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  • EBPW Chapter 33.1

    Chapter 33.1 Is the dessert sweet (1)

    This time, the Hua Country representatives totalled a hundred people who all rode a special plane to Rose Country.

    It was the first time for He Zhou to ride on a plane. When the plane took off, he couldn’t help but feel extremely moved. The power of science and technology was really too amazing.

    One plane was enough to fit the hundred people and even though the opposing sects were best apart, in order to answer the national call, they couldn’t appear too corrupt and could only use one plane. In any case, they were seated in different cabins so their chances of bumping into each other wasn’t too high.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi chose to sit at the very last row together. In front of them sat the Zhao family brothers and across the aisle from them was the two disciples from Tian Qing Sect. The person on the window seat looked towards the windows so his appearance wasn’t visible however the one who sat beside him in the aisle seat looked to be about 30 years old. His face looked simple and honest with a cultivation base in Sky Rank Middle Stage. He took great care of the boy beside him.

    Wen Renyi gave the window seat to He Zhou. “If you feel tired, go sleep for a while.”

    How could He Zhou feel tired. Instead, it should’ve been Wen Renyi whose work kept him busy that he would be devoid of sleep for a few days. Even though he had a cultivation base, he still had a body with physical needs.

    “I’m not tired. I’ll just have a good look at the scenery.”

    At this point, Zhao Ke turned around and spoke. “Since it’s the first time for brother He to participate, do you feel nervous? In the past, I felt nervous when I watched the game. Now that I’m personally going into battle myself, I can feel my own palms going cold.”

    He Zhou had seen a lot more happening than spectacles like this and wasn’t at all nervous. He previously didn’t have any knowledge of the existence of so many superpowers in this world and solely just touched the surface of the investigation but it was enough to stir his expectations. Until he had genuinely confronted the enemy, it was only going to get more exciting for him.

    “It’s just a competition. There’s no need to be too nervous.” Young Master He attempted to comfort him.

    Zhao Ke shook his head. “You don’t understand. Last time, I encountered a witch and it was really terrifying. Thinking about it now, I still get goosebumps.”

    “Can you stop speaking and be quiet for a while?” The guy across He Zhou sitting on the window seat spoke impatiently with his eyes closed.

    Zhao Ke choked and had wanted to send a retort back but was stopped by Zhao Heng. He secretly shot the guy a glare and felt that the voice sounded inexplicably familiar.

    He Zhou stared at the blue sky and white clouds beyond the window and only felt that the skies were wide and the earth was broad. He was completely free and open. Recalling his days back at the Shen Yan Sect when he guided the disciples of the sect into riding the wind and journeyed the entire world, it was a very refreshing feeling. The only difference was that his current cultivation base was lacking, otherwise he would’ve brought Ah Yi away with him. 

    While he was having random thoughts, he suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder. He Zhou tilted his head to look and saw Wen Renyi with his eyes closed, leaning on his shoulder and sleeping. What fell onto his line of sight, was bits and pieces of his soft hair carrying a clean scent which smelled fragrant.

    Ah Yi must’ve been really exhausted. He Zhou thought this and didn’t make a single move, afraid of disturbing him awake.

    The time it took to fly from Hua Country to Rose Country wasn’t considered short but He Zhou still kept the same posture without a move. Wen Renyi appeared to have been in a deep slumber all the way until the airplane was about to land before he awoke. When he did, he grabbed He Zhou’s hand and inserted rich spiritual power into his body. Young Master He was stunned as he looked at him in confusion.

    Wen Renyi’s small smile was just inches before him. “Being my pillow all this while must’ve been really tiring.”

    He Zhou thought that he was really considerate and adorable and took the initiative to interlock his fingers with his. “I’m fine. Getting more rest is more important for you.”

    Wen Renyi held his hand tightly as his face broke into a smile. Aside from other matters where he needed to come on strong, he needed to be soft on other aspects, this way, Ah Zhou would think more about him. Let’s proceed to do it like this then!

    The plane came to a stop and Feng Lan’s team members rode a car to the hotel they booked. The Royal Hotel in the capital of Rose Country was the accommodation that was officially designated by the government. All the representatives from each country were sent to live here and the venue for the tournament was going to be set at the nearby stadium close to the Royal Hotel. 

    The Hua Country’s group of representative all stayed at the sixth floor of the hotel. Two people were to share a room. He Zhou naturally shared with Wen Renyi.

    The Royal Hotel was deserving of its reputation. After all, the figures who came to stay here before were aristocrats. Their facilities were extremely luxurious. He Zhou was used to seeing sumptuous residences back when he was at the Shen Yan Sect so he didn’t think much of it at all.

    They came two days in advance and according to Feng Lan’s explanation, this was supposed to be a buffer period for the participants to adjust to the time difference, familiarize themselves with the environment and relax their minds. They were also allowed to get some air and experience the foreign surroundings.

    The original owner of the body had previously gone abroad to play so aside from magic and the likes, Young Master He was quite familiar with the culture and didn’t plan to go out. In these two days, he thought it better to stay in the hotel and study the supernatural abilities of the west.

    “Ah Zhou. Dinner will have to wait. Do you want to go rest for a while?” Wen Renyi asked after helping unpack the two people’s luggage.

    He Zhou wasn’t too fatigued. However, a break sounded good so he went for a shower, changed into his pajamas and dug into his nest. He slowly relaxed his mind and fell into a deep lull. Even though this was a foreign land, with Wen Renyi by his side, he felt extremely at ease. 

    Not long after, Feng Lan sent a notice for the entire team to gather and head to the restaurant on the second floor to dine. Wen Renyi woke He Zhou up and passed his clothes to him.

    He Zhou felt refreshed after the nap and got up to take the clothes. He was about to change into them when he spotted Wen Renyi standing at the side from the corner of his eyes. Knowing that he was able to see some things already, he couldn’t help but pause and say. “Can you turn around?”

    Wen Renyi was stunned before he quickly answered. “Sorry.” And he turned around to face the window.

    He Zhou sighed in his heart. Did he hurt Ah Yi’s feelings again by doing this?

    T/N: No He Zhou, I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doing XD

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