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  • EBPW Chapter 31.2

    Chapter 31.2 The Young Master’s cooking skills (2)

    At the same time, in Yu Hao Hotel’s presidential suite, a man clothed in black suit had just returned from the outside and was sitting on the sofa. After hearing his subordinate’s report, his gaze deepened slightly.

    “Are you saying that the security camera on the necklace wasn’t broken but we’re unable to see anything clearly?”

    The subordinate couldn’t help but shrink back. “Boss, the subordinate could only surmise that it must’ve been blocked by the array.”

    The man heard this and fell into contemplation for a few seconds before suddenly breaking into a laugh. His laughter induced a shiver in his subordinate. “He Zhou is much smarter than I had initially imagined. Perhaps the secret on the necklace could only be solved by him.”

    His subordinate remained silent. When the man waved his hands, the subordinate promptly turned around but was called back the next second. “I heard that the assassins Zhengmo Sect sent out previously had disappeared without leaving a message, were their bodies also not found?”

    “Yes, Boss.”

    The man snorted. “Qi Changling was too impatient. However, Wen Renyi is actually quite a ruthless character. Keep a closer eye on both Wen Renyi and He Zhou.”

    The subordinate received his orders and went off.

    The man took his phone out and opened his address book, preparing to call He Feng when suddenly the image of He Feng’s miserable expression with knit brows flashed through his head. He paused for a second before snorting softly but in the end, he didn’t make the call.

    Jing University.

    He Zhou had just gotten out of the canteen with Ding Zhi when he received Wen Renyi’s call.

    “I’ve found out that He Feng is involved with the Demonic Clan and the person he was with is their newly appointed head who’s known for being malicious and ruthless. He’s a difficult person to deal with.”

    He Zhou hummed in understanding. “He won’t be making a move for now.”

    Wen Renyi kept quiet for a few seconds. “His cultivation base is at Xiantian Middle Stage. You best be careful. Also, I need to mention one more matter.”

    He Zhou continued to listen.

    “The thugs that appeared in the public square as well as near the campus all went through the investigation by the operations teams and the Li Family and were determined to be taking some unknown drug that could temporarily raise your cultivation base for a short period. However, because the nature of it isn’t stable, many cultivators blindly take it, causing them to fall into qi deviation.”

    “Where did the drug come from?”

    “The source of the drug is still under investigation but we have ascertained that it isn’t local.” Wen Renyi paused for a moment. “I suspect that the external organization mentioned before is involved in this.”

    He Zhou’s brain operated quickly. The external organization had been investigating the original owner 6 years prior with the intention of stealing the jewelry but Wen Renyi discovered their tracks so they set up a trap for Wen Renyi to fall into dire straits. If the case of the mad cultivators was related to the organization, then it was safe to say that they must have been cooking up a plan.

    “Now that the necklace is in your hands, they probably must have caused this incident.” Wen Renyi was worried that something would happen to He Zhou.

    People who were at Sky Rank Late Stage may seem strong in low level cultivator’s eyes but in Xian Tian cultivator’s eyes, they were just mere ants. Although He Zhou’s array was powerful, in terms of absolute power, arrays weren’t able to stack up much points.

    “Ah Yi. Six years ago, that group secretly tried to kill you but they took away the necklace after I got into an accident and had already stopped all movement. But at that time in Feng Huang, you still faced another assassination attempt, who was trying to kill you?”

    “Director, President Zhao is waiting for you at the parlor.” Guo Yan’s voice resounded over the call.

    “Ah Zhou. We’ll talk about this when we’re at home.” Wen Renyi said before hanging up the call.

    He Zhou placed his phone back into his pocket and saw Ding Zhi waiting for him not too far away. He was still mumbling words, reciting the names of the acupuncture points. The setting sun cast a long shadow of his figure and the big campus seemed quiet and peaceful. 

    The two people returned to the dorms and saw Ye Xiao and Qi Shen. Qi Shen was currently organizing his backpack so Ding Zhi jested. “Is the top student going back to the library again?”

    “No. My friend was injured and he’s currently in the hospital, so I’m going to visit him. I’m not coming back tonight.” He replied as he nimbly pulled the zipper up and carried the backpack out the door while Ding Zhi failed to ask specifics of the situation in time.

    Only the three of them remained in the dorm. Ye Xiao glanced at Ding Zhi who was giving a toothy smile before he turned to look at He Zhou.

