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  • EBPW Chapter 34.1

    Chapter 34.1 Young Master is delicious (1)

    He Zhou originally presumed that once he arrived at the tournament venue, he would be able to see the foreign ability users. He didn’t expect that, by the time they had breakfast the next day, there would be two ability users from the United States who made their way to them with the main purpose of looking for Wen Renyi.

    He Zhou didn’t recognize the two people but the majority of people present did. They even knew the relationship one of them had with Wen Renyi.

    “After having caught a glimpse of you yesterday, Wen Ren, I never would have thought you would come again after 6 years.” The blond haired jade eyed tall man carried a bottle of wine, his pupils landing on Wen Renyi as he spoke in slightly shabby Chinese.

    Wen Renyi stood up, his faint white cataracts reflecting the man’s image. “Hawke, it’s been a long time.”

    Auster Hawke wore a face of regret. He appeared to have already known of Wen Renyi’s circumstances in the past few years and only felt that the prodigious Wen Renyi from the past had already become a memory. “Here’s a toast to you, old friend.”

    Wen Renyi respectfully toasted him. “Thank you.”

    While Auster Hawke and Wen Renyi were conversing, the delicate doll-like youth beside him stared wide-eyed at He Zhou. His reddish brown hair complimented his porcelain white face which seemed to be coated with a layer of cold glaze, revealing the beauty of an ice sculpture.  

    He Zhou sensed his gaze and lifted his eyes to look over. A pair of light red eyes came into view. The youth quickly retracted his gaze and couldn’t help but expose a smile. He had little canines which looked adorable and extremely eye-catching. 

    “Hi. I’m Gars Bruch.” The youth’s voice was ice cold, however, one could easily detect the interest he carried in his tone towards He Zhou.

    “Hi, I’m He Zhou.”

    He Zhou gazed at the slender white hand extended to him and gripped it, feeling a sudden cold chill spreading from his palm into his arm.

    As expected, he was a vampire and from the Bruch clan too.

    “He Zhou. You smell delicious.” Gars praised sincerely. His Chinese was extremely fluent without a trace of foreign accent.

    He Zhou knew that a vampire’s lifespan was inexhaustible. Gars looked young but as to how old he really was, in reality, only he himself knew.

    Auster glanced at Gars before shifting his gaze to He Zhou and a trace of ridicule floated onto his handsome face. “I presume this must be Wen Ren’s companion. To be able to receive Gars’ praise for being delicious, you must really live up to the claim.”

    Wen Renyi’s face turned cold and he started to emit a cold chill. “Hawke.” 

    Auster Hawke laughed loudly in response. “Wen Ren. You’re already unable to join the competition. Tsk tsk, it’s really such a pity. The only thing we don’t know is what Mr. He’s magic is. I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. He’s performance on the field.” He said before promptly turning around and leaving.

    After taking a few steps, however, he turned around and asked Gars who hadn’t moved an inch from his place. “Gars?”

    Gars gave a profound look towards He Zhou. “He Zhou, see you on the field.”

    The four people’s actions naturally attracted everyone’s attention. However, Auster and Gars only came here to find Wen Renyi. Since there wasn’t any clash that arose from this, they give any more thoughts about it. As the leader of the group, Feng Lan went over to inquire what had happened.

    “It’s nothing, Captain Feng.” Wen Renyi’s voice was low and soft yet Feng Lan could rigidly hear a trace of chill.

    They didn’t know that when Auster and Gars returned to their own country’s dining room, they had just lifted the glass of wine and without the red wine even touching their lips, there was a sound of a crack. The glass shattered abruptly, causing the shards and red wine to sprinkle  down their face and flow done their neck into their clothes. The people there saw the two people turn into a rare sorry sight and wanted to laugh but they held themselves back.

    Auster cursed. “Shit!” and fumingly returned to the room to change his clothes.

    Gars, however, stayed in his place and stretched a dark red tongue out, lapping the leftover wine on his lips as if he was licking delicious blood and hooked his lips into a smile. “As expected, it really is delicious.”

    When Wen Renyi and He Zhou returned to the room, Wen Renyi suddenly pressed He Zhou against the door and started to kiss him hungrily. He appeared to be quite eager, carrying a slight fierce and overbearing taste. His two arms circled around He Zhou’s waist tightly, pressing him tenaciously against the door.

    He Zhou was distracted for a while until he sensed Wen Renyi’s dissatisfaction and docilely let him explore. Wen Renyi kissed him for a while and gradually turned soft, loosening his suppression of He Zhou. While his lips were still on his, he spoke in a low hoarse voice. “I’m sorry.”

    His warm breath blew on his face, causing his wildly beating heart to almost fly out of his chest. He Zhou detected the Wen Renyi’s breathing was quite odd so he couldn’t help but ask in worry. “What’s wrong?”

    “Ah Zhou is too outstanding.” Wen Renyi answered gloomily.

    He Zhou let out a low laugh, his chest slightly quivering. Wen Renyi kissed him once more, this time carrying a careful and fawning taste. Young Master He’s heart immediately softened into a puddle as he reached his hand out to press on the back of Wen Renyi’s head, snatching away the initiative this time around.

    Wen Renyi slowly retreated one step at a time and He Zhou followed his pace unaware. They  gradually arrived by the bedside. Once Wen Renyi’s legs came in contact with the bed, he bent his knee, falling upright and He Zhou seized the opportunity to push him down.

    Wen Renyi always had a cold scent to him. He Zhou propped himself on top of him, his deep gaze fell on his flawlessly good-looking face and focused on his lips that turned red from their kissing. He took a deep breath, wanting to withdraw and leave but was instead pressed down by Wen Renyi.

    “Ah Yi. You still haven’t introduced Auster and Gars to me.” He Zhou attempted to divert his attention.

    Wen Renyi’s adam’s apple bobbed slightly. His blurry line of sight falling on He Zhou’s elegant face. He secretly admonished himself saying that it still wasn’t the right time. When he finally regained clarity, he would slowly and carefully observed everything about He Zhou.

    Wen Renyi leaned over, laying his head on He Zhou’s shoulders, his neck wrapped around He Zhou’s. “I’m sorry.”

    T/N: Wen Renyi’s patience is being tested to its limits XD

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