EBPW Chapter 26.1

Chapter 26.1 Ambiguous Atmosphere (1)

Serving as both the witness and the hero, He Zhou once again had to report to the operation team’s office. 

The matter of public violence this time had stirred the debate of every party in society. The operations team sent someone over to inspect what had happened. When Feng Lan saw He Zhou, He Zhou was sitting in Zheng Weiming’s office drinking tea. Beside him sat Li Zeming with disheveled hair.

Zheng Weiming didn’t apparently like Feng Lan, he wasn’t all enthusiastic when he saw him and only let Xu Lin brew some tea over before asking. “Captain Feng, Are you going to take away someone from my place again?”

Feng Lan smiled politely. “The matter this time is nastier than usual. The upper management stressed on investigating it so I don’t have any other choice.”

Zheng Weiming harrumphed and allowed Xu Lin to retrieve the person from the interrogation room.

In reality, it wasn’t suitable for that person to stay at the administrative region’s operations team because the person with the highest cultivation in the administrative operations team was Zheng Weiming himself with Earth Ranked Cultivation Base. He had entirely no way of guaranteeing the successful interrogation of that person since that person was clearly under qi deviation. They also had no way of injecting him with medicine so they were only left with the option of transferring him over to the Head Operations team.

Xu Lin dragged the person over. Feng Lan let the members behind him hold him steady before telling He Zhou. “Feng Lan would like to give thanks on behalf of the operations teams to He Zhou’s righteous assistance, preventing people from further getting hurt.”

He Zhou smiled slightly. “It was no problem, Captain Feng.”

Feng Lan took out a document from his chest and delivered it to He Zhou. “Knowing that Young Master He was here, I brought this along as well.”

He Zhou glanced at it. What Wen Renyi said was right. It was actually a certificate for special experts. He reached his hand out to receive it. “Thank you. However, since I’m now a part of the operations team, can I head out with you?I also want to know what happened to this person.”

It’s not that there was never a case of going through qi deviation but the people at the public square felt that it was strange.

Feng Lan didn’t think it’d be appropriate to decline so he could only agree. 

When He Zhou was about to depart together with Feng Lan to the Head Operations team, his phone rang. He took his phone out of his pocket and saw an unknown number but just before he was about to hang up, a strange feeling arose in his heart and so he picked the call up.

“Mister He.” On the other end of the phone, Guo Yang’s voice sounded more fretful than usual. “Director and I were just about to head to work when we encountered the Wen Ren Family suddenly appearing on the road. Director ended up being taken away by them.”

He Zhou’s eyes darkened to a frightening point in a split second. “Alright. I understand.” After hanging up, he looked towards Feng Lan. “I have a matter to attend to. Apologies for being unable to go with Captain Feng.”

Zheng Weiming heard Guo Yang’s voice from the call earlier and he furrowed his brows asking. “What is the Wen Ren Family looking for ex-captain for?” Since Feng Lan was still present, he didn’t directly call him “Captain” like before.

He Zhou placed his phone back in his pocket. “I don’t know. I need to head over and find out.”

Wen Ren Home.

Wen Renyi stood in the middle of the hall facing Wen Renshi as well as several elders and juniors. He wore a black suit, looking slender and tall. No ripples appeared on his elegant face which complemented his cold and unfeeling cataracts like a pond of deep water being stirred by outside forces into becoming monstrous waves. However, he stood still and naturally. 

“Ah Yi. I called you over today to talk about your mother’s affair.” Wen Renshi looked at Wen Renyi for a long time before finally speaking and sighing.

“Please do so.” Thin lips spat out three words as Wen Renyi looked on without any interest.

“That day, what Chi Huan said was true. Chi Li is indeed not your mother. We only realized this point as well. But, after much investigation, we’ve finally found your mother.” Wen Renshi spoke while using a hint of a Xiantian Realm’s might.

Wen Renyi pretended he was uncomfortable and deliberately frowned, egging Wen Renshi to continue on. “Where is she?”

“Ah Yi, you have always been a smart person. What made you so muddled this time?” Wen Renshi suddenly changed the topic.”

“Why does the family head say this?”

The hall was swept with a moment of silence. Wen Renshi did not immediately answer him and only raised the tea cup for a sip.

The big elder Wen Renzuo snorted and unhappily voiced.“If you suddenly resign from the position of director, that’s fine. But you actually put your own company under He Zhou’s name! He’s a member of the He Family! What’s more, he’s a silk trouser! You’re betraying the family by doing this!”

“I’m already married to He Zhou so placing the company under my name or his makes no difference.” Wen Renyi said lightly.

“Wen Renyi!” A Wen Ren family junior couldn’t resist shouting in anger. “You betrayed the clan and sold your life to the He Family in exchange for money, you still dare to quibble!”

Wen Renyi suddenly look towards his direction. His obviously soulless eyes seemed like they could see through a person’s heart making the junior feel a shiver in his heart, however the junior persisted and maliciously said with resentment. “Did I say anything wrong? The clan can still protect you but can He Zhou protect you?”

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