EBPW Chapter 28.1

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Chapter 28.1 Sweet mutual pampering (1)

A low laugh suddenly reverberated around the dorm as Ding Zhi looked at He Zhou in confusion. Young Master He’s gaze shifted away from the lighted phone screen, his deep pupils now reflected Ding Zhi’s astonished expression.

“Have you been using this account all this time?”

Ding Zhi felt that there was something wrong but he still nodded and replied. “Yeah.”

He Zho then tossed out a frightening thunder strike in the next second. “My account name is ‘Add more silver’ so I’m afraid I can’t teach you anything.”

Ding Zhi’s brain crashed and his memories melted. In an instant, he remembered what had happened in the past. He was attacking a person online in the forums for a persistently long time. In the end, that person had never responded so he also gave up on it.

However, what he thought was just an insignificant matter had now become the biggest obstacle in his path of becoming a martial arts master!

“M-Master He, you’re Add More Silver?” Ding Zhi wanted to cry but lacked the tears as he covered the pit of his stomach. “Bu-but then, does that mean the words you spoke were true? The move I previously showed you earlier was learned from a master and he claimed that it was impossible.”

He Zhou came to learn that Ding Zhi learned ‘qigong’ from another forum and because it was quite effective, to him, that master’s words were the truth. On the other hand, He Zhou’s words didn’t have any persuasive power at all so he simply didn’t believe him and even expressed his dislike for nonsense. If a clueless person were to follow his example, there would be a possibility that they would come to harm their body.

Ding Zhi had always hated people who didn’t take responsibility for their words. In his eyes, He Zhou’s words were utter rubbish and would misguide little children, that’s the reason why he pursued him persistently on the forums in anger.

Thinking about it now made his eyes taste bitterness! He had offended the invulnerable Master He. What could he do to fix this?

He Zhou simply didn’t place the matter of Ding Zhi provocation to heart. Seeing Ding Zhi’s expression of regret, he couldn’t help but want to laugh and asked. “Who did you say that master was?”

Ding Zhi heard this and hurriedly entered in the profile of the master. His mouth moving in explanation. “He’s really amazing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to practice it at all.”

Qi Shen and Ye Xiao also became very curious at this and gathered around him for a look. The master’s name was called “Lone Goose on Water”. It gave the impression that he was a person of high ranking and seeing his profile, they could see that he was extremely active, often posting about a lot of things. Even though these things were of no doubt, the principles of Gu Wu, his understanding of it was still superficial, unworthy to be called a ‘great master’ at all.

Qi Shen watched for a moment and soon felt exhausted so he turned around and went back to his own seat to start reciting poems again.

Ye Xiao recalled the transaction he and He Zhou had earlier and assumed it would probably be nulled and didn’t seem to understand Lone Goose on Water’s words so he gloomily climbed back to his bed and ripped a sealed new published book open to skim through.

He Zhou returned the phone back to Ding Zhi and patted his shoulder. “There’s still school tomorrow. Wash up and sleep a little earlier.”

Ding Zhi felt dispirited in an instant. “Master He. You need to tell me so I know where I made a mistake.”

He Zhou took out his bathing goods and stepped into the washroom. He threw out a sentence just before shutting the door. “You weren’t wrong. Lone Goose on Water also isn’t wrong. I’m going to take a bath first then.”

Ding Zhi sat on his chair in distress and scratched his head. He stared at the forum on his phone and wanted knock himself against the wall in irritation. The water that had entered his brain in the past was today’s tears!(1)

  1. Closest meaning I can think of is there’s no use crying over spilt milk

After He Zhou finished his bath, he laid on the bed and sent a voice message on WeChat to Wen Renyi before turning his phone off and closing his eyes to cultivate.

At this time, Wen Renyi was still at the new company handling work matters. The company was still embryonic so there was a lot of tasks that he still needed to do. He had just finished discussing a collaboration with another company representative when his WeChat beeped.

He tapped to open the message and heard two words. “Good night.” The corners of his mouth immediately burst forth into a smile and warmth swelled in his heart.

