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  • EBPW Chapter 3.1

    Chapter 3.1 Absence makes the heart grow fonder (1)

    He Zhou returned to his room, filtering the body’s experiences in his memories and picking out the ones that look suspicious. He planned to verify them when he had the time. While he was thinking, his phone rang. 

    He guessed that it would be that young police from the street before, and when he picked it up, his thoughts were confirmed. 

    “Expert brother, it’s me, Xu Lin, the person giving chase on the street!”

    He Zhou replied with “En. I know. Is there a problem?”

    Xu Lin’s personality was straightforward so his words over the phone were direct. “You helped me catch the Bat and establish a merit. Didn’t I say I would treat you to eat!”

    He Zhou was reminded that he worked as a police, perhaps it would be easier to gain access to clues concerning the accident. “Alright, tell me the time and place.”

    Xu Lin replied clearly and seemingly like he had remembered something, said. “That’s right, expert brother, can I know your respected name?”

    “He Zhou, He, Zhou.” (T/N: basically telling him how each word of his name is formed by using other chinese words.)

    He Zhou hung up the phone after speaking, Xu Lin who was on the other end was shocked in place. Was this He Zhou and the He Zhou from his memories one and the same? He quickly whipped his phone out to search for a picture of He Zhou and carefully looked at it. Indeed, it really looked to be the same as expert brother, it’s just that the hair, the clothes and the bearing were so different that he couldn’t recognize him.

    It’s impossible, right? Didn’t the rumors say that He Family’s young master didn’t have any natural talent for learning martial arts? How was he able to stop the Bat? This couldn’t go on, he’ll have to ask him all about it tonight.

    In the afternoon, He Zhou sat in his room meditating. He Shaoning was busy with his matters and had already gone out. Zhao Jing was also a busy person, even if she wasn’t at home, she still found time to call back and asked He Zhou if there was anything he wanted to eat.

    He Zhou told her about an appointment he had that night and thanked her.

    Zhao Jing fell silent for a few moments before tactfully throwing out a few more words, she was worried that he would go out and play with those white silk trouser wearing nobles but in the end, she wasn’t his real mother, if she said any more she was afraid she would incite his loathing and so could only say a few more words.

    After Young Master He hung up, he recalled the rejection that the original owner had for Zhao Jing, his stepmother, before, in the end, it was resulted from his inferiority. Since the original owner couldn’t practice martial arts, he had suffered from other people’s frigid irony and scorching satire. When Zhao Jing gave birth to a genius who was compared with him, he was ridiculed even more as a waste, so when Zhao Jing wanted to ease tensions between them, he didn’t dare respond and could only use indifference to wrap himself, in the end, he was just afraid of getting hurt. 

    He Zhou let the He Family driver send him to the place Xu Lin had mentioned. Just as he got off, he saw Xu Lin standing at the entrance of the restaurant, when Xu Lin saw him, he started waving his hands and greeted him.

    “Before, I didn’t recognize you, I’m really sorry for that, I hope Young Master He doesn’t blame me too much.” Xu Lin probingly asked him. 

    He Zhou stopped in his tracks, his deep eyes lingered on him. “You know me?” In his memories, the original owner hadn’t encountered this person before.

    Xu Lin smiled, embarrassed, “You are the He Family’s Young Master, besides, we’re schoolmates, it’s normal for us to be familiar with each other, it’s just that you seem really different from before. I couldn’t even recognize you.” He said as he ushered He Zhou inside.

    The restaurant’s decorations were simple and stylish, the soothing music made people feel relaxed, the crystal light attached on the roof was gorgeous and dazzling. The reflected light fell on He Zhou’s face, it looked noble like jade, upright and elegant, it made the servers and customers unable to stop sneaking looks at him.


    Xu Lin brought him into a private booth to separate themselves from the gazes outside. “Oh right, aren’t you studying at Jing University’s finance department? I’m from the philosophy department, we’re fellow alumnus.”

    He Zhou sat down. “You aren’t a police?” From the original body’s intrinsic knowledge, it seems that a student can’t be a police at the same time.

    Xu Lin laughed mischievously and took out an ID from his chest pocket. “You mean this? This is work for a special department, for convenience’s sake, they gave us this ID, strictly speaking, we belong to the police system’s external staff. Actually with your ability, you could also come to our department and work, I could introduce you to – no wait, that’s not right, your newly wed partner is our ex-leader, his connections are even wider than mine, why would I need to introduce you?”

    He Zhou once again heard Wen Renyi’s name from another person’s mouth but this time, he held a different identity. 

    “Let’s stop talking about this. Just order whatever you want to eat.” Xu Lin passed the menu to him, and secretly used internal strength.

    He Zhou pretended to not feel it and lightly took it, sweeping a look across the price tag. “Working for your department must pay a lot, huh?”

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