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  • EBPW Chapter 26.2

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    Chapter 26.2 Ambiguous Atmosphere (2)

    “Of course I can!”

    A clear and resolute voice rang in everyone’s ears, causing their eardrums to vibrate in pain. The juniors of the Wen Ren Family couldn’t help but cover their ears and even the elders such as Wen Renzuo couldn’t help but knit their brows. Only Wen Renshi appeared to be calm, however the slight ripple in his teacup revealed the shock in his heart.

    The Wen Ren Family doors opened with a bang as He Zhou appeared in casual clothes, relaxedly standing at the doorway. He appeared to have gotten rid of the guards of the courtyard easily without anybody in the room knowing.

    Wen Renshi placed his cup down, the bottom hitting the table sending a sound shaped like a sharp sword towards He Zhou’s direction yet it abruptly stopped before He Zhou and was shot back at the same speed. Wen Renshi waved his hand lightly, causing the sound wave to disappear quickly.

    Naturally, the other members of the Wen Ren Family were unable to see them cross swords as they were all under Xiantian.

    He Zhou stepped inside the main hall and came to Wen Renyi’s side. He looked towards Wen Renshi. “Don’t you seniors think you’re too much, forcing Ah Yi to come over here?”

    Wen Renshi’s probing gaze swept through He Zhou’s body. His eyes gradually turned sharp. “You’re only an array master, you couldn’t have possibly blocked my attack.”

    “That’s because, you simply don’t understand arrays.” He Zhou said without a change in expression.

    What Wen Renshi said wasn’t wrong. Only knowing how to use array naturally can’t block a Xiantian cultivator’s  strong attack but in these two days, he broke through Sky Rank Late Stage and adding on his Golden Core Stage Godly Sense and with the aid of arrays, even if Wen Renshi wanted to hurt him, he simply couldn’t.

    Wen Renshi couldn’t figure out He Zhou’s cultivation base so he was still skeptical of his words.

    “He Zhou, this is the Wen Ren’s home. This isn’t a place where you can behave so atrociously!” Wen Ren Sixth Master’s old grudge arose, as he directly dashed towards He Zhou.

    He Zhou didn’t even spare him a glance nor did he move a muscle and Wen Ren Sixth Master was mysteriously flung out of the courtyard. In other people’s eyes, this was an array master’s sly secrets. But He Zhou really didn’t make any moves. The person who threw Wen Ren Sixth Master out wasn’t him but the silently standing Wen Renyi by his side.

    When cultivators reach Xiantian Late Stage Realm, they could produce their own domain. Naturally, not every cultivator who reached the realm could produce one. Moreover, some people’s domain differed in size. Some were big, some were small. According to his observation, Wen Renyi’s domain didn’t seem to be small.

    During the banquet of the Zhao Family, the person who made Wen Ren Sixth Master lose face wasn’t also him. He was just relying on the name of array master and was just helping Wen Renyi carry the pot everywhere.

    In the main hall, everybody was stunned.

    They had no choice but to believe after this that they really lacked knowledge on arrays. Or perhaps He Zhou had always been a wizard and could utilize arrays to reach such perfection.

    “Ah Yi, let’s go.” He Zhou held Wen Renyi’s hand.

    Wen Renshi asked Wen Renyi in a deep tone. “Don’t you want to know about your mother’s whereabouts?”

    He Zhou didn’t hear what they were talking about earlier but when he heard Wen Renshi ask this question, his heart immediately felt more distressed towards Wen Renyi as he stood in place without moving.

    Wen Renyi suddenly smiled lightly and answered without any hurry. “The ‘news’ regarding my mother was purposely leaked by me for you to hear.”

    Wen Renshi’s expression became sluggish as he silently looked at Wen Renyi.

    “We’ll be taking our leave.”

    He Zhou was personally driven and sent by Zheng Weiming over. He was currently sitting in the car, anxiously waiting. When he saw He Zhou and Wen Renyi exiting the family doors while holding hands, he immediately got off the car and rushed towards them. “Captain, Young Master He. Are you alright?”

    “We’re fine.” Wen Renyi looked rather happy. “Old Zheng, can I trouble you to send us back.”

    Zheng Weiming had followed Wen Renyi for many years yet he had never seen him this happy before. He felt that the captain’s body was emitting a sour stinky smell of love all over that assaulted the person to simply not want to drive.

    The car smoothly drove back to Wen Renyi’s villa. He Zhou sat at the backseat. His legs near Wen Renyi’s and their hands closely clasped together. The air in the car slowly seemed to ferment, gradually emitting an atmosphere that made a person’s heart beat faster.

    Wen Renyi smiled slightly, curving his eyes to look like shining gems, glistening and dazzling, plucking the person’s heartstrings to tremble.

    The car stopped at the villa doors and He Zhou took a deep breath before pushing the car doors open. He forgot his gentlemanly attitude and quickly stepped inside the house. Just as he wanted to enter the showers to calm down. The door behind him closed abruptly.

    His wrist was tugged by someone and that person holding his wrist had a burning hot palm. 


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