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  • EBPW Chapter 38.1

    Chapter 38.1 You amaze me (1)

    Country Hua’s team rested for 10 minutes after the first round had come to an end. When they started to draw lots for the second round, this time around, they had drawn Rose Country.

    This was a formidable opponent so they had no choice but to take this match seriously.

    Country Rose’s team lineup had 3 wizards, one witch, one vampire and a werewolf.

    He Zhou and the others knew that, among the magicians, one must be specialized in magical arrays while the other two must specialise in manipulating elements and carrying out long-range attacks. The witch was responsible for secretly poisoning them and the vampire and werewolf were concentrated on close-range attacks.

    In the previous night, they had discussed that in the instance that they encountered Country Rose, they would have He Zhou in the center and assist him in the formation of his array.

    Zhao Heng, Wen Renyu and Chi Huan were going on the offensive as a means of defense. They appeared extremely violent and hot-blooded and since the wizards were not suited for close combat, the vampire and the werewolf barred the three people, allowing the wizards to chant spells.

    The witch rode her broom and hovered in the middle sprinkling her drug. One magician was coincidentally proficient with the wind element and had blown the drug towards the three people.

    Li Zeming had already prepared a guard against this. They had done a preliminary clear cut division of work. Wen Renyi would protect He Zhou and Li Zecheng would provide support to them and as well as provide firepower.

    A wizard from the Rose Country held a magic staff and started to draw a magical array on the ground. The time it took to draw the magical array determined its simplicity or complexity. Naturally, when they encountered the Hua Country, the Rose Country didn’t dare to be lax, the wizard prepared to draw the most complex magical array he knew.

    On the other hand, He Zhou had already started taking action.

    All living things could turn into an array. Before He Zhou entered the field, he had brought in several ordinary stones with him and Wen Renyi assisted him, placing the stones into 8 different places. Rose Country naturally detected this but they were being stalled. The only wizard who didn’t confront the enemies, was engrossed in drawing his magical array so he was simply unable to take notice of this.

    After placing the stones, Young Master He imitated the magician and started to carry out hand gestures. In reality, he didn’t need to do it so complicatedly and meticulously because he was already familiar with the trade at heart. However, it always added an exciting buildup to the tournament. Plus, if he performed too relaxedly, it would create an awkward scene.

    Even if Young Master He wanted to avoid creating such embarrassment, once he finished creating the array, the opposing wizard was still far from finished.

    Zhao Heng received the signal and didn’t continue to fight with zeal, immediately retreating back to He Zhou and Wen Renyi’s. The other team was unaware of what was happening and only sensed the skies collapsing.

    It was, quite literally, the collapse of the skies. 

    The dark mass of a round-shaped sky was nearing their heads and looked like it was going to squeeze them into a pulp. It was a formidable realization that attacked their spirit to the extent that they completely lost the will to fight. Even the wizard who was drawing the magical array couldn’t help but stop drawing.

    The audience naturally didn’t know what they were experiencing. They only saw them stopping their attack on Hua Country for an indescribable reason and thought it odd. Afterwards, when they saw their expressions turn into that of fear, they felt even more astonished.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi exchanged a look. The collapse of the skies had just begun.

    Zhao Heng blocked the two people in front. He saw the opposing 6 people trembling in fear and alarm. When they tried closing their eyes, in the next second, the collapse of the sky was gone and had turned into a hurricane tsunami.

    Nature’s power imbued natural fear. Even if they were supernatural ability users, in the face of mother nature, they were only terrifyingly insignificant.

    Zhao Heng and the other didn’t even need to expend too much strength to defeat them and the six people team of Rose Country simply wanted to cry but lacked the tears.

    In the end, the audience on the floor was completely unaware of what the Rose Country team had encountered, a couple of people who had some knowledge of arrays were able to identify the reason yet, although they knew that He Zhou had set up an array, they didn’t know what kind of array it was.

    Rose Country’s wizard who specialized in magical array returned to the rest room and specially came to meet He Zhou.

    “Hi, He, Congratulations.” The wizard had handsome looks. His skin was extremely pale and his bright blue eyes looked as deep as the big sea, it was extremely captivating.

    He Zhou shook hands with him. “How are you, Mr. Brent.”

    The wizard Sean Brent exposed a smile, an appreciative mirth filled his eyes. “You array was extremely wonderful. He. I’ve researched Hua Country’s arrays before and found a lot of things hard to understand. Would it be possible for me to have the pleasure to seek your guidance?”

    “You’re most welcome to.” He Zhou replied humbly.

    Sean Brent chuckled. “Well then, I won’t disturb you anymore. I look forward to your next brilliant performance.”

    Hua Country’s team competition had always been on the strong side. They crossed five passes and slayed six generals before finally entering the finals and were due to compete with the United States for championship.

    The United States’ team lineup was also considerably excellent. For close combat, they had werewolf Auster and another werewolf. For long-range combat, they had two wizards and a witch. The remaining participant hadn’t made a move at all from beginning to end. He was Gars Bruch, the vampire.

    T/N: He Zhou’s showing off his strengths in public~ ヽ(;▽;)ノ

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