    He Zhou sat on the chair facing the two people. “Ding Zhi. Explain it to Ye Xiao.”

    Ding Zhi succinctly passed on He Zhou’s message to Ye Xiao and Ye Xiao understood it at once. He turned towards He Zhou and said. “I won’t actively hurt people. Don’t worry.”

    “However, I still want to try if I could memorize the cultivation method.”

    The pupils behind the lenses were extremely earnest that He Zhou couldn’t help but laugh. Ocular charms relied on godly senses as the foundation. With this kind of natural talent, his godly sense would naturally surpass cultivators of the same level and those with strong godly senses would have better memory and comprehension than the average person.

    Ding Zhi didn’t know about Ye Xiao’s ability. Having such an embarrassing experience, he couldn’t help but speak out. “You won’t be able to comprehend the secrets. Why don’t you start with learning the acupuncture points with me.”

    Ye Xiao only continued to stare at He Zhou.

    He Zhou understood his thoughts. It was nothing more than wanting to demonstrate his own ability. Ye Xiao was already familiar with one rule. As long as you were able to reflect your own value, it meant that you had the qualification to obtain what you wanted.

    He Zhou continued to impart the secrets to him and Ye Xiao quietly listened. Ding Zhi was completely unable to understand and could only foolishly stare at the side.

    When He Zhou finished, Ding Zhi couldn’t help but ask Ye Xiao. “Did you remember it?

    Ye Xiao stared at He Zhou’s eyes. “I remembered it.”

    Ding Zhi stared at him stunned. Why was the disparity between them so big? This can’t do, he needed to work harder!

    He Zhou had already expected this kind of outcome and was very satisfied with this. Ding Zhi could influence Ye Xiao’s characteristics and Ye Xiao’s existence could also arouse Ding Zhi’s fighting spirit. The two people complemented each other well.

    The next morning, when He Zhou got up, Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao consciously got up as well. He Zhou sat on the veranda and cultivated while the two people went to the playground to refine their bodies. When they came back, they didn’t forget to bring He Zhou breakfast.

    He Zhou did not have any classes in the morning and had told Wen Renyi he would come home today.

    Although Wen Renyi was busy, he still rapidly finished all his work and planned to go home and cook. In the end, when he had just entered the doors, he could detect He Zhou busying himself in the kitchen, the fragrance of food gradually wafted out from the kitchen.

    He Zhou who was cooking was filled with a sense of accomplishment. When he was at the sect, he was praised for being a genius, a cultivating genius and an array genius and now, he was a cooking genius. Even though man was not allowed to be narcissistic, once he thought about the astonishment on Ah Yi’s face when he eats his dish, he felt happy.

    It has always been Wen Renyi who had been taking care of him so Young Master He also wanted to help lessen some of Wen Renyi‘s burden.

    Wen Renyi slowly walked towards the kitchen. The him right now could only see a fuzzy picture. Although He Zhou’s figure wasn’t very clear in his eyes, he still felt that Ah Zhou was the world’s most good-looking person.

    “Ah Yi, welcome back.” He Zhou turned his head. “It just needs a little bit more boiling before it’s ready. You can rest for a bit first —” He paused for a moment. “Ah Yi, can you already see?”

    He had definitely just made eye contact with Wen Renyi earlier.

    Wen Renyi stepped forward. His gaze landing on He Zhou’s face before suddenly breaking into a smile. “En, Ah Zhou is very good-looking.” 

    He Zhou first felt joy in his heart before he turned distracted. “Wait, hold on. The white cataracts in your eyes clearly haven’t entirely dissipated yet.”

    “Ah Zhou really is good-looking.” Wen Renyi resolutely insisted.

    His expression was so serious that He Zhou felt his heart quiver. It was like he had just eaten a bite of cake, it was quite sweet as it seeped into the depths of his heart. 

    “Let’s eat first.”

    Young Master He revealed his cooking skills for the very first time and wanted to let Wen Renyi to be the first to try it. Wen Renyi drank a spoon and a smile bloomed on his face like a peaceful beauty in deep water or ice lotus that suddenly blossomed, it moved people’s heartstrings.

    “It’s delicious.”

    Young Master He also picked out some dishes for him to eat.

    Wen Renyi once again smiled and repeated. “It’s delicious.”

    A satisfaction he had never felt before sprouted inside He Zhou’s heart. He watched Wen Renyi’s elegant and noble side profile and thought, having such a partner on the road of cultivation was really all you need. 

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