EBPW Chapter 36.2

Chapter 36.2 Replacing Qi Changling (2)

Qi Changling’s incident was a nasty surprise. The upper echelon have been frustrated trying to find the source of the drug ingested by those thugs and now that the grand sect leader of the Zhengmo Sect had also been discovered to have taken the same drug. The matter was blown to a proportion that was considerably terrifying.

Li Zecheng saw that Feng Lan was about to take Qi Changling away and couldn’t help but speak out. “Captain Feng, regarding the matter of wild cultivators, the Li Family participated in the investigation in which I was also present. Is it possible for me to take a look at Sect Leader Qi?”

This kind of request wasn’t really too over the line. Li Zecheng’s cultivation base was high and his medical skills were exquisite. In this current situation, it would’ve been best for him to make an observation.

Qi Changling was bound by chains and could only be examined by Li Zecheng. He glanced at the quietly standing Wen Renyi and He Zhou at the side and suddenly smiled. “Wen Renyi. Harming me like this, are you planning to snatch back the position of sect leader? Since the Wen Ren Family is abandoning you, you’re trying to use all means possible to try and plot against me, aren’t you?”

He Zhou shook his head and sighed inside. It really was a case of a thief crying ‘stop thief’.

However, everyone else was rendered completely speechless. What kind of relationship did the sect leader of Zheng Mo have with Wen Renyi? Had Qi Changling really lost his mind from anger?”

“You must be joking.” Wen Renyi replied indifferently.

“Me? Joking?” Qi Changling maliciously remarked. “It was I who killed your maternal grandfather and it was also I, who killed your mother. Even Wen Renshu died by my hands and you already knew this from the start. Haven’t you stifled this in your heart and felt miserable? Wasn’t this the reason why you wanted to take revenge?”

Everybody turned to look at Wen Renyi.

Yet Wen Renyi remained expressionless. “That is to say, Chi Li was killed by you as well?”

Chi Huan’s originally lazy expression promptly went through change.

Qi Changling couldn’t seem to care less. He snorted and glared at Wen Renyi. “I originally wanted to kill you but those damned Wen Renyi members came too quickly and saved your life.”

Chi Huan suddenly bolted over and threw a fist over. His pair of eyes turning red from fury. “I’m going to kill you!”

The other people living on the sixth floor had also detected the noise and started to draw closer to the meeting room. Chi Huan was consumed with anger as he vented it out. Gao Ren who had rushed over, saw this situation and quickly pulled him back, leaving behind a bloody faced Qi Changling on the floor.

Feng Lan also became quite angry at this moment. “Chi Huan, before this situation comes to a conclusion, I have to temporarily supervise Sect Leader Qi. As for the personal grudges between you two, they should be settled on a later date.”

Chi Huan panted heavily and shook off Gao Ren’s hold on him. He glared at Feng Lan and forced his way through the surrounding audience, returning to his own room.

Zhao Ke who was within the audience, saw Chi Huan’s indignant appearance was finally able to figure out his identity. He shared many similarities with the evildoer he had encountered in the previous bank hostage incident. He slapped his own thigh and said. “No wonder his voice sounded so familiar on the plane. It was him all along!”

Feng Lan brought Qi Changling back to his own room and assigned a few workers to guard him all around the clock to prepare and return to Country Hua to conduct the investigation. Li Zecheng who followed him, inspected Qi Changling and frowned. “I still haven’t detected that drug within his body. However.” He couldn’t help but confirm after another inspection. “There is definitely a factor that exists within his body that is able to stimulate his potential. I suspect that it could have been another drug or perhaps, it could have been a drug that was enhanced.”

The reason why those cultivators went mad after ingesting that drug was because the drug was still extremely unstable so there were still side effects buried underneath.

Feng Lan nodded to express his understanding. “Thank you for your hard work. You can return to your room and take a rest first. However, regarding Wen Renyi’s cultivation base….”

Just as he was speaking, a knock resounded on the door.

Wen Renyi and He Zhou both stepped in. Young Master He was holding Wen Renyi’s hand as they arrived in front of Li Zecheng. “Ah Yi let me accompany him to prove that he is clean. This is also to ensure that the competition being held the day after tomorrow canl proceed as normal.”

Li Zecheng and Feng Lan exchanged a look. Feng Lan chuckled. “Young Master He exaggerates.”

Wen Renyi faced Li Zecheng. “Mr. Li, feel free to inspect.”

Li Zecheng originally harbored misgivings but since Wen Renyi had sent himself to his door, he’ll take the opportunity and inspect him as well.

He conducted his diagnosis very meticulously and the end results were that there was not a trace of drug found inside his body. Even if there was that possibility, it would have to be a miracle drug, because with his current level of medical ability, he was unable to detect it.

“Mr. Wen Ren’s condition is normal.” Li Zecheng stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Feng Lan evidently exhaled a breath of relief. “It’s very late right now, you should all go back and rest. We still have battles to do tomorrow and the day after.”

When He Zhou and Wen Renyi reached their room, silence engulfed the room for a while before someone broke it. “Why did you suddenly choose to reveal your cultivation base?”

Wen Renyi sat beside him and shifted his legs closer to his. He gripped his left hand as he softly apologized. “I can’t always hide behind you forever. I wanted us to carry the burden of what’s going to happen next after today, together.”

He originally didn’t want to tip off Qi Changling this early but when he saw him bully Ah Zhou, Wen Renyi didn’t want to put it off any longer.

“You can still continue posing as an array master.” Wen Renyi chuckled. “There’s no need to prematurely reveal your cultivation base. Otherwise, the forces that have been coveting for your necklace would choose to plot against your life once again, seeing that they would lose control over you.”

“Are you saying that, for now, they won’t be making a move?” Young Master He inquired.

Wen Renyi nodded. “After Qin Zhao stole the necklace, he would have definitely sought after some array masters for a solution, but in the end, it remained to be a fruitless effort. After hearing the news that you were an array master, he figured he had nothing else to lose. I reckon that the external organizations have been tracking his movements and following that, have also decided to observe for the moment.”

He Zhou was enlightened. “Then if I perform an extremely high level of arrays, I would stand out too much and they would feel the need to tighten their surveillance to ensure I won’t get away?”

Wen Renyi endorsed this point of view, however. “They won’t be waiting for too long. Gars is only just the beginning.”

“Gars Bruch, a vampire who fears silverware, who’s even capable of making people put their guard down. It’s really indeed like this.” Young Master He was unable to hold back his smile. “Now I’m starting to get curious. What’s really hidden inside this necklace?”

Wen Renyi held his hand more tightly. “Let’s take it one step at a time. We’re not in a hurry.”

He Zhou stared at his handsome small smile and couldn’t help but plant a light kiss on the profile of his face before standing up. “I’m going to go take a bath.”

As he had just stepped into the shower room, he suddenly seemed to have recalled something and turned around to ask. “You obviously have the ability to stop Qi Changling from saying those words so why didn’t you? All this time, you were actually a descendant of the ZhengMo Sect. I fear that apart from the Wen Ren clan, a lot of other people would also harbor grudges against you.”

Wen Renyi turned his unfocused eyes to look at him and replied. “Ah Zhou. This was the exact result that I wanted.”

Young Master He’s heart shook slightly as he quickly asked. “Are you hiding something from me?”

Wen Renyi remained silent for a moment before he earnestly voiced. “Ah Zhou, you and I both have hidden dangers around us. I hope we would not become a lone army putting up a brave fight(1).

  1. A lone army putting up a brave fight: struggling hard without support

Young Master He was startled by the speculation in his heart. 

“Are you saying you want to replace Qi Changling?”

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