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  • EBPW Chapter 35.1

    Chapter 35.1 There’s no harm in trying it (1)

    He Zhou had observed the first day of individual battles in its entirety. Aside from Gars Bruch’s gaze making him feel out of sorts, his harvest today was considered quite abundant. He was able to directly observe all the different powers of ability users at play, which was a lot better than being provided with some stiff figures of data.

    The werewolf’s war power was definitely valiant. Auster and Qin Zhao’s fight left a deep impression on people. However, Qin Zhao was much more experienced than him and his thoughts were deeper so in the end, he had managed to snag the win. And Gao Ren, on the other hand, lost to a wizard due to his lack of proficiency in magical arrays. He was trapped within one and could only admit his defeat. 

    Qin Zhao was able to rise to the position of leader of the demonic path and was absolutely not the virtuous type at all. If he was unable to achieve first place in the individual battles, maintaining his position in the sect would become difficult when he returned. In the end, he lived up to their expectations and was able to become the reigning champion of the individual battles.

    After He Zhou returned to his room, he started investigating the array that had entrapped Gao Ren.

    Normally, western magical arrays were only employed during the battle as a way to cast magic, summon a demonic beat or divert time and space. Among the three ways, large-scale casting of magic was the most basic. Summoning and controlling time and space were, in comparison, much harder to execute. The number of magical beasts you could summon in this world were only limited in number, and the diversion of time and space was almost practically extinct. 

    Today, Gao Ren had encountered a magical array used to cast magic. The advantage of this array laid in its existence in which it was able to absorb the elements within heaven and earth and contain a magical existence within for a long time so it was considered foolish to try to delay the wizard’s time while being in the array itself.

    Gao Ren was unable to break through the array within the short period so he could only concede defeat. Naturally, nobody ridiculed him for it.

    Previously, He Zhou had studied up on the formation of magical arrays online. Now that he had personally seen the magical array Six Tip Star with his own eyes, he felt that magical arrays and his arrays played different tunes but produced the same effect. They were both of external force and were used to strengthen oneself. However, magical arrays were still comparatively lacking to arrays. According to Young Master He’s observation and understanding of the current circumstances, magical arrays were too singular.

    Country Hua’s Gu Wu Territory’s arrays were as vast as the starry sky. Having been passed on for many years, there were many different types that existed. Moreover, He Zhou who had lived in the Shen Yan Sect for decades of years had reached the peak of fluency that was rarely attained by others. 

    In the instance that his teammates could give him ample time to cast the spell during the Team Battle, their victory would be sealed.

    The team battle only allowed six representatives from each country. At the present, it was currently arranged with the following: Zhao Heng, Li Zecheng, Wen Renyu, Qi Changling, Chi Huan and He Zhou.

    He Zhou recognized everyone else apart from Wen Renyu so for this problem, he could only turn to Wen Renyi for guidance.

    Even though Wen Renyu wasn’t a direct descendant of the Wen Ren Clan, her gift since young wasn’t bad and compared to others, was even considered to be a prodigy. However, with Wen Renyi above her, she had continued to remain obscure.

    After Wen Renyi encountered an accident, Wen Renyu’s talent gradually stood out conspicuously, finally being considered worthy by the clan. The lady’s personality was calm and quiet, however, she would become extremely violent during a fight. She and Wen Renyi had basically never come into contact before so the two were unfamiliar with each other.

    He Zhou heard this and promptly understood the dynamic of this team.

    Qi Changling’s cultivation base was the highest and his experience was the richest as well, so the flow of the competition will be controlled by him. Zhao Heng, Wen Renyu both had explosive firepower and Chi Huan was unpredictable. These three people were mainly in charge of firepower. Li Zecheng was mainly responsible for dispelling the witches’ drug and “reviving” the team members. As for Young Master He, in other people’s eyes, if they encountered a magic array, he perhaps may provide a bit of use. 

    He Zhou was currently pondering to himself when he received Feng Lan’s message, notifying him to join the small 6-person team meeting that was going to be held in room 608.

    Wen Renyi heard the sound of rustling and asked. “Are they inviting you to the meeting?”

    He Zhou hummed in reply. “I’ll be back in a moment.”

    He Zhou arrived at 608 and pushed the door to enter. All the other members were already present. Zhao Heng and Li Zecheng gave small smiles and nodded their heads. He Zhou sat down on the remaining empty position and sitting across him, was coincidentally, a delicate and graceful lady.

    Wen Renyu’s hair was tied in a ponytail and she sported bangs across her forehead. Her pair of eyes were very lustrous and she wore simply leisure clothes, appearing gentle and obedient. When she detected He Zhou’ gaze, she shyly smiled back.

    Qi Changling sat very straight. Although he looked calm, his might as a senior naturally leaked out. Chi Huan reclined on his seat with half-closed eyes. When He Zhou entered, he remained in his position without moving a muscle.

    Seeing all the members in attendance, Feng Lan smiled and said. “The reason why I called everybody over was mainly to discuss the strategy that we will be using for the team battle held the day after tomorrow. We have some members who have previously fought against the other country’s participants as well as some people who are going on stage for the very first time. Seeing as we’re not too clear about the other country’s definite strength, why don’t we have a few people share some of their thoughts?”

    Zhao Heng contemplated for a while before voicing. “The combination of people we have in our team right now is the most stable in terms of both offense and assistance. As long as everybody puts in their best effort during the battle, we should be fine.”

    Feng Lan smiled as he nodded. “Young Master Zhao has a good point. Does Sect Leader Qi have any thoughts?”

    Qi Changling replied. “I think we should add another offensive type member.”

    The meeting room fell into an awkward silence. Qi Changling’s words were obviously meant to target He Zhou because everyone knew that the team could only consist of 6 people and in this team, only He Zhou looked to be the weakest.

    Feng Lan almost choked from his words. This Sect Leader Qi really didn’t give anyone face.

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