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  • EBPW Chapter 27.6

    Chapter 27.6 Harmonious censorship (6)

    “This is also for the consideration of the Gu Wu world and the secular world.” Young Master He couldn’t help but assume his attitude from when he was a young leader in his previous life. “Ye Xiao. When you disguise yourself, is it also not to conceal yourself among the ordinary people. Since this is so, why do you still want to give Ding Zhi the trouble?”

    Ye Xiao had no way of answer this. He knew that what He Zhou said was correct but. “I can’t do it.”

    He Zhou looked at him.

    “Didn’t I say before that I don’t know what ocular enchantments are. It’s just that my eyes are different from other people’s. As long as someone holds malicious intentions towards me, I’ll be able to confuse them.” Ye Xiao earnestly tried to explain. 

    “Then why did you go to that hotel?”

    “To earn money.” Ye Xiao once again hung his head. “Someone offered to pay me money if I successfully went to seduce someone but it was the first time I had done something like that. I was so nervous, I ended up knocking on the wrong room.”

    “Then you dressed up as a woman on the second day to confuse people?” He Zhou asked him. 

    Ye Xiao turned his head to the side and said in a very low tone. “Ever since I was small, I’ve encountered a lot of people who harbored evil thoughts about me. Nobody could protect me and I could only rely on myself. After getting to know I had this kind of ability, I would often teach those people a lesson. It’s just that, the summer I turned 18, the orphanage wouldn’t allow me to stay and I had no money to continue going to school, so….”

    “So you wanted to use this kind of method to extort some money?”

    “It’s not like that!” Ye Xiao denied. “If they didn’t have evil thoughts, I wouldn’t have hurt them.”

    He Zhou hardened his expression. “Did you think that punishing bad people would clear your conscience?” This was a clear violation of the cultivation world’s basic law. If you were to be discovered, do you even know what the special department could do to you?”

    “What do you mean special department? Was it those cops you were whispering with before a part of that department?” Ye Xiao asked in curiosity.

    He Zhou grimly stated. “First, you need to tell me. How did you earn your tuition fee?”

    Ye Xiao snorted. “In any case, it’s not illegal so it’s none of your business.”

    “I have some cultivation methods on how to practice ocular enchantments. Do you want it?” When He Zhou was a young leader, he had the privilege of accessing the Shen Yan sects entire library. His godly sense was strong and his memory was outstanding. Just by skimming through an extensive range of books, it wasn’t uncommon for him to be able to remember related cultivation methods.

    Ye Xiao’s eyes shone before he paused and quickly destroyed it. “What conditions do you have?”

    “Blur Ding Zhi’s memories.” He Zhou only said this much to him because of this one point.

    Ye Xiao didn’t understand. “Since you have the cultivation methods, why don’t you go do it yourself?”

    “Do you think just anyone can practice ocular enchantments?” He Zhou said helplessly. “This cultivation method can only be practiced with people like you who have a gift for it.”

    Hearing this, Ye Xiao felt a bit happy secretly but there were some things that he still had to clarify. “I already mentioned before that my attack will only work on people who have ill motives. Ding Zhi is a good person so I can’t initiate an attack on him.”

    This was a problem.

    He Zhou contemplated for a moment before suddenly saying. “Have you always dressed like this before Ding Zhi?”

    Ye Xiao was smart so he could immediately intercept the meaning behind his words as he immediately shook his head. “That’s not possible and there’s no guarantee that would work. Ding Zhi isn’t that kind of person.”

    “Try it out first and we’ll talk again when it doesn’t work.”

    Ye Xiao thought for a moment and felt that this was the only option possible.

    The two people headed back to the dorms and before Ye Xiao could make any moves, Ding Zhi came flying straight to He Zhou. He used a nervous and worshipping gaze to look at him and asked. “Master He, do you practice qigong? The kind that’s impervious to swords or spears?”

    He Zhou chuckled. “What’s wrong?”

    Ding Zhi was so excited his eyes turned red. “He Zhou. You’re so amazing, you must be in a master grade right? Can I worship you as my master? Don’t be so hasty to reject me. Let me first show you what I can do before you decide to take me in as a disciple or not!”

    He Zhou was also not in a hurry so he said.  “You can try it out then.”

    Ding Zhi excitedly ran to his own desk and tore off a piece of paper from his notebook before placing it silently on the table. Then, he retreated back towards Qi Shen’s table. Qi Shen had no choice but to get up and stand at the side to enjoy the show while carrying his book of poems.

    Ding Zhi took a deep breath and started to move slowly. Then, he accumulated all his strength into his right hand and gradually pushed his palm forward. With a sudden shout, his palm faced the paper as he released his strike.

    The piece of paper did not move a single bit at all. 

    Ding Zhi felt extremely disappointed the next instant and he couldn’t help but explain himself. “Before, I was able to move it. Today, I must’ve made a mistake somewhere, Master He, let me try again.”

    Ye Xiao spat out cold air silently and simply couldn’t stand to look. Qi Shen was about to say a few satirical sentences when he discovered in shock that the piece of paper on the table suddenly moved. Even though it only shifted forward a bit, it still moved!

    This should probably be a coincidence right? Ye Xiao and Qi Shen muttered in their hearts.

    Yet He Zhou stared at Ding Zhi in rapt attention. Ding Zhi excitedly turned towards He Zhou and seeing He Zhou’s somewhat solemn face, he couldn’t help but feel a little timid inside and remained silent.

    “Is it still not possible?” He asked miserably.

    He Zhou thought for a moment before he decided to probe him for a second. “Give me your hand.”

    Ding Zhi immediately reached his two little claws out.

    He Zhou held his left hand and inserted his godly sense. He was immediately surprised to discover that Ding Zhi’s veins appeared to be thicker than your average person’s. This was quite rare to come by.

    “Did you refine it yourself or did you learn it?” He Zhou asked another question.

    Ding Zhi naturally knew nothing and took out his phone to show He Zhou. “Look, this forum has a lot that discusses about Gu Wu. The move I did earlier was something I also learned here. I don’t know if Master He has ever heard of it before.” He said while uneasily scratching his head.

    He Zhou carelessly swept across his account name –Supreme Martial Arts

    Tsk, what a familiar name.

    T/N: Ding ding ding, we have another old character, goes way back in the beginning. Who is Ding Zhi?? and where did He Zhou encounter him? :Let me know if you remember in the comments XD

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