He really wanted to see the owner of that voice right now.

Guo Yang knocked on the door and came in. Seeing the smile on the corner of Wen Renyi’s face still in tact, he felt a block in his heart but he quickly readjusted his mood and said. “Director, The proposal‘s been written. I’m here to give you a report.”

Wen Renyi hummed in acknowledgement and after he finished listening to Guo Yang’s report, he nodded and and praised him. “Good job. You can wrap up for today and go home and take a rest.”

Guo Yan couldn’t help but ask. “Then what about you?”

“I’ll return after a while longer.”

Guo Yang felt a bit worried. “Do you need me to wait so I can send you back?”

Wen Renyi knew that he had good intentions so his expression softened slightly. “The driver’s waiting downstairs. You can head home first.”

Guo Yang could only follow his instructions and leave by himself.

Only Wen Renyi now remained in the spacious company.The dainty office revealed a trace of coldness, matching the gaze on Wen Renyi’s face exactly.

“How long are you still going to hide?” He suddenly spoke.

In the next second, several people appeared in the office. They all dressed in black and had surrounded Wen Renyi.

“Go on.” Wen Renyi assumed a leisurely posture, sitting on the chair without a trace of fear on his face.

The assassins suddenly became timid.

Wen Renyi suddenly revealed a small smile. “The previous assassins also missed the best opportunity to kill me because of their cowardice. What are you guys still hesitating for?”

The assassins glanced at each other before pouncing towards him with all their strength. Wen Renyi simply had no route to retreat to but naturally, there was no need for him to have one.

With an inch of distance left in between Wen Renyi’s table, the assassins suddenly appeared to have been frozen in air without being able to budge a little, their eyes widened staring straight at Wen Renyi.

“Have you ever heard of a domain?” Wen Renyi sat in his seat indifferently. His composed tone reminding them of their pressing death. “Inside the domain, I am the dictator.”

In an instant, those several high cultivation level assassins were annihilated.

He Zhou woke up from his sleep and saw that the east had already been painted white. He quietly got down from the bed and didn’t disturb the other 3 people. He arrived at the veranda and sat cross-legged in cultivation.

By 7am, the three people roused in succession and He Zhou had finished digesting the sun’s purple clouds and stopped cultivating. He washed up and joined them downstairs at the dining hall for breakfast.

He had just gone down when he saw a tall man wearing a black suit standing in front of the dorm building. He held a container of food making He Zhou unable to help but stop in his tracks.

When the man saw him, he quickly walked up to him. “Mr. He, Mr. Wen Ren has instructed me to bring this to you. He was worried that you wouldn’t be used to eating the food in the dining hall.”

He Zhou immediately felt his heart swell. He took the container of food and smiled. “Alright. You can go back.”

The three people heard this conversation and while Qi shen and Ye Xiao didn’t say anything, Ding Zhi’s face was filled with envy. “Master He is really blessed!”

He Zhou carried the food container and said. “You guys can go to the dining hall. I’m going back.”

Returning back to the dorm, he unboxed the container and a fragrant smell assailed his nose. He only felt happiness wrap him inside and out, genuinely feeling happy from the bottom of his heart.

Wen Renyi had just reached the company and received He Zhou’s WeChat message. “Breakfast was very delicious. Sorry for the trouble.”

A transient smile hung on the corner of his lips. He didn’t feel troubled at all. As long as Ah Zhou loved to eat, he would always be willing to cook for him until the end of his days.

“Yesterday night, another cultivator who was under qi deviation appeared again near school. Zheng Weiming wanted me to pass this on to you so you best carry more caution. Your bodyguards won’t be able to handle these violent cultivators.”

He Zhou had sent another voice message over, his voice clear and bright just like his character. When Wen Renyi finished listening to this, he replied. “You know I’ll be fine. Since you don’t have classes in the afternoon, will you be returning home for lunch? I can send someone to fetch you.”

He Zhou had just finished drinking the last spoon of congee when he heard Wen Renyi’s words and he immediately revealed a smile at this. If he returned home for lunch, he could see Ah Yi.


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