EBPW Chapter 32.2

Chapter 32.2 Supernatural Tournament (2)

By the end of November, He Zhou had been teaching Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao for almost a month with satisfying results, especially in the case of Ye Xiao. He had excellent perception and strong perseverance which allowed him to improve at lightning speed. His ocular charms had already entered the doors of cultivation and he could now freely control his ability. Furthermore, training his body everyday had improved his three energies which was evidently better than before.

Under Ding Zhi’s urging, he had cut his hair short, revealing his forehead and he took his sunglasses off. Naturally, when his real face was revealed, Ding Zhi simply was at a loss for words.

In regards to appearance, He Zhou was always the target of praise. In just one month, he had already topped the ranking of the most handsome boy in school so Ding Zhi was always extremely jealous yet he had no choice but to accept it. However, Ye Xiao’s appearance in comparison wasn’t inferior to He Zhou’s by any means. Only their temperaments differed.

He Zhou was gentle and elegant. He was noble like jade, perhaps due to his birth circumstances. He had an air of faint alienation around him and always emitted the might of an elitist. In terms of bearing, Ding Zhi thought it was unrivalled.

Ye Xiao’s appearance was small and delicate with a feminine air. This wasn’t implied in a derogatory sense and was in fact, an objective evaluation. His eyes were quite special. Every time he looked at him, he always felt his soul getting sucked in.

Another pretty boy had joined the dorm and Ding Zhi didn’t know whether he should feel happy or worried.

Ye Xiao’s change in appearance had led to a series of butterfly effects. The most apparent of it was that he had gained a lot of pursuers, the majority of them being guys. Aside from He Zhou, only Qi Shen hadn’t seemed surprised with Ye Xiao’s appearance.

Naturally, even though Ye Xiao’s appearance had gone through change, his character didn’t. Aside from his dorm mates, he practically didn’t have much interaction with anyone else and always put on a cold exterior on his exquisite face. Only when facing He Zhou did his face slightly change.

Ye Xiao’s progress spurned Ding Zhi. Although Ding Zhi’s perception wasn’t up to par to Ye Xiao’s but because of his naturally thick veins, his cultivation speed was faster than your average person’s and the two people were equally matched in their progress.

He Zhou became more convinced that what he did was the right decision. The two people working together really was effective.

Everybody looked forward to the coming of the Golden Week. Qi Shen planned to visit home whereas Ding Zhi was still engrossed with cultivating so after giving his well wishes to his family, he dove his head back into cultivating. Ye Xiao originally didn’t have any family so he planned to take up part time work to earn some allowance for his daily living expenses.

After He Zhou assigned them some matters, he left the dorm and arrived at the doors of the campus where a car was already waiting.

When he got in the car, he saw Wen Renyi watching him attentively so he couldn’t help but ask. “What is it?”

“Did you accept a disciple?”

He Zhou thought about it. He seemed to have not mentioned this matter to him at all and almost a month had already passed. Now that Wen Renyi took the initiative to ask him about it, Young Master He oddly felt a bit guilty.

“En. I forgot to tell you.” These days, He Zhou was busy studying the superpowers of foregin countries. It was the first time he had come into contact with magic, wolves, vampires and the like. One part of him was fascinated with the unknown, the other part of him wanted to understand the opponents.

He Zhou liked arrays and because of this, he was very interested in magical arrays. The information Wen Renyi provided him was only a written description which was insufficient to sate his curious heart. However, this tournament wasn’t allowed to be filmed so there was no suitable research material.

Luckily, Wen Renyi previously went as a participant in the competition several times and had battled western ability users countless times. It could be said that he had plentiful experience and so Young Master He abducted him on the bed and hugged him asking him to slowly explain what he thought of the special characteristic of each ability user and his analysis of them.

But even if it was like this, the only thing that He Zhou gained was a superficial understanding. If he were to experience it in the flesh, he would have to practice and he was already feeling a bit impatient about it.

“Let’s go directly to the head operations team.” Wen Renyi explained. “This time, Feng Lan is leading the group. We’ll be taking a plane over to Rose Country.”

He Zhou nodded. “Ah Yi. These few days, those forces didn’t come to steal the necklace. I presume they’ll be using the tournament as a cover to make a move.”

The reality was indeed as he said. The external organizations wanted to acquire the necklace and felt it best to make their move on their own territory rather than Hua Country’s territory.

The two people arrived at the head operations team and aside from Feng Lan who was sent by the special department to lead the group, a few people were dispatched to maintain order.

The two opposing sects set aside their differences for a day and joined forces leaving the country for the competition. The government naturally had to organize them in an appropriate way. The ZhengMo Sect and the Demonic Sect were divided into one flying area whereas the four family clans and the TianQing Sect occupied the other flying area.

When He Zhou and Wen Renyi stepped into their designated flying area, they heard a surprised call. “He Zhou!”

A white tender-faced youth rushed to them with sparkling eyes. “He Zhou, are you also going? Have you ever tried foreign desserts? When we get there, let’s get some together…”

“Xiao Ming.” The Young Master of the Li Family Li Zecheng walked over and interrupted Li Zeming before looking back at the two people. “It’s nice to meet you.”

He Zhou and Wen Renyi nodded to return his politeness.

Li Zeming puffed his face in dissatisfaction. “I told you not to call me ‘Xiao Ming” outside. It really sounds so tacky.” Being mistaken as the commonly named “Xiao Ming” was the most troublesome thing in his life!

Li Zecheng rubbed his head. “My little brother was naughty and mischievous. Apologies for troubling the two.” Even though his lips uttered these words, his pair of eyes hid a measuring tone.

He Zhou laughed and replied. “It wasn’t a problem.”

While Li Zecheng was measuring him, he also did a onceover of Li Zecheng.

His appearance was handsome with a cultivation base in Sky Rank Middle Stage. In the medical field, this was already considered to be a very high cultivation base. From this, you could clearly determine Li Zecheng’s gift.

He Zhou was the only one participating from the He Family and Wen Renyi had already separated from the Wen Ren clan, the two people looked for a corner to sit in.

The cultivators who were on site were proud and arrogant sons of the sky. They naturally wouldn’t place the handicapped Wen Renyi and the incompetent He Zhou who only knew arrays in their eyes. However, the arrival of the Zhao Family broke this awkward situation.

Zhao Heng had just brought in Zhao Ke who spotted the two people and immediately walked over and sat by their side asking. “How long have you been here?”

“I just reached. “He Zhou saw Zhao Ke greeting him from afar and smiled while nodding.

After the Zhao members sat down, the rest started to sit down too and the originally empty surroundings soon became filled. 

At this time, Feng Lan smiled as he came in and said. “Since everybody’s already here, we can set out now.”

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