EBPW Chapter 27.2

Chapter 27.2 Harmonious Censorship (2)

Jing University was about to start a new semester following the day after tomorrow. The university also required 1st and 2nd year students to stay in the dorms unless they had any special conditions and because He Zhou’s misfortune of encountering an accident, he could only resume studying as a 2nd year student, which meant that he was required to live in school.

Towards this kind of news, Young Master He felt that it was quite novel. After all, he had never lived in a dorm full of people and was eager to experience it. However, in Wen Renyi’s case, after having dual cultivation with He Zhou, he felt reluctant to part with that wonderful feeling so the thought of separating from He Zhou made him feel a sense of loss.

He Zhou cultivated for an entire afternoon which made him feel refreshed. At night, the both of them slept in the same bed. Wen Renyi had just finished taking a bath, a sweet scent emanated from his freshly washed hair. He turned to look towards He Zhou with open eyes as if he was staring straight at He Zhou.

He Zhou turned around to make eye contact with him. “What’s wrong? Can’t sleep?”

“Ah Zhou. I want to dual-cultivate with you.” Wen Renyi had been slowly tearing off his mask of pretense as he revealed gentle fangs. After all, having tasted the captivating flavor, he was unable to let go of it any longer.

He Zhou recalled yesterday’s event and his face started to heat up. “Didn’t we yesterday….”

Wen Renyi stretched his hand over and interlocked his fingers with He Zhou’s. “There are two ways to dual-cultivate, don’t you know?” One was the resonance of their godly senses, the other was the touch of their souls.

Young Master He appeared to have been genuinely clueless about this.

“Aside from the way we did yesterday, there’s still another way?” He Zhou expressed that while he was at the ShenYan sect before, he had never heard of another version to dual-cultivate.

Wen Renyi replied with a question. “Then, how do you think you were born?”

Young Master He answered with a matter-of-fact tone. “My mother was pregnant with me of course.”

Wen Renyi gave a low laugh, to the extent that his entire chest was quivering. He Zhou couldn’t help but look over and saw the fair chest exposed by the loose night clothing. It looked very impressive. En, just like how the male celebrities were praised on Weibo.

“Sleep.” Wen Renyi held He Zhou’s hand, feeling helpless before silently falling into a deep slumber.

A night without dreams passed.

The next morning, He Zhou was about to pack his luggage and prepared to move to the school dorms. Wen Renyi gave him a hand. After they finished, they let the bodyguards carry it to the car.

“Aren’t you going to work?” He Zhou saw Wen Renyi follow him into the car and asked in astonishment. 

“I’ll accompany you to the dorms first.”

He Zhou looked at Wen Renyi’s side profile and felt that Wen Renyi seemed to cling more and more to him but this kind of lively Ah Yi was quite cute.

“Dad wants us to return home for lunch.” He Zhou looked through the message he had just received on Weixin and told Wen Renyi.

Wen Renyi nodded. “After you finish settling in, we’ll go back.”

The car arrived at Jing University’s gates without any bumps on the road. It was currently the start of a new semester, so there were many new students reporting at the school gates. Grand cars came in like clouds. Wen Renyi chose a toned-down car today but compared to the grand cars, it was still quite conspicuous.

To avoid any accidents from happening within the school grounds, the school forbade any cars aside from the school cars to enter so the bodyguards parked the car before the school gates. He Zhou easily lifted the bulky luggage from the trunk of the car while Wen Renyi carried a small bag. They stepped into the Jing University’s school grounds shoulder to shoulder.

“Are you also a Jing University graduate?” He Zhou glanced at Wen Renyi. He felt that he had an unspeakable charm to him whenever he wore his sunglasses.

The people who passed by them also glanced their way and someone even took their phone out to snap a picture of them.

“En, I’m your senior by many batches.” Wen Renyi paused for a moment. “I’m older than you by 8 years. Do you dislike me for being old?”

He Zhou jested in reply. “The timber has already been turned into a boat already. (1) Don’t you think asking this question now is too late?”

  1. The timber has been turned into a boat: What is done cannot be undone

The two people chatted until they arrived at the dorm.

Because He Zhou had to retake his second year of study, the school changed his dorm so that he could live together with classmates of the same year. Aside from him, there were three other people who were going to be living in the dorm. When the two people stepped inside, there was not a soul in sight. All three beds were properly laid out leaving only one empty bed that was filled with junk.

It appeared that the three dorm mates didn’t seem to be aware that they were going to be having a new dorm mate. He Zhou settled his luggage on the floor and told Wen Renyi. “They’re all not here so let’s save the salutations for later. Let’s return first for a meal.”

Wen Renyi was just about to respond when a tall youth appeared at the door. The youth wasn’t considered especially good-looking but he looked as bright as the sun. He stared at the two people with wide eyes as he inquired. “Who are you guys? Did you walk into the wrong place?”

He Zhou smiled politely. “Hi. I’m He Zhou, your new dorm mate. Please take care of me in the future.”

“New dorm mate?” The youth was even more surprised as he muttered. “How come I’ve never gotten any news of this?”

“Could you wait a moment.” He said as he took his phone out and walked to the veranda avoiding the two.

After a while, the youth returned to the dorm with an embarrassed face. “I’m so sorry I had just found out there was going to be a new dorm mate, please accept my apologies! He Zhou, is it? I’m Ding Zhi, the leader of this dorm. The uhhhh, oh! I didn’t know you were coming and I placed all my stuff on your bed, I’m really sorry about that. I’ll move it away right now.” He said as he climbed up the stairs and planned to take the junk away.

He Zhou figured that if he stayed here any longer, Ding Zhi would feel uncomfortable so he and Wen Renyi took their leave first. Without even reaching the ground floor, they heard a surprised yell from within the dorm. “Quickly come back to the dorm! We have a new dorm mate!”

When He Zhou and Wen Renyi arrived at the He Residence, they discovered an additional two people aside from the usual three members of the family.

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