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  • EBPW Chapter 34.2

    Chapter 34.2 Young Master is delicious  (2)

    He Zhou felt guilty inside and was silent for a long while before speaking. “Are you close with Auster?”

    Wen Renyi closed his eyes replied softly. “Every time I joined the tournament in the past, Auster was always my opponent.”

    “Did you win every time?” He Zhou asked in curiosity.


    “Ah Yi’s amazing.”

    Wen Renyi chuckled. “He’s a werewolf. Since he has lived for a long time, his temper has actually dwindled down quite a bit but overall speaking, his personality is still quite blunt. On the other hand, Gars Bruch is not easy to deal with.”

    “Were you angry a while ago?” He Zhou asked.

    Wen Renyi reached out a hand to touch the necklace on He Zhou’s neck. “Vampires fear silver yet he still praised you for being delicious.”

    “But wasn’t the vampire referring to the taste of fresh blood as delicious?” He Zhou couldn’t help but chuckle at this.

    Wen Renyi was silent for a long while. “You’re different.”

    The next day, the tournament had officially started. 

    Feng Lan had brought them to the royal stadium of the Rose Country. The stadium was packed with ability users from all around the world. The competition site was reinforced by a high-level large-scale magic array. The purpose of it was to prevent the ability users from hurting the audience.

    The competition of ability users was separated into three kinds. Individual Battles, Paired Battles as well as Team Battles.

    The rules of the competition were simple. Last as long as you can and the winner from each round can then advance to the next.

    He Zhou was an array master so he wasn’t allowed to enter individual or paired battles. He could only join the team battle whereas because Wen Renyi was still a ‘waste’, he was only allowed to watch from the spectator’s seats.

    The team battles were on the third day so He Zhou could sit with Wen Renyi in the spectator’s seats to view the battles together.

    The competition began at 8am sharp.

    In reality, even though it was called an international competition, real experts naturally wouldn’t appear. The people who participated instead were the younger generation and although it wasn’t as if there were no experts within the younger generation, those who were blessed with talent was actually only a few in number. Those who were like Wen Renyi who was able to reach Xiantian Late Stage cultivation base when he was only 28 were incredibly rare. Having a gift was one thing, having luck on the other hand, was also something that was indispensable. 

    With the individual battles, every country was only allowed to send in two ability users to participate. Country Hua dispatched Qin Zhao and Tian Qing Sect’s disciple Gao Ren. 

    Needless to say, the name Gao Ren sounded formidable. He did indeed have a very competent demeanor and had an honest and straightforward appearance. However, he was weak against cautious and radical opponents. When he needed to defend, he would go on defense and when he needed to attack, he would be on offense. 

    His opponent was a witch from Italy. She had silver hair and green eyes. All her features were very prominent and her appearance was quite pretty. The witch sat on a broomstick and flew up quickly into the air. She sprinkled powder and chanted a spell, wanting to take control of Gao Ren’s movements.

    Gao Ren appeared to have extensive knowledge of witches and coupled with the Tian Qing Sect’s cultivation methods, he was incomparably calm. He dissolved the witch’s attack with one move. In He Zhou’s observation, he was preserving his strength but in other people’s eyes, he was being suppressed and just as the other people thought that the witch was about to achieve victory, Gao Ren’s attack had just begun.

    He hadn’t pulled out any weapons from the beginning until his counterattack started. His weapon of choice was a horsetail whisk. The horsetail whisk’s flexible tail tangled around the witch’s broomstick, pulling her down to the ground ruthlessly. The witch had still been planning to disperse powder until she realized that her broom was caught and she accidentally breathed in the drug into her own nose. 

    The witch’s complexion turned green in an instant. If she didn’t concede defeat at this moment, she wouldn’t have sufficient time to detoxify herself so she could only signal to the referee.

    The referee announced Gao Ren’s victory as he withdrew his horsetail whisk and walked towards the witch. “Thank you for letting me win.”

    The witch took her antidote. Her pretty eyes shot him a glare as her face puffed up. Gao Ren broke into a laugh secretly. It was inevitable for the little lady to make a mistake in her first competition.

    He returned to the resting area, his gaze shifting towards the Hua Country’s contestants viewing platform and coming into contact with his disciple Chi Huan’s gaze, Chi Huan saw him look over and twisted his head to the other side, He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to recuperate.

    Gao Ren withdrew his gaze.

    On the other hand, Qin Zhao’s opponent was a wizard from Rose Country. The wizard was petite and short. He held a staff in his hand as he chanted a spell while he swiftly dodged Qin Zhao’s crafty attacks.

    Qin Zhao appeared extremely impatient and sent out a few ruthless kicks, directly striking him down. The wizard laid on the ground gasping for breath. He stared at Qin Zhao with a bit of fear. This man was too terrifying.

    The two contestants from Country Hua had smoothly advanced to the next round. After this round of the competition ended, they had to once again draw names to decide their next opponent.

    This time, Qin Zhao encountered the werewolf Auster and Gao Ren was up against the ninja of  Sakura Country.

    Auster performed spectacularly in the previous round. The werewolf’s valiant fighting prowess and explosive power allowed all his duels to be concluded extremely swiftly, beating his opponents without leaving them any chance of retaliation.

    Qin Zhao was sly and crafty while Auster was explosive and violent. The outcome of the two people’s battle was really hard to predict.

    He Zhou sharply detected a gaze trailing him. He spun his head to take a look and saw Gars Bruch sitting on the far right hand side, smiling at him. 

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