EBPW Chapter 36.1

Chapter 36.1 Replacing Qi Changling (1)

The man’s appearance was charmingly handsome while his expression was cold. His voice was low and soft like a cloudy mist yet it carried a trace of chill. He stepped inside the room and his pair of extremely good-looking faint cataract eyes complimented his face, adding on to his icy heaven-blessed features.

The meeting room door abruptly shut closed and the people immediately snapped back to their senses as they all looked to Wen Renyi astonished. 

“Mr. Wen Ren?” Feng Lan was the first to inquire. “What did you just say?”

Wen Renyi arrived at He Zhou’s side and stood shoulder to shoulder with him. The two people’s heights hardly had any differences and their appearances were on the same par, looking extremely like a match made in heaven.

Qi Changling was rendered exhausted and was panting from He Zhou’s array. Now hearing that Wen Renyi was going to replace him, he almost neared the point of exploding, however, it was fortunate that he had recalled his identity as a sect leader and only asked hoarsely. “Mr. Wen Ren must be joking. Are you planning to put on an empty drama for Country Hua?”

The words he used were unpleasant to the ear that everybody frowned, however, they were unable to refute this at all. Wen Renyi silently stood in his place and suddenly tilted his head to look at He Zhou. “Ah Zhou, are you willing to fight alongside me?”

He Zhou would always support any decision Wen Renyi made. “I look forward to it.”

The two people acted as though nobody was in the room with them, causing Qi Changling’s anger level rise to the very top instantly. He gazed at Wen Renyi and suddenly hurled a fist towards him. Everybody was greatly alarmed and wanted to stop him, however, they couldn’t do so in time and could only watch wide-eyed as Qi Changling’s hand reached out towards Wen Renyi’s neck——

Yi? The hand seemed to have been hampered as it suddenly ceased moving. Moreover, the strange thing was that this hand actually slowly changed directions and bit by bit, headed towards Qi Changling’s own neck!

Wen Renyi stood in his place with an indifferent expression. His fuzzy gaze landing on Qi Changling’s struggling look.

Qi Changling’s abnormality made Feng Lan and the others feel extremely perplexed. They couldn’t help but look towards He Zhou, assuming that he had set up an array. However, He Zhou hadn’t budged at all so how was he able to set up an array?

“Um….right now, it’s just a friendly fight.” If anything happened to Qi Changling, not only will the friendly fight end on bad terms. When they returned back to their country, it wouldn’t become an easy matter to settle. Feng Lan then assured He Zhou. “If an inner conflict arises, there would be a punishment laid out for we get return.”

Wen Renyi still didn’t stop as he was waiting for an opportunity.

Even though he had informed He Zhou the reason as to why Qi Changling had continuously sent people to assassinate him, that was actually only part of the entire matter. The more significant reason was that Qi Changling had apparently ingested an unknown drug. Otherwise, with his previous cultivation and status, how could he have risen to position of sect leader?

He was capable enough to be able to investigate the external organization so naturally, he also didn’t leave out the Zheng Mo Sect as well. Qi Changling was worried that he would expose this so he didn’t hesitate to send people to secretly kill him.

In the meeting room, Feng Lan and the others stared wide-eyed at Qi Changling who was strangling himself. Feng Lan couldn’t hold himself back and went forward to stop him. In the end, he discovered that he wasn’t able to advance any further when only a half a meter distance remained between him and Qi Changling because a strong force appeared to have blocked him from advancing.

Seeing Qi Changling on the verge of suffocating with their own eyes, everybody was astonished when they realized that his might suddenly increased and an extremely terrifying power struck every single person in the room. Aside from Wen Renyi and He Zhou, everyone else resulted with a trickle of blood on the corner of their mouth.

What on earth had happened? Feng Lan covered his chest, scowling miserably.

Qi Changling’s eyes started to turn red and he started to sober up a bit. Feng Lan started to panic. Qi Changling’s appearance right now looked somewhat like those ruffians! Could it be…

He didn’t dare to continue letting his thoughts run wild.

“Wen Renyi. You actually managed to conceal it this well.” Qi Changling’s strength rose dramatically as he spared no effort to break free from Wen Renyi’s domain. Wen Renyi chuckled. “You couldn’t have also taken those drugs, could you?”

He Zhou was finally enlightened and couldn’t help but feel worried for Wen Renyi. These words were obviously trying to goad him and if Ah Yi didn’t manage to explain the reason behind his recovery, he would be misunderstood by the people in the room.

Wen Renyi detected his gaze and gave a slight smile in comfort. “It’s going to be alright.” He turned to Feng Lan. “Qi Changling is suspected of taking the special drug. Will his qualification to join the competition be revoked?”

Feng Lan felt his hands were tied. “This.. well, we would need to collect blood samples for testing and can only make a decision after determining it.”

His words had just fell when Qi Changling pounced on Wen Renyi like a madman but was kicked back by him. Qi Changling immediately fell on the ground. After all, how could the efficacy of the drug compete with genuine cultivation?

“Captain Feng, don’t you need to arrest him first?” Chi Huan raised this suggestion after watching the entertaining show from start to end.

The current Qi Changling was a bit deranged and Feng Lan could only restrain him for the moment so he took out a chain and approached Qi Changling.

This chain was special because it was only to be used to bind cultivators. Yet who would’ve guessed that when he was about to shackle Qi Changling, the latter reached out a hand to assault him but it was fortunately blocked by Wen Renyi, preventing him from getting hit. He calmed himself down before he finally successfully suppressed Qi Changling.

They were all still in the middle of the competition and on foreign land to boot. Feng Lan could only bind him at present and hand him over to the upper management to handle by the time they returned. 

However, Wen Renyi’s cultivation had recovered and was even far greater than Qi Changling’s so it was without a doubt that the situation was considered quite bizarre. As a refresher, Wen Renyi’s cultivation base before he turned into a waste was only within the boundaries of a Sky Ranked Late Stage. How did his cultivation base exceed Xiantian Initial Stage as soon as he recovered?

Wen Renyi understood that he had no choice but to give the special department an explanation.

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