EBPW Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2 Absence makes the heart grow fonder (2)

“What?” Xu Lin was shocked by the He Zhou’s downplay and did not understand the meaning in his words. 

He Zhou looked at his young vitality-full face and couldn’t help but laugh. “You are a student, how could you afford the dishes here? If it’s not from the prosperity of the family then it must be the bountiful salary but according to my knowledge, you don’t seem to be a part of the capital city’s rich kids, then the only explanation left is that the salary of the special branch must be high.”

Xu Lin was flabbergasted as he looked at him, it took him a few seconds before coming to his senses and boasted half jokingly. “Young Master He, it’s like you were possessed by Detective Conan!”

“Huh?” What is Conan?

Xu Lin coughed. “You are right, Our branch’ s welfare salary isn’t bad, I could at least afford a dish here. Furthermore, I’m treating Young Master He so I can’t always be going to roadside stalls, right?”

He Zhou smiled and didn’t continue speaking. He started ordering the dishes. 

Xu Lin saw him lower his head and secretly sent a message on his phone under the table. After sending the message, he went on Weibo and saw that someone from the circle had tagged him.

Not only him, all the fellows he recognized had sent him congratulations saying that he finally earned a little popularity on Weibo. Xu Lin was stupefied and somewhat believed it but the current timing was not right so he could only look at the comments below. 

“Wow! So handsome so handsome! I can’t control myself now, lick! Lick! Lick!” Xu Lin couldn’t help but draw back the corner of his mouth, are they really calling him handsome?

“His countenance is beautiful and his skills were also this good, also how was he able to do it in one strike?” He… looks beautiful? Is this kind of description… manly?

“This kind of attractiveness should be the first of its kind! Can I conveniently ask the identity of this brother?”

These kind of comments made Xu Lin dumbstruck, since when did he become a handsome brother? Even though his looks couldn’t be considered ugly, but they definitely didn’t deserve this much praise right?

“Xu Lin, Xu Lin.”

A gentle low voice rang beside his ear bringing Xu Lin back to his senses. When he came to, all the dishes were already placed before him. 

“I’ve finished ordering, it’s your turn.”

Xu Lin felt a little awkward stuffing his phone back and casually ordered a few more, letting the attendant serve the dishes. 

This restaurant was on the higher end side of the capital city, the quality of service was really high and the serving speed was very quick, Xu Lin this time, was considered to have spent hard earned capital just to treat He Zhou but seeing the dishes served, he could eat until he was full and didn’t consider it a waste. 

He ate and ate and suddenly felt something wrong, how come there wasn’t any movement from the person at his side, he raised his head that was stuffed into a bowl and looked towards He Zhou’s direction. He Zhou was sitting quietly looking like a painting and watching him eat.

“Are you full already?”

He Zhou’s gaze fell onto the serving plate, Xu Lin followed along and saw that the dishes he had ordered had already been eaten clean.

This speed!

“You really are amazing。“ Xu Lin laughed foolishly.

“You flatter me too much.”

Xu Lin also didn’t want to continue delaying other people’s time and started picking up the pace. After he finished eating, he wiped his mouth. “Young Master He, thank you for helping me catch the Bat.”

“You also treated me to a big dinner. Thank you.” He Zhuo felt that catching the Bat was an insignificant matter, Xu Lin’s great kindness made him feel a bit perplexed. 

Xu Lin smiled brightly and extended a hand to open the door, letting He Zhou step out first.

He Zhou had just stepped out of the room, when suddenly two tall guys in straight black suits appeared in the front and said with a cold face. “Master He, Young Master is waiting for you upstairs.”

Xu Lin in response, stood in front of He Zhou and wrinkled his brow. “Who are you guys?”

The expressions of the men in suits did not move a muscle. “This is the young master’s family matter, outsiders should stay out of it.”

He Zhou roughly guessed the other’s identity, and said to Xu Lin. “You go back first, I need to handle a family matter.”

Xu Lin then reacted, his face burning with panic. Other lovebirds would rather face death than be apart. Right now, they must want to confide in each other, He must be blind if he was still insisting on going with him.

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