EBPW Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23.2 So YOU’RE He Zhou (2)

Seeing him in rapt attention, Zhao Xingzhi purposely asked.“What is it? Does Ah Zhou not like these few books?”

He Zhou recollected his senses and reached his hand out to take them. “Thank you for your generosity, Old Zhao.”

This prompted Zhao Xingzhi to run his hands along his beard and chuckle.

“Dad, the banquet’s about to start. Do you want to start heading downstairs to meet the guests?” Zhao Jing spoke up in reminder.

Zhao Xingzhi stood up. “Haha, yes, let’s go see them then.”

He Zhou and Wen Renyi walked behind, going down the steps together. Then, they were spotted by the sharp-eyed Zhao Ke and Li Zeming who coiled around them.

He Zhou didn’t reply because Zhao Xingzhi was already giving a speech.

Everybody originally thought that today was only going to be about Zhao Family Head’s banquet. Nobody ever thought that after Zhao Xingzhi said a few words, he would resolutely declare that from this day forward, the family head position would be succeeded by another elder of the Zhao Family, Zhao Jincang. He would retreat behind the scenes and cultivate in retirement.

Zhao Ke seemed to have already known this and didn’t express too much shock.

After the elder said his piece, he left the platform for Zhao Jincang. Zhao Jincang was in his fifties but he looked to be younger by 20 years than the average person. He wore a black suit and looked tall and profound. One look and you could see that he wasn’t a weak character.

He Zhou brought Wen Renyi to a corner. Seeing his calm face, he couldn’t help but ask him in a low voice. “Are you unhappy?”

Wen Renyi turned his head to look at him. “No.”

“That’s right. There was one thing I’ve always forgotten to tell you.” He Zhou pretended to carelessly say. “I think we need to fix our home’s defense system.”

Wen Renyi’s eyebrows twitched. “Why do you say that?”

He Zhou chuckled. “Last time, you said our defense covered the entire courtyard but the first time I went to the villa, someone had dashed through the doors and crossed swords with me.” He said while carefully observing Wen Renyi’s expression.

Wen Renyi heard this and unexpectedly directly confessed. “Sorry, I was the one who sent him.”


“Because,” Wen Renyi paused for a moment under the enchantment of the surroundings. “I thought there was a possibility that you couldn’t be the real He Zhou.”

This kind of reason, He Zhou had already thought of before so he didn’t show any astonishment. It was just the fact that having a partner that was too smart made him a little embarrassed. “Then, how many times did you test me to finally be able to reach your conclusion?”

Wen Renyi chuckled. “I already said before. Everyone has their own fate. You ARE He Zhou.”

Young Master He was slightly moved. In reality, he himself didn’t know how this situation clearly happened. He previously contemplated that perhaps, he may have carried the memories of his previous life into this world.

“So, what are you unhappy about?” He still hadn’t let go of this question.

A cold light seemed to flash past Wen Renyi’s cataracts. “Zhao Zhixing gave you useless array books. Did that make you happy?”

Young Master He was naturally unhappy.

He knew of Zhao Zhixing’s intentions. He planned to use a few books to rope in an array master. However, in the eyes of others, as an array master without any cultivation base, to be able to get Zhao Zhixing’s generous treatment was worth the envy of many people. Although He Shaoning was the He Family’s head, the He Family manpower was scarce, their overall strength lacked compared to the Zhao Family and He Shaoning’s cultivation base was only in Sky Rank. Even though He Ye’s talent wasn’t bad, he was too young. So He family’s strength fell a lot short of the Zhao family’s.

“Is it because of this?” He Zhou knew Wen Renyi was fighting injustice for him so he felt reconciled. “It’s nothing much. Zhao Zhixing was only doing what he is supposed to do.”

Wen Renyi gripped his hand, his thin lips pursed before he continued speaking. “I just don’t want you to be the same as me.”

He Zhou thought of Wen Renyi’s history and sighed inside. If it wasn’t for Ah Yi’s wit and farsightedness, he didn’t know how he could have survived these 6 years.

“Then will you continue to sell your life to earn money for the Wen Ren Family?” A Xiantian Late Stage cultivator going on to become a money making tool of the Wen Ren Family. Where did the Wen Ren Family get such a thick face from?

“I was about to tell you.” Wen Renyi’s cataracts seem to be reflecting He Zhou’s figure. “I’m planning to resign from my position as the director of the Wen Ren Group. What do you think?”

He Zhou naturally approved.

“Then I won’t have money in the future anymore.” Wen Renyi said on purpose. 

He Zhou reached an arm around his shoulders. “It’s not a problem. The next time someone requests me to break an array, I’ll charge them an expensive appearance fee. Oh. That’s right, Feng Lan hasn’t paid the remuneration he promised.”

Wen Renyi chuckled. “He’ll pay it soon.”

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