EBPW Chapter 35.2

Chapter 35.2 There’s no harm in trying (2)

Unexpectedly, Chi Huan who had been inactive all this while suddenly spoke out. “Then I’ll leave the team and have somebody replace me.”

The team members’ names were only submitted right before the competition started. This was to prevent other countries from targeting people and every country did so as well. There was nothing to pick about in Chi Huan’s words but Feng Lan found it hard to settle the situation because all the other offensive type members had already participated in individual and paired battles. Even though they had a lot of people, the number of people who had really come to participate in the competitions were only a few. The majority of them were like Wen Renyi who had come here under the guise of being a ‘family member’, the rest were Feng Lan and his team. Now that the team wanted to replace some members, where was he going to find such people to do so?

He Zhou glanced at Chi Huan. The last time he had seen Chi Huan, he still had an Earth Ranked Late Stage Cultivation Base. Now he was already at Sky Rank Initial Stage, his cultivation base had evidently increased very quickly.

Chi Huan returned this glance. It was not that he wanted to compensate him due to the bank incident of retrieving the box, it was only because he didn’t want to go onto the field and suffer hardship.

“Just now, Brother Zhao had already spoken that this team is the most balanced combination. Can Sect Leader Qi explain why you think we need to change and have an additional offensive type member?” Li Zecheng asked with a small smile.

He was a doctor who carried an amiable air around him. His appearance was handsome and his demeanor was elegant. Because his little brother really liked He Zhou, he chose to help speak up in defense of He Zhou. 

Qi Changling’s complexion didn’t change at all. He used a calm gaze to look towards He Zhou and with the most benevolent expression on, he spoke words of provocation. “Before this, I have never experienced the might of Young Master He’s arrays. I’m not sure if Young Master He is willing to show me a thing or two?”

This was a clear implication that he didn’t believe He Zhou’s arrays would be of any use.

Everybody’s gaze fell onto He Zhou and carried a bit of wonder and doubt aside from Feng Lan and Chi Huan, after all, they both had first-hand knowledge of it.

Young Master He made eye contact with Qi Changling and he slowly rose from his seat. He walked towards Qi Changling under the astonished gazes of his members and reached out a hand to turn the glass cup before Qi Changling and said indifferently. “Sect Leader, there’s no harm in trying.”

Young Master He suddenly felt thought that he and Wen Renyi couldn’t keep pretending to be weak. Among the two of them, one had to show their strength.

“I’m waiting.” Qi Changling replied calmly and unhurriedly. However, this was natural as he was a Xiantian expert so he simply didn’t fear He Zhou. 

He Zhou glanced at the six glass cups on the table and asked. “May I trouble everyone by borrowing their cups for a while?”

Feng Lan and the others naturally didn’t refuse.

He Zhou especially left out Qi Changling’s cup and placed the 6 glasses on six different positions on the floor. These 6 points connected together appeared like the magical array Six Tip Star.

“As you all know, the western’s magical array can summon magical beasts. In reality, Hua Country’s arrays can also summon array spirits.” He looked at Qi Changling. “Can I call for Sect Leader Qi to step into the array for a trial?”

Qi Changling could not refuse but he knew clearly that the number of western wizards capable of using magic arrays to summon magical beasts were only few in number. However, as for the Hua Country’s arrays of summoning whatever an ‘array spirit’ was, it was unheard of. He guessed that He Zhou must have been making an empty show and since he wanted him to step in, he did as he was told, after all, the one who’ll be humiliated in the end was not going to be him. 

Qi Changling followed He Zhou’s instructions and stepped into the center of the array. He Zhou laughed and remarked. “Sect Leader Qi. We will now begin. Please be cautious.”

The remaining six people watched the cups on the floor. They were clueless as to what He Zhou was about to do and with their shallow knowledge of arrays, they presumed that He Zhou was just making something unnecessarily complicated.

However, with He Zhou’s array level, he could practically form any living thing and with the glasses appearing like mirrors, he was able to utilize it as a base for the array.

He Zhou’s hands started casting the spell in flying speed. His hands only left behind shadows as everybody was simply unable to follow his hand gestures, however, they all felt that He Zhou was glowing at this moment.

In the beginning, Qi Changling hadn’t felt anything, however, as soon as He Zhou’s hand gestures stopped, another him appeared the next instant, right in front of him. It even started charging towards him and attacking him using his own weapon with the same style. He reacted very quickly and speedily met the attack.

It was said that the person that was hardest to defeat was you yourself, Qi Changling was not an exception.

He Zhou had originally wanted to set up a few more Qi Changling’s for him to play with but after having second thoughts about it, it seemed too ostentatious. The grudges between him and Ah Yi should be settled by Ah Yi himself. Although, even if there was only one clone of himself, it still proved difficult for Qi Changling to deal with. 

The people outside the array didn’t know who Qing Changling had encountered. They only saw the usually haughty Qi Changling struggling to fight close-combat inside the array. His brows were tightly knitted like he was up against a difficult opponent.

Was it possible that there really was an array spirit? Several people simultaneously thought this to themselves.

Qi Changling struggled against himself fruitlessly and even almost got injured. In the end, with a cold gaze, he could only grit his teeth and charge towards “him” and strike at “his” weak point! He himself had consciousness, however, the other “him” did not.

As expected, after receiving a hit, the array was quickly dispelled. However, because his weakest point was targeted, he felt as if he was the one who had taken the hit directly. By the time, he realized the figure in front of him had disappeared, his brows were already beaded with sweat and his eyes had turned slightly red.

He Zhou was much more complex than he had expected. Wen Renyi was really too fortunate!

He raised a brow at He Zhou and turned his head to Feng Lan. Just as he was about to speak, someone had suddenly pushed the door of the meeting room.

“Since Sect Leader Qi isn’t willing to cooperate, then might as well replace him with me.”

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