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  • EBPW Chapter 27.1

    T/N: Hey guys! Just a short note, this chapter was like 7,716 words long and it took me like 3 separate days to finish it lol so it will be split into 6 chapters instead of the usual 2~ Enjoy~

    Chapter 27.1 Harmonious censorship (1)

    In another morning, He Zhou was as always, sitting on the balcony and waiting for the sun to rise from the east. When suddenly, a majestic spiritual power gushed forth from the horizon. He Zhou absorbed it crazily along with his Inner Xi’s constant circulation, strengthening his Sky Rank Late Stage Realm.

    He cultivated for a moment before gradually drawing back his efforts and withdrawing his imposing bearing in an instant. When he got up and returned, he didn’t expect to see the quilts already folded.

    When He Zhou awoke, Wen Renyi still hadn’t gotten up. Since the quilts were all folded neatly, then Wen Renyi must currently be in the kitchen making breakfast. It seemed that, apart from ‘that matter’, as a partner, there was nothing that could be nitpicked about Wen Renyi.

    After coming home from the Wen Ren house, Wen Renyi seemer to be more unyielding than before. The scorching heat he felt was the kind that burned until you melted, and it gradually spread from his lips to his teeth, his limbs until his internal organs, multiplying the excitement that surged in terrifying waves as he ate the meat and swallowed the bones.

    Young Master He had already thought this through and didn’t reject this kind of kiss again. The two people kissed all the way from the living room until the bedroom before finally falling on the bed. Wen Renyi was very principled. He only kissed and didn’t take any other actions. He Zhou’s originally taut nerves gradually relaxed as he became immersed in Wen Renyi’s warm touch.

    “Ah Zhou, let’s dual cultivate ok?”

    He Zhou became sober in an instant as his eyes popped open. He looked at the cool and handsome Wen Renyi, sensing whether his intentions were false or not. Wen Renyi usually looked cold like the clouds and mist that enshrouded the mountains. He was also noble and virtuous like a snow lotus on the tip of the iceberg. But the passionate him carried an enticing charm as the tip of his brows and the corner of his eyes expressed amorous feelings.

    “Alright.” How could he not agree to this?

    In the next second, Wen Renyi leaned his forehead against He Zhou. The two people loosened their state of mind as their godly sense slowly spread throughout their own sea of knowledge, in the middle of this meticulous process, stimulation and excitement surged. When the two godly senses converged, He Zhou suddenly felt like there were fireworks blossoming in front of his eyes. The beautiful night sky was illuminated brightly as the milky ways descended, stars dragged their bright tails with them passing swiftly across the night sky before suddenly turning back once more, intertwining together. The scene was so dazzling, it made people engrossed in watching it. Its gorgeousness made people feel enchanted.

    Nobody knew how much time had passed but when the two people’s godly sense cultivated together. As a result, their cultivations became much more stabilized and even faintly rose evidently. They exited both of their own seas of knowledge and Wen Renyi’s forehead left He Zhou’s before leaning in close to plant a gentle kiss on He Zhou’s gem white forehead. He reached a hand out to circle around He Zhou’s slender waist and said in a low voice. “Sleep.”

    He Zhou’s heart immediately swelled, like something was about to quickly spill over. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but turn up into an arc as he closed his eyes and fell into deep sleep together with Wen Renyi.

    “Ah Zhou. It’s time to eat.” A light and gentle voice pulled him back from his memories as He Zhou responded and exited the bedroom. He saw Wen Renyi currently setting down the plates and utensils. 

    He walked to Wen Renyi and suddenly planted a kiss on his eyes. He took the opportunity to sit down while Wen Renyi was stunned by his actions. Wen Renyi blinked for a moment before suddenly exposing a smile.

    While He Zhou was eating, he suddenly thought of a question so he spoke up and asked. ”Yesterday, when we were at the Wen Ren home, you mentioned you purposely divulged your ‘mother’s’ news, which meant you knew she wasn’t your real mother, is that right?”

    Wen Renyi nodded. “En, I was lying to them.”

    He Zhou understood Wen Renyi’s thoughts. He wanted to seize the opportunity and see whether the Wen Ren Family would make a fuss over this matter and as expected the Wen Ren Family didn’t disappoint. 

    “Then who is your real mother?”

    Wen Renyi lowered his head and answered. “I’m also not too sure.”

    He Zhou didn’t doubt him any longer. He continued to drink the congee when his cell phone started ringing. He saw that the caller was He Feng and felt it strange but he still hit answer.

    The other party was silent for a moment before he spoke up. “Brother Zhou.”

    He Zhou called him the same way the original owner did. “Xiao Feng, why are you suddenly looking for me?”

    He Feng had always been especially reserved, rarely making contact with other people. Only, his relationship with He Zhou was a bit better that he was able to speak a few sentences.

    “Brother Zhou, I’m so sorry. Previously, my mom mentioned she wanted to go abroad for travelling but didn’t dare to do so by herself so I took her out during the summer and couldn’t see you at the first moment. I’m sorry.” He Feng’s voice sounded a bit downcast.

    “That’s fine. Have you finally returned?”

    He Zhou felt that with He Feng and the original owner’s relationship, he couldn’t possibly have tampered with the original owner’s car but Huang Qi’s words made him feel vigilant. Moreover, from the standpoint of reasoning, He Feng’s disappearance during this period seemed normal but there was a thread of oddity to it.

    “En, I just got off the plane.”

    “Then you should go home and take a good rest first. We’ll talk again later.” He Zhou said before hanging on the phone.

    “Brother Zhou!” He Feng suddenly called out and He Zhou stopped before hitting the button, waiting for him to continue speaking. He Feng waited for a good moment before lowering his voice and saying. “I couldn’t tell you this in time but I just also got into Jing University’s finance department.”

    He Zhou was slightly stunned before he remembered. He Feng was still in his last year of senior high school before the original owner got into an accident. He didn’t think that while he was still in a coma, He Feng went through the college entrance examination and was about to become his school junior.


    He Feng hummed in acknowledgement. “The car just arrived. You can hang up the call first, Brother Zhou.”

    After He Zhou ended the call, he realized Wen Renyi was “looking” at him so he couldn’t help but ask. “What’s wrong?”

    Wen Renyi paused for a moment. “Weren’t you suspecting He Feng?”

    He Zhou shook his head. “I can’t just believe Huang Qi’s one-sided story.” 

    “If he wanted to kill you then he will always find an opportunity to do so.” Wen Renyi had just finished drinking the very last spoon of congee before he stood up and voiced. “What flavor of cake do you like?”

    The topic change so quickly that Young Master He was dumbfounded for a moment before he finally reacted. “I don’t really have a preference.”

    Wen Renyi hummed in understanding and took his empty bowl into the kitchen. He Zhou drained the congee in his bowl in one gulp as well, helping him to tidy up.

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