EBPW Chapter 39.1

Chapter 39.1 The Young Master takes the initiative (1)

Qi Changling’s escape cast an ominous shadow clouding everyone’s heart. Qi Changling, who was under a special influence, couldn’t possibly take on so many staff members by himself which could only mean that someone must have secretly infiltrated the room, assaulted the staff members, and brought Qi Changling away.

However, the fact that there was still someone with the ability to rescue Qi Changling under such tight security, moreover, carrying it out on foreign land, caused a shiver to run down their spine.

Although Qi Changling hadn’t confessed to the use of illegal drugs, his identity was special. To have disappeared in the royal hotel of Rose Country could only mean that the other party’s power was extraordinary. Since they were now on other people’s territory, they couldn’t take move too obviously lest they attract too many eyes. Feng Lan hadn’t had a plan for the time being and could only ask for instructions from the higher-ups.

In the end, the instructions given were to leave the matter for the higher authorities to handle and the participants of the international tournament were to return.

At the same time, the circle of GuWu had also been stirred into an uproar.

The news of Wen Renyi recovering his cultivation base was akin to him growing back his pair of wings. The news spread quickly reaching every cultivator’s ears and immediately aroused every party’s attention. Everybody was making conjectures as to what fortuitous encounter Wen Renyi had to be able to recover his cultivation after 6 long years, even stepping into Xiantian Realm surprisingly for that matter.

The numbers of 28 year old Xiantian cultivator in the entire Hua Country, could only be counted with one hand.

News of Wen Renyi spread everywhere. Although the reveal of He Zhou’s level of mastery in arrays had shocked everybody, the tip of it was still concealed by Wen Renyi’s news.(1)

  1. Everybody knows that He Zhou is capable of arrays but extent is unknown and Wen Renyi covers it up by revealing his cultivation.

And this was the exact result that Wen Renyi had been pursuing.

On the night the tournament ended, although Qi Changling’s matter was somewhat depressing, Feng Lan had still brought them out for a meal. When they returned to the hotel, it was already 11pm at night.

After He Zhou took his bath, he leaned on the bed and closed his eyes, practicing his art with devoted attention. By the time Wen Renyi had stepped out of the bathroom, he opened his eyes and with a grave face, he uttered. “He went northwest.”

Wen Renyi nodded while rubbing his hair and contacted Feng Lan. “Captain Feng, He Zhou and I plan to stay here for a few more days to travel around. We won’t be returning together with you.”

Feng Lan naturally didn’t mind too much about their personal freedom and agreed to it.

Wen Renyi cast aside his phone. The collar of his silk pajamas was quite low so when water droplets trickled down from his ink black hair along his neckline downwards, it gently caressed his fair chest and gradually made its way inside his clothes. He had just finished taking a shower so his face still had a tint of pink. His lips were glossy and moist, adding on to the fuzzy look in his eyes, He Zhou was once again presented with a feast for the eyes. 

“Tomorrow, we’ll set off for Puli City.” Wen Renyi wiped the water off his head and said. “The day after that, we’ll go back.”

He Zhou was unfamiliar with Rose Country. Although he had set up a tracking array on Qi Changling’s body, he could only find out an approximate location of Qi Changling’s current whereabouts and didn’t know the exact details of where he went. Since Wen Renyi had decided to go to Puli City, he would go along with him. 

After Young Master He arrived in this world and experienced a couple of events, he initially assumed that he wouldn’t be able to realize his dream of being an arm-flinging shopkeeper (2) but ever since Wen Renyi had recovered his cultivation base, he gradually didn’t find the need to worry about those matters.

2. Arm flinging shopkeeper: Someone who asks others to work but does nothing himself

This was also fine to him.

Wen Renyi got on the bed and turned to the side holding He Zhou. He remarked warmly. “Puli City is a tourist scenic area. We can treat it as if we’re taking a vacation.”

“Aren’t you still unable to see things clearly?” Young Master He was enticed by Wen Renyi’s charm and inquired this subconsciously.

“No worries. You can describe to me how it looks like.” Wen Renyi pressed a kiss on his left eyebrow. “Let’s go to sleep.”

The lights turned off and He Zhou laid down, feeling the heat source beside him. When Wen Renyi’s breathing gradually slowed, he gently turned to the side and stared at Wen Renyi’s side profile in the dark.

During the tournament today, he had originally planned to expose his cultivation base by dispelling Gars’ blue flames but Wen Renyi, instead, had chosen to display his domain ability to the world, for his sake.

Everybody understood the principle that ‘a tall tree attracts the wind’ (3), the domain ability that only Xiantian late stage cultivators possessed was something nobody had seen for a very long time. Once Xiantian Late Stage was attained, you would then go on to reach Xiantian Peak and following that, was Foundation Establishment Stage. 

3. A tall tree attracts the wind: A famous or rich person attracts criticism.

And Foundation Establishment was only a realm that had existed in the legends.

When he was protecting Shen Yan Sect by sacrificing himself against the demonic sect head, nobody had stood in front of him to shelter him. Naturally, there wasn’t any need for him to have one. However, now that such a person existed, to say that he wasn’t moved, would be a lie.

As the young leader of the Sheng Yan Sect, he was the epitome of responsibility but now, here, he was being protected and cherished.

A bubbling feeling gradually rose forth from his heart.

He Zhou slowly neared Wen Renyi and was about to quietly plant a kiss on his face when the other person suddenly turned his head and the two people’s lips met. 

His lips were warm and soft, causing his heart to beat like a drum.

Wen Renyi stared at him eye-to-eye for a few seconds before suddenly turning him over and pressing him down. He held his hands above his head and tangled them together. 

Inside the dark room, a rich sweet atmosphere gradually fermented, like a cake in a sweets store. Once you put it in your mouth, the sweetness was transmitted to the brain and it slowly enveloped the heart.

Because his pajamas were too loose, Wen Renyi was able to slip his hands into his clothes very easily. He Zhou swiftly caught his reckless hands and the two pairs of lips parted. Young Master He was slightly breathless as he said. “We still have important things to do tomorrow.”

These words sounded to be that of refusal but they evidently left some leeway. Wen Renyi was smart so he could immediately detect that he didn’t express explicit refusal and knew that he was even alright with it. However, he didn’t continue to press his actions and instead reached his arms out to hook around He Zhou’s waist. “Alright.”

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