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  • EBPW Chapter 25.1

    Chapter 25.1 It’ll be the same whoever you kiss (1)

    The Wen Ren Group had been stirred into a pot of porridge(1). Even though only Wen Renyi left, it really wasn’t big enough to damage the colossus. However, when strings of workers started to quit, it undoubtedly caused the company to sink into an awkward predicament.  

    1. Stirred into a pot of porridge: turned into a complete mess

    In fact, to give a little more context, cultivators like Wen Renshi who never knew how to manage worldly affairs, provided divine protection to the Wen Ren clan. Those who didn’t have any talent in the clan, would, in turn, guarantee the necessities they needed to cultivate. It was a collaborative effort to maintain their family’s prosperity.

    However, the situation this time had blown up too big. Even if Wen Renshi wasn’t willing to handle worldly affairs, he still couldn’t help but ask someone to contact Wen Renyi.

    When Wen Renyi received the call, Guo Yang was coincidentally leaving the villa and He Zhou was already cultivating in the balcony.

    He indulged in the aftertaste of the earlier kiss and was in a delighted mood when he answered the call. The other party was silent for a period of time before sighing heavily. “Ah Yi. Come back for a visit.” 

    Wen Renyi calmly replied. “I still have some matters to attend to.”

    As the family head, Wen Renshi felt that he didn’t have any face left when he was rebuked by the younger generation. However, after sitting in the position of family head for many years, he wouldn’t easily reveal his feelings and only continued. “You have many enemies. If you leave the family’s protection, are you able to deal with them yourself?”

    Wen Renyi responded back in a low voice. “You don’t need to fret over this. Goodbye.” He hung up the phone and turned around to face He Zhou who appeared behind him. “Weren’t you cultivating?”

    He Zhou was a bit uneasy so he was secretly happy that Wen Renyi couldn’t see it at this moment and answered. “Li Zeming invited me out.”

    In reality, he simply wasn’t in the mood to cultivate. Wen Renyi’s previous two kisses lingered in his head. It’s not that he disliked it, it was just that it was slightly awkward. It was reasonable to say that he himself should have been more active, however, Ah Yi seemed to be quite enthusiastic when he kissed him. Was he not active enough? However, thinking about it, he could naturally see why. The two of them were partners. Ah Yi was a normal person, so having this desire was normal. It must be him who did not do well enough.

    Wen Renyi didn’t know what he was thinking about inside and only heard him mention Li Zeming’s name. He was indescribably somewhat disappointed. Ah Zhou must have been happy to find a like-minded fellow dessert enthusiast, it was a pity that he himself didn’t like that kind of sweet and sticky taste.

    “Are you coming back for dinner?”

    He Zhou hummed an agreement in answer.

    When Wen Renyi perceived that he had left the villa, he began to search for dessert making recipes on the internet and carefully listened to the video instructions.

    He Zhou sat on the bench in the public square and stared at the people passing by. The scorching sun seemed to have no effect on him. Girls would open their parasols and put on sunscreen. The back of their clothes would be slightly damp with sweat and even their well-combed bangs would stick to their forehead sweat, creating a messy appearance. Yet He Zhou was directly exposed under the bright hot son without a drop of sweat, still remaining clean and refreshing.

    His appearance stood out so much that the people passing by couldn’t help but stop and take a glance at him. When Li Zeming arrived, he was able to spot He Zhou sitting on the bench in an instant because this person was really too eye-catching.

    “He Zhou!” Li Zeming ran to He Zhou. His lustrous white skin glowed in the sunlight while his pair of eyes twinkled. 

    He Zhou stood up. “Where are you going?” If he didn’t feel awkward staying at home, he wouldn’t have accepted Li Zeming’s invitation.

    Li Zeming pointed to a nearby place. “That place has a sweets store that doesn’t taste bad. Today’s my treat, I”ll take you over for a taste.”

    The crowd in the public square was big because it was currently summer. Moreover, school was about to start so students from all over the country flooded Jing City, causing the customer count today to be higher than usual.

    Li Zeming complained while he walked. “After two days, school is about to start again. I still haven’t had time to play. Did you know, our school’s medical course is too complicated, and it lasts for 5 years. Ugh!”

    He Zhou was actually slightly confused about this. Why did this world’s cultivators still need to seek education?

    “Your Li Family already has medical expertise to pass on. Why do you need to go to university to learn medicine?”

    Li Zeming’s eyes suddenly widened as he excitedly gripped He Zhou’s hands. “That’s right! I also thought of it that way! However, in the current society, you can’t succeed without an education. Moreover, if you think about it, ordinary people don’t know our abilities. If we go out without any education, everybody would laugh at us and ask which family we came from. If we didn’t have any education and your military skills turned to waste, can you still become the director of Wen Ren Group?”

    What he said made sense, He Zhou nodded his head to express his understanding.

    “We’re here.” Li Zeming pushed the door open to enter. He Zhou saw that the store was adorned very lovely, complementing the fragrance of sweets. Li Zeming brought him to a seat close to the window and immediately called the waiter for an inquiry. Li Zeming was evidently very familiar with this place. Without even looking at the menu, he immediately listed out the things he wanted to eat. He Zhou flipped through the menu selections and only felt that they all looked extremely captivating so he didn’t know what to choose.

    Li Zeming reached out a finger to point to one. “Just choose this one. The first time I came here, I chose this one. It’s really good.”

    He Zhou then nodded his head.

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