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  • EBPW Chapter 38.2

    Chapter 38.2 You amaze me (2) 

    The two teams faced off.

    Gars Bruch’s gaze was on He Zhou as he smirked. Young Master He was completely unaware of his gaze. He thought to himself, if Gars hadn’t made a move then there was no source of material that he could investigate. How was Gars’ skill? What was his supernatural ability? They all didn’t know the answers to these.

    The match started and Auster rushed directly towards Wen Renyi. The only opponent in his eyes was Wen Renyi. After 6 long years, he needed to prove himself, prove that he wasn’t lacking compared to Wen Renyi.

    The other werewolf confronted Zhao Heng whereas the witch crossed swords with Li Zecheng. The two wizards engaged in long range attacks and Gars Busch had finally taken action.

    Everybody knew that vampires each had their own unique ability. When blue flames lit up above Gars Bruch’s fingers, they unanimously believed that he controlled the power of fire element. Seeing it like this, he could also be considered as the third wizard. Naturally, to be able to manipulate the power of elements, vampires had naturally stronger firepower than wizards because their natural speed and strength were more developed than theirs.

    He Zhou enabled the defense array and used it to cut off the magical attacks. The wizards’ attacks were definitely blocked but Gars’s flames simply ignored the array and easily broke through the barrier, headed straight towards He Zhou.

    Nobody saw this happening. As it turns out, this was Gars Brucher’s unique ability. It was indeed astonishing.

    Seeing that He Zhou was about to be hit by the ball of blue flame, Wen Renyi who was exchanging blows with Auster, suppressed his opponent quickly and sent a cold dagger piercing the flame heading towards He Zhou, causing the flame to instantly dissipated into the air.

    Auster started to curse in his heart. It turned out that Wen Renyi was still holding back from his fight with him whilst he was going all out. An enormous feeling of loss sprung up unbidden.

    Gars saw his flame being dispelled and signalled for Auster to continue to block Wen Renyi.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi evidently understood the two people’s plan and exchanged glances. They telepathically agreed to change their target of attack.

    Since Gars’s ability was to ignore arrays, then Wen Renyi was to go up against Gars and He Zhou would use arrays to shackle Auster.

    At this moment, something strange happened. For once, Gars didn’t act passively. As a vampire, speed was his specialty, so he quickly charged towards He Zhou holding a blaze in his palm that he intended to direct towards He Zhou’s chest.

    He Zhou reacted very quickly and quickly fled to the edge of the field, evading the attack but the blaze was like a shadow that followed the body, its blue color was like a demon, approaching it with hesitation would result in being roasted by the eternal inferno.

    At this moment, Wen Renyi was being held up by Auster again. 

    Young Master He naturally wouldn’t sit and wait for death. However, because Gars’ elemental power was to bypass arrays, it was considerably difficult to handle, for an array master like him. 

    In the field, He Zhou fled everywhere, evading the ball of flame but everytime, he would only escape by a hair’s breadth. He formed an array in his palm, intending to trap Auster but, Gars Bruscher suddenly appeared in front of him.

    His red lips were hooked up into a smile, revealing two canines and a ball of blue flame once again appeared in his hand.

    Young Master He was trapped in between. It was too late to use an array so he planned to stake it all in the next throw and reveal his own cultivation. However, in the next second, the flame immediately congealed, aside from the flame, all the other attacks made by the United States’ team seemed to have come to a standstill for five seconds.

    Everything happened too quickly. After five seconds, everything was back in place. Wen Renyi had appeared behind Gars and sealed his fate with a weapon pressed against his throat. Auster had just come to his senses and was about to rescue him when he realized he was already trapped in an array.

    The audience had just snapped back to reality and couldn’t help but erupt into thundering applause.

    The biggest variable ——Gars Bruch was suppressed and Auster, was trapped. At this time, Zhao Heng and the others had also tenaciously suppressed the remaining four members. The winner and the loser of this match was evident.

    Gars Brusch suddenly smiled and said in a low tone. “To actually be able to manipulate time and space, Wen Renyi, you amaze me.”

    Wen Renyi had just used his domain earlier but because he needed to control the other 6 experts of the United States at the same time, his godly senses was not powerful enough to do so in a long length of time. However, five seconds was enough.

    The fight over the reigning championship had ended and Hua Country’s audience cheered and acclaimed in succession. Wen Renyi’s domain skill was also revealed out in the open.

    To He Zhou, this was a good thing. However, in Wen Renyi’s opinion, there were unforeseen risks that came with it.

    The three day competition had come to a close. Feng Lan had already booked a restaurant and planned to bring everybody for a sumptuous meal. However, just as he returned to the room, he saw several staff members, who were in charge of watching over Qi Changling, lying on the ground unconscious. 

    The subordinate who trailed behind him saw the situation and hurriedly spoke. “I’ll go and get Young Master Li.”

    “Wait.” Feng Lan fixed his expression and went over to check a few people first. After doing so, he heaved a breath of relief and replied. “Go and get Young Master Li as well as Young Master He and Mr. Wen Ren.”

    The subordinately carried it out at once and Feng Lan stood in his place, looking through the windows.

    He Zhou and the three people received the news and immediately rushed over. Li Zeming took the initiative to help check their bodies before stuffing them each a pill and remarked. “It’s only a disorienting attack. It isn’t life threatening.”

    “Qi Changling has escaped.” Feng Lan turned around and sighed.

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