EBPW Chapter 28.2

Chapter 28.2 Sweet mutual pampering (2)

He Zhou carried his books and entered the classroom. The originally lively classroom turned quiet in an instant and the Ding Zhi who waved to him became even more conspicuous.

He Zhou walked towards the seat Ding Zhi had occupied for him under everybody’s gaze that contained complication and calmly sat down. He flipped his textbook open and earnestly looked through it.

The male classmate who sat beside Ding Zhi couldn’t contain his curiosity and asked. “Class Monitor, who is he?”

Ding Zhi cast him a glance. “New classmate, He Zhou.”

The male classmate was evidently an extremely gossipy person and had great knowledge of all kinds of news in Jing University so it was impossible for him not to have heard of He Zhou’s distinguished name. Even though ordinary people had no clue that the He Family was an aristocratic Gu Wu family, they knew the status the He Family held in Jing City. That kind absolute rich and powerful family, He Zhou had only entered Jing University for a few days and his background was immediately divulged. Because of this identity, nobody dared to provoke him but there were still some people who ridiculed him behind his back.

“Is he really He Zhou?” The male classmate’s face was full of disbelief. “He’s changed a lot after the accident.”

Today’s He Zhou was not only a martial arts master in Ding Zhi’s eyes, he was also his savior. He knew that when he went off to help out of kindness yesterday, He Zhou was fortunately also there to rescue him so now, he wouldn’t let anyone say a negative word about He Zhou.

He was really the type of person whose actions spoke his thoughts.

The boy who sat in front of He Zhou, who looked like a bright and neat guy, spoke. “Did Young Master He realize that his driving skills were lacking so he washed his hands in a gold basin(2) after the accident?”

  1. Abandon the life of an outlaw

The boy’s appearance was handsome and he was considered the original body’s rival in racing. His family background wasn’t anything impressive but even though they were lacking compared to the He Family, his status in his family was higher than He Zhou in his and it was because of this that he dared to mock He Zhou.

He Zhou flipped over to the next page of the book without even raising his head. “The teacher’s coming soon.”

The boy thought He Zhou was bluffing him and was about to continue saying a few more sentences when he suddenly felt the classroom turn quiet so he could only turn around and found the old professor who looked to be in his fifties step into the classroom, walking to the platform.

He couldn’t help but feel apprehensive inside. The classroom was so noisy how was He Zhou able to hear the professor’s footsteps? 

Ignoring how the outside world evaluated him, He Zhou silently listened to his morning classes and was about to go head back to the dorm with Ding Zhi as he organized his stuff. 

Just after walking out of the academic building, it was like He Zhou had telepathy because he suddenly turned to look in a direction where a person was standing under a tree not too far away. He wore a suit, looking tall and straight. His temperament was cold and as if he had sensed He Zhou, he turned to face his direction, his lips raised into a faint smile.

He Zhou immediately bade Ding Zhi farewell and carried his books arriving in front of Wen Renyi. “Weren’t you going to send someone to fetch me? Why did you personally come over yourself? How long have you waited?”

Wen Renyi held his hand. “Just a while ago. I wanted to see you earlier.”

He Zhou held him hand back in reciprocation and walked side by side with him off campus. They provoked discussion along the way. Wen Renyi was a legendary person who had graduated from Jing University. He was always used as an example by finance, economics and other course professors. He himself was also an outstanding graduate of Jing University and was previously an influential figure of Jing University. There was also a lot of his pictures floating around the school forum so there were many people who had recognized him.

He Zhou was a white silk trousers who was ignorant, incompetent and only knew how to race cars. He was worlds apart from Wen Renyi. However, in just one day, these two were put in the same frame, yet the people’s reactions in their heart wasn’t as difficult to accept as they initially imagined, in fact, the image of these two people together made for a very aesthetic picture, making people unable to have the heart to destroy it.

“What do you want to eat for lunch?”

“I’ll eat whatever you make.” He Zhou wasn’t picky.

Wen Renyi raised his eyes and smiled slightly. “In the future, don’t eat at the dining hall. I’ll cook and get someone to deliver it here.”

“You still need to take care of the company, won’t it be too hard?” He Zhou felt begrudged.

“I want to.”

He was only willing to cook for Ah Zhou.

After He Zhou and Wen Renyi had lunch together, He Zhou took the initiative to bear the heavy responsibility of washing the dishes while Wen Renyi brewed two cups of tea and placed it on the table. He had also just coincidentally come out of the kitchen.

“Aren’t you supposed to be busy raising the company?” He Zhou sat by Wen Renyi’s side and looked at him a bit worried. “It’ll be the same whether I eat at the dining hall.”

Wen Renyi knew that He Zhou didn’t want him to work too hard so he smiled in response. “There’s still Guo Yang and the others. It’s not a problem. Do you want to head to the company with me in the afternoon for a look?”

“Alright.” He still hadn’t seen the look of Wen Renyi working at the company.

After the two people had rested for a while, they let the bodyguard send them to the company.

Wen Renyi’s company wasn’t considered small by any means but in front of the four big families, it was only a tiny ant. He Zhou followed him inside the company and entered Wen Renyi’s office under the eyes of the company employees.

He Zhou hadn’t spoken when a knock resounded from the door. It was Guo Yang.

Guo Yang nodded towards He Zhou first before turning to report to Wen Renyi. “Director, everybody’s already waiting at the meeting room.”

Wen Renyi acknowledge this with a hum. “I’ll go over later.”

Guo Yang left the office and Wen Renyi brought He Zhou over to the lounge inside. “You can rest here first. I’ll come back after the meeting.”

He Zhou felt like he was eating plain rice for a split second. Ah Yi had worked hard everyday to earn money while he himself idled his time away. Under this current situation, Ah Yi also even offered to cook for him as well.

When Wen Renyi didn’t get a response, he put on a look of confusion. “What’s wrong?”

He Zhou reached his hands out to hug him. “It’s nothing. You can go.”

After Wen Renyi had left, He Zhou sat on the bed and started to cultivate. After cultivating for a while, Wen Renyi was still in the meeting so he laid down on the bed to rest.

A period had passed when Wen Renyi had returned from the meeting and placed the documents on his desk. He gently pushed the doors to the lounge open and detected that He Zhou had fallen asleep.

He imagined what He Zhou would look like when he was sleeping but he realized that no matter how he tried to outline him in his mind, he was still dissatisfied with it and his desire to see him as soon as possible grew more.

He Zhou’s slumber wasn’t deep so when he felt movement, he immediately opened his eyes and saw Wen Renyi sitting on the bedside. Just as he was about to speak, Wen Renyi had captured his lips. 

It was only a simple peck yet the two people had felt a bit intoxicated.

He Zhou had accompanied Wen Renyi for the entire afternoon and the two people planned to have dinner together but when night came, a business partner had invited Wen Renyi out. Wen Renyi was planning to reject it, after all, he still had to go home to cook for He Zhou but before he could do so, He Zhou had stopped him.

“I’ll go back to school and eat. “ When He Zhou said these words, he secretly made a firm resolution that he would also have to start learning how to cook. This way, Ah Yi wouldn’t have to work so hard anymore.

Wen Renyi’s company wasn’t located too far from Jing University so He Zhou was sent back by Wen Renyi’s bodyguard to school. As he was just about to rush to the dining hall, he saw He Feng walking over to the school gates from far away. 

This wasn’t strange at all. What was considered strange was the tall guy who was beside him.

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