EBPW Chapter 22.2

Chapter 22.2 Making a public display of affection at a banquet (2)

Li Zeming was without a doubt, a dessert enthusiast. It was like he came with a pre-installed radar. When he spotted a small slice of cake, that cake looked extremely tasty. He Zhou’s gaze swept across the desserts and resolutely chose a slice that was the exact same color as last time. He could still remember the taste in his memories. Just having two bites was enough to keep him wanting more.

“You like this flavor? Mm, I like it too.”Li Zeming took a bite of his cake. White cream stained his lips, like a cat with whiskers. His two big round eyes happily squinted, looking quite adorable.

He Zhou took another bite of cake and raised his spoon asking Wen Renyi. “Do you want to try?”


He Zhou was about to feed him when footsteps sounded behind him. It was followed by a voice that carried a slight sneer. “How come Young Master He had the time to come here today? Even bringing along older cousin to make a public display of affection. You really know how to play.”

These kind of words…

He Zhou fed Wen Renyi a bite without a change in his behavior. His face carrying a light smile. “How’s the taste?”

Wen Renyi’s eyes curved as his lashes gently trembled. “It’s really sweet.”

Li Zeming nibbled on his cake, staring at the approaching person before turning over to look at He Zhou. He felt that it wasn’t appropriate to involve himself in other people’s business.

Zhao Ke and He Ye heard these words and felt unhappy. How could this person speak so distastefully? Actually daring to bully He Zhou and Wen Renyi in their Zhao home. How could they let this continue? Zhao Ke and He Ye were about to rush out when they were obstructed by someone else.

The two people raised their heads to look and found Zhao Heng, the young master of the Zhao family.

“Big Brother, what are you doing?” Zhao Ke furrowed his brows in confusion.

Zhao Heng hinted at them to look towards He Zhou’s direction.

The person who ridiculed He Zhou was Wen Renyi’s older cousin in name. He Zhou had seen him before when he previously went to visit the Wen Ren Family. It was just that he didn’t remember what he was called.

When the person saw He Zhou and Wen Renyi wholly ignoring him, he couldn’t control his face. Anger appeared in his eyes as he bellowed in a low voice. “Who doesn’t know that the Zhao family has always looked down on Young Master He. The original son can’t even compare to the succeeding son—” Silence followed after.

The person widened his eyes, pointing towards He Zhou, wanting to ask him what he had done yet he realized that he couldn’t say anything. Chills ran down his spine. 

He Zhou spooned another piece, delivering it to Wen Renyi’s mouth but Wen Renyi shook his head. “You eat.”

He Zhou saw that the corner of his mouth was stained with a bit of cream so he took a soft napkin and gently dabbed it away. Wen Renyi smiled. “Ah Yi is really kind.” He smiled so charmingly, Young Master He couldn’t help but feel that having such a partner made every day blissful.

Zhao Heng brought Zhao Ke and He Ye over, looking at the person who couldn’t say anything and voiced. “Wen Ren Sixth Master, where do you feel uncomfortable? Should I call a doctor over?”

Wen Ren Sixth Master opened his mouth, exclaiming that he couldn’t speak. He pointed at He Zhou in extreme fury, signifying that He Zhