EBPW Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23.1 So YOU’RE He Zhou (1)

Zhao Family’s head, Zhao Xingzhi was already in his sixties when he had stepped into Xiantian Realm. When normal cultivators step into Xiantian Realm, they would forever maintain their appearance from that time onwards until the last of their breath.

Zhao Xingzhi was now already in his eighties but looked to be in his sixties. He had kind eyebrows and pleasant eyes with a hale and hearty spirit. Seeing Zhao Heng lead He Zhou and Wen Renyi inside, he revealed a kind smile. His gaze measured the two people for a moment before running his hand along his beard and nodding, telling the people of the same generation at his side. “They’re all such good children.”

After He Zhou and Wen Renyi politely paid their respects, Zhao Xingzhi reached his hand out to signal them to sit before sighing and speaking. “Yesterday’s matter regarding the bank was all due to the brat, Zhao Ke’s hot-headedness. If it wasn’t for your help in getting him out of trouble, I wouldn’t know how it would have ended. Let this old person give you this gratitude.”

He Zhou smiled. “Old Zhao is exaggerating. This was my and Ah Yi’s duty.”

Zhao Xingzhi waved his hands, laughing to his heart’s content and telling Zhao Heng. “Ah Zheng, bring that thing over.”

Zhao Heng nodded and exited the study room.

Zhao Xingzhi chuckled once more and faced Wen Renyi. Seeing his white cataracts, he asked. “Ah Yi, are you doing well? Has Ah Zhou been taking proper care of you?”

These words sounded like they didn’t consider the two people as outsiders but it solved Zhao Ke’s predicament. If it wasn’t gratitude for saving a life, why else would Zhao Xingzhi act this close?

Wen Renyi obediently replied. “Old Zhao, my body is doing fine. Ah Zhou also treats me very well. Thank you for your concern.”

“Then that’s good.” Zhao Xingzhi said while switching the topic to He Zhou. “I heard Shaoning say that Ah Zhou’s array was self-taught. Looks like you have talent on the path of arrays. We don’t have an array genius in our family, haha.”

“Old Zhao jests. Arrays are only for supplementary use. The most important thing for a cultivator is still to cultivate one’s body so in my humble opinion, the brothers of Zhao Family are still the real geniuses.”

What He Zhou said wasn’t also false. Zhao family’s current generation did indeed produce several outstanding people. Zhao Ke was only 20 yet he already had an Earth Rank Middle Stage cultivation base. Furthermore, Zhao Heng who had just stepped out was only 32 years old yet he achieved a Sky Ranked Middle Stage cultivation base. Having this many seniors, the Zhao family didn’t have to worry about the dwindling of their prosperity.

On the contrary, because of their thin bloodline, aside from him, the He Family only had Xiao Ye and He Feng as direct descendants. Previously, the original owner had no way to cultivate and He Feng’s talent was insufficient so the only person who could take action was Xiao Ye. There was no way their overall strength could compete with the Zhao Family’s. Wen Renshi and Zhao Xingzhi were both in Xiantian Realm. Only He Shaoning was with a Sky Ranked cultivation base. If it weren’t for the existence of another ancestor who had been in seclusion for many years, then perhaps the He family would have been kicked out of the Four Big aristocratic families a long time ago.

It was also precisely because of this that He Shaoning worried there would come a day when the He Family would not be able to protect He Zhou so he arranged He Zhou to be married to Wen Renyi. It was not that he didn’t know there were no feelings between He Zhou and Wen Renyi. It was just that, sometimes, duty was more important than feelings of love. Wen Renyi was able to avoid getting killed every single time during the six years of being a waste which sufficiently proved that he had enough ability.

However, the affairs of the world always went through change. Now that he was He Zhou, nobody knew how the future days of the He family would go, 

At this moment, Zhao Heng entered, bringing several books in his hand and handing it over to He Zhou. Zhao Xingzhi laughed while saying. “Ah Zhou, these few books have been accumulating in our family for many years. I’m giving them all to you now.”

These were all array method books.

Even though cultivators also focused on cultivating as their priority, there were times were they would be at their wits’ end when they encountered an array. So generally speaking, every clan was cultivating people who had talents in array to become an array master. Just like the array on the bank safe previously was created by Wen Ren family’s already deceased array master. In other words, array books were extremely important to pass down in the family.

Zhao Xingzhi’s gifts completely made He Zhou somewhat surprised. 

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