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  • EBPW Chapter 33.2

    Chapter 33.2 Is the dessert sweet (2)

    After the two people packed their stuff, they headed out of the room. Most of the people had already gathered in the corridor and because they all lived on the first floor and was now going to eat together, the opposing sects had no choice but to see each other, however, this was inevitable.

    While outside, everybody adhered to one principle, place your own personal matters to the side and prioritize defeating the foreign competitors.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi walked shoulder to shoulder and passed by a room when the door was suddenly opened. When the person came out, he had bumped into the two people. His appearance was ordinary and average, it was actually the Zheng Mo Sect’s head Qi ChangLing.

    Qi Changling saw them both and his calm gaze swept over He Zhou’s face first before continuing to land on Wen Renyi’s face and he smiled amiably. “This place is full of experts. Since Mr. Wen Ren has lost your clan’s blessings, you should be a little more careful.”

    He Zhou heard this and replied with a composed face. “Sect Head Qi, Ah Yi naturally has me to protect him so there’s no need to waste your breath.” He said as he pulled Wen Renyi and arrived at the group.

    Li Zeming saw them from the crowd and regardless of Li Zecheng’s interference, he squeezed his way through and tugged on the hem of He Zhou’s clothes. “Let’s go out together at night.”

    He Zhou didn’t want to go out but faced with Li Zeming’s earnest gaze, he was unable to refuse him and could only reply. “Ah Yi’s not feeling well so I’m going to take care of him here. I’m afraid I won’t be able to accompany you.”

    Li Zeming was visibly disappointed for an instant as his pair of bright eyes became dull. Wen Renyi chuckled. “There should be desserts served right after dinner.”

    And just like that, hope was restored in Li Zeming’s eyes. He hopped back to Li Zecheng’s side like a rabbit and said something to him. Li Zecheng could only helplessly smile and nod, reaching out a hand to rub his head.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi heard the contents of his dialogue and Wen Renyi followed by leaning closer to He Zhou’s ear. “I’ll give my share to you.”

    Young Master He only felt his ear becoming itchy and flaky and couldn’t help but twitch his ears. Wen Renyi sensed this as his lips hooked up into a smile.

    “Mr. He, Mr. Wen Ren. It’s nice to meet you.” An immaculately dressed handsome man suddenly appeared in front of them, stretching his hand out.

    It was Qin Zhao.

    Because of his relationship with He Feng, He Zhou didn’t harbor any good feelings for Qin Zhao, nevertheless, he didn’t reveal this on his face as he reached his right hand out for a short shake.

    “Sect Head Qin, it’s nice to meet you.”

    Qin Zhao smiled and it only added to the beauty of his face. “If the two people don’t mind, why don’t we share the same table?”

    “Sect Head Qin exaggerates.”

    At this moment, everyone had already arrived so Feng Lan led the people to the second floor restaurant.

    The organizer of this tournament was the Rose Country so they hired a chef to do the cooking according to each country’s individual eating habits. Hence, Hua Country’s table was entirely full of Hua Country’s speciality dishes.

    Sure enough, Qin Zhao walked towards He Zhou and Wen Renyi’s side and sat down.

    “Don’t you guys think it’s weird?” After Qin Zhao ate a few bites, he asked He Zhou. The other people appeared to not have heard his words, as if a domain was set up.

    He Zhou looked at him in confusion.

    “Among the cultivators from the four major families as well as from the Tian Qing Sect, the highest cultivation base is only at Sky Rank Late Stage. However, Qi Changling and I still have to personally attend.”

    He Zhou couldn’t figure out what he was implying, however, he did feel it was a bit odd.

    “So it’s to say that the upright sects always wanted to put in the least amount of effort while still earning the most amount of glory.” He said with a low laugh. “Are you all like this?”

    Every stubborn person was the same. They all clearly wanted to get benefits and would act like they put in a lot of effort. What kind of person was Qin Zhao referring to that doesn’t exist?

    Young Master He replied seriously. “Regardless of who’s joining the competition, everybody will be putting in their best effort. There’s no distinction of who made the most or the  least contribution.”

    “How pompous.” Qin Zhao spoke and didn’t continue any further.

    After the meal, the restaurant really did provide desserts. Wen Renyi pushed his share towards He Zhou. Every since the Zhao Zhixing’s banquet last time, He Zhou knew that Wen Renyi wasn’t fond of sweets so he didn’t restrain himself and ate two people’s worth of desserts. 

    There were actually many males present and the only people who liked to eat desserts were actually a few so only He Zhou and Li Zeming both ate two person’s worth of shares.

    Feng Lan knew these people were proud and arrogant so he didn’t waste his words and only spoke a couple of encouraging words before letting everybody return to their rooms or go out and play.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi held hands and returned back to their room. Along the way, Wen Renyi asked. “Was it sweet?”


    “Was the dessert sweet?”

    “En, it’s quite sweet.” He Zhou changed his shoes and replied.

    “How sweet?” Wen Renyi continued to ask.

    He Zhou then realized something there was something strange about him so he turned to look at him and smiled. “You should have tried it then you’ll know.”

    Wen Renyi reached his hands out to grab his shoulders and was about to kiss him when he was blocked by He Zhou. “Someone’s coming.”

    There was an air of gloom around Wen Renyi for a moment but he resumed his normal behaviour before He Zhou could detect it and heard knocks on the door.

    He Zhou opened the door to find Zhao Ke and Li Zeming. He let the two people in and turned around to find Wen Renyi already laying on the bed.

    Li Zeming stared at Wen Renyi before earnestly telling He Zhou. “Mr. Wen Ren may have sat in the plane for too long which is why he’s feeling under the weather. Here’s some medicine. He should feel better after taking it.”

    It turned out that the words he used to decline his invitation was taken seriously. A hint of embarrassment arose in He Zhou’s heart.

    “Thank you.” He received the bottle of medicine from Li Zeming and glanced at Zhao Ke. “Can I help you with anything?”

    Zhao Ke smiled embarrassed. “I was originally going to come find you for a chat but since Brother Yi is feeling unwell, I’ll be heading back.”

    After the two people left, He Zhou placed the medicinal bottle on top of the cabinet beside the bed and looked towards the lying Wen Renyi. “Are you really not feeling well?”


    He Zhou once again took the medicinal bottle but Wen Renyi held his wrist.“This can’t be cured with medicine. Only you can.”

    Young Master He calmly stared at him for a long while and couldn’t help but smile. He then bent his head down to press a kiss onto Wen Renyi’s lips.

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