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  • EBPW Chapter 32.1

    Chapter 32.1 Supernatural Tournament (1)

    Antique tea table, and a porcelain teapot filled with transparent jade tea. Under the illumination of sunlight, vapors arose in spirals, exuding calmness and aroma.

    He Zhou had just returned home today, not only to have a meal with Wen Renyi but also because although he himself had a secret, the secret on Wen Renyi’s body was worth more investigating.

    Wen Renyi had never thought of concealing this from He Zhou however he didn’t know how to start speaking. He was also worried that He Zhou would start harboring a grudge against him after knowing the truth of the matter. Even though he knew He Zhou was nothing like the members of the Wen Ren family, but because he cared about him, he simply couldn’t stop worrying about it.

    “Ah Zhou. My mother isn’t Chi Li, She’s Chu Yaxin.”

    He Zhou had never heard of this name before but he could hear the peculiarity in his tone. “And she is?”

    “The daughter of the previous Zhengmo Sect’s head.” Wen Renyi narrated as if he was only reporting a string of data and not an account of his own birth mother.

    He Zhou previously understood that the current Zhengmo Sect head was Qi Zhangling. It was reported that Qi Zhangling had killed the previous head to be able to achieve his current position which would reasonably explain why he was targeting Wen Renyi.

    You had to take out grass from its roots. Since Wen Renyi was Chu Yaxin’s child and was a difficult to come by genius, even if his martial arts had turned into a waste but inside the shameful Qi Changling’s heart, Wen Renyi still posed a threat. Moreover, having many of the assassins he had sent be killed by Wen Renyi, it had only served to increase Qi Changling’s fear.

    “Your currently cultivation base is higher than Qi Changling’s. What exactly are you planning to do?” He Zhou was a bit curious.

    Wen Renyi shifted foggy cataracts on He Zhou and smiled lightly. “Ah Zhou. Every year in the beginning of October, the International Supernatural Association would hold a Supernatural Tournament. By that time, every country would be dispatching members to join it, do you want to go for it?”

    The topic had changed so quickly it was the first time for Young Master He to have ever heard of this so he was unable to hold his curiosity and asked. “Other countries also have cultivators?”

    Wen Renyi suddenly felt that his partner’s common knowledge was a bit too lacking so he needed to help him patch it up.

    “Hua Country’s Guwu, Sakura Country’s Ninjutsu, the Western Country’s magic, witchcraft, werewolves, vampires etc. all that are considered supernatural abilities are also called ability users.”

    When Young Master He heard all these of novel names, his interest was immediately sparked. However, he didn’t forget the situation on hand. “What does all of this have to do with Qi Changling?”

    “Qi Changling will definitely appear as the sect head. However, my goal is not to one-up him.” Wen Renyi gazed at He Zhou and when he spoke, he appeared wise and pleasant to the eye. “That external organization will also definitely appear within the international competition.”

    “Are you saying you want to get closer to investigating that organization as well as keep an eye on Qi Changling at the same time?” He Zhou nodded in admiration and astonishment. “However, the current you right now is not a cultivator in other people’s eyes. Will you be able to join in your condition?”

    “I can come as a family member with special condition.” Wen Renyi completely didn’t mind that he would be living off He Zhou. “You are an array master so you would definitely be selected because the west’s magic arrays can’t be underestimated.”

    He Zhou unconditionally supported all of his decisions. He was currently very interested in the supernatural abilities of other countries and since it was a tournament then he naturally needed to know himself and know his enemies. “Is there a detailed profile of those abilities?”

    Wen Renyi nodded. “I’ll let someone arrange it and send them to you.”

    He Zhou drank a cup of tea and looked at the time. “I still have class in the afternoon. I’ll be returning to school first.”

    “I’ll send you over.” Wen Renyi got up immediately and notified the driver to come over. “Ah Zhou, are you feeling awkward ever since that day you saw what happened between He Feng and Qin Zhao in Yu Hao hotel?”

    He Zhou’s body stiffened the next moment. Was he acting that obvious?

    Wen Renyi hung his eyes and continued. “If you’re really not willing to then I won’t force you. However, I want you to know, us and them, we are not the same.”

    This subject made Young Master He somewhat embarrassed, however Wen Renyi looked really disappointed so Young Master He voiced in an appeasing tone. “Just give me a little more time.”

    Wen Renyi smiled at this. Ah Zhou’s character was still too soft.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi sat together. Silence filled the room for a while before someone interrupted. “Qi Zhangling has been secretly sending people to assassinate you. Are you going to let him continue?”

    “Ah Zhou, why do you think the Wen Ren family loathes the Zheng Mo Sect?”

    Actually, speaking about it, as generations evolved over time, whether it was the upright or the evil sects, they all pursed the same goals, power and long lives. Although the two types of sects don’t see eye to eye, they minded their own businesses and weren’t as impulsive and reckless to provoke a fight as they were in the past. 

    “They have a desire for revenge?”

    Wen Renyi nodded. “You could say it like this. In the beginning, the Wen Ren family suffered a disastrous loss because of some matters. Since then, they viewed the Zheng Mo sect as the enemy. To be able to endure me for more than 20 years is already pretty impressive of them.”

    He Zhou simply didn’t feel so. “If you didn’t have any talent, they wouldn’t have accepted you into the clan and would have eliminated you from the genealogical records.” With Young Master He’s temperament, he simply didn’t care about these because the one who had experienced all these was Wen Renyi which made him feel distressed.

    Wen Renyi reached out a hand to hold He Zhou’s. Their hands were both slender and white, interlocking with each other. Their palms spread against each other, the warm sensation spreading and arriving at their hearts. 

    “I have never cared about it before.” He only had a beneficial relationship with the Wen Ren Family, where would the feeling of affection come from?

    The more indifferent he was about it, the more He Zhou wanted to treat him better.

    “We’re here.”

    Wen Renyi pecked the side of his face, sending him off with his eyes.

    Within Wen Renyi’s expectations, after a week, He Zhou received a notice to participate in the tournament. Of course, this notice allowed you to refuse within 3 days and if there wasn’t any refusal in the 3 days, it would become a silent agreement to participate in the competition.

    The tournament was going to be held at the Rose Country this year. It was set to begin on October 3 and would end on October 6 which was coincidentally the Hua Country’s Golden Week.

    In this big tournament, the Hua Country’s representatives were made up of the four big clans and three big sect’s elite disciples. They were all going to the Rose Country for a friendly tournament.

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