alleys were brimming with romantic air. It was considered an excellent lovers’ travelling haven.

“Puli is located on the northwest side of Rose Country.” Wen Renyi brought He Zhou to a lofty clock tower. Not too far away from them was a gleaming clear river which reflected golden rays of sunlight.

They had no idea whether the organization was currently in Rose Country’s Puli City but judging from the trail array He Zhou had tagged on Qi Changling’s body, they could detect that Qi Changling was currently not too far from them. Since the drug that Qi Changling had ingested could possibly be tied to an organization, they thought there was a possibility that he could have been rescued by the organization or perhaps, he could have been running away from the organization. 

The scenery of Boxi River was fascinating. There were boats that were anchored and boats in the middle of sail. There were also tourists on the riverbank having a merry time..

He Zhou’s golden core godly sense slowly extended over a perimeter of the surroundings yet he wasn’t able to find Qi Changling’s presence, which was odd because he was able to clearly sense Qi Changling through his array. 

Wen Renyi understood his suspicions and his brows furrowed slightly. “What about underground?”

He Zhou immediately realized. In this generation, Underground works were already the norm. He was only limited to his inherent line of thoughts. 

He once again reached his godly sense downwards to probe and after about a kilometer’s worth of distance, his godly sense encountered a blockage. He Zhou immediately spread his godly sense laterally and stopped only when he couldn’t find the end of the barrier.

“My godly sense’s being blocked.” He Zhou had wanted to explain the situation to Wen Renyi when two people suddenly stepped out from behind them.

“What a coincidence. We meet again.” Gars Bruch opened his light red pupils and revealed a smile. His white skin was entirely exposed to the sun without any signs of a burn appearing.

This was extremely contradictory to the knowledge He Zhou had about vampires. During the tournament, everybody was always located inside the hotel or the stadium where no sunlight was exposed, hence, they were unaware that Gars was actually exempted from the natural characteristics of a vampire and could even freely move around under direct sunlight.

Auster seemed to have detected He Zhou’s suspicions and explained. “Gars is an avant garde. You don’t need to be so surprised. However, to tell the truth, when I had just gotten to know him, I had also been quite surprised.” His golden hair was even more eye-catching as it dazzled under the sunlight. His gem-like limpid eyes revealed helplessness.

Gars Bruch’s reddish brown hair swayed with the wind. ”An avant-garde, but also a freak, isn’t it?”

Auster shook his head. “Of course not. Gars, I think you must have been blessed by the gods, that’s why you’re able to appear under sunlight without the need to constantly hide in the dark.”

Gars chuckled and changed the topic. “Wen Ren, He, I saw you guys standing here for quite a long time. Is this river that pretty?”

“The scenery isn’t bad.” He Zhou replied.

“That’s true. But, there are some things that possess a gorgeous exterior yet on the inside, they hide dirt and conceal corruption(1). En, Have I used this idiom correctly?” Gars tilted his head and smiled like a youth that had just come out of a manga.

  1. To shelter evil people and accept wrongdoing

His external appearance was beautiful but on the inside, nobody could figure out what he was thinking.

“Mister, do you want to buy some flowers?”  A freckle-nosed boy ran in front of them. “Mister, please buy some flowers.” He set his target to He Zhou, delivering the big bouquet of flowers right in front of him.

The color of red filled his eyes, the roses that symbolized love stunned He Zhou slightly. He looked towards the calm Wen Renyi and was about to buy the entire bouquet when Wen Renyi spoke up first. 

“I’ll take them all.” He said as he handed the money over.

The man immediately reached the flowers over to Wen Renyi in excitement and accepted the money before happily running off.

“Ah Zhou, this is for you.”

Even though it was completely unnecessary for two adult men to display such romantic behavior, occasionally, it was quite meaningful to exhibit it from time to time. 

He Zhou was once again forestalled by Wen Renyi. Although he felt faintly disappointed inside, he still accepted the flowers and held them near his chest, gazing warmly at Wen Renyi. 

Auster watched the two people spread dog food and cursed in a low tone. He whispered to Gars. “Wen Renyi wasn’t like this before. People in love are really hard to understand.”

Gars’ gaze lingered on the two and his red lips parted slightly. He asked Auster a completely irrelevant question. “Do you want to go to Hua Country?”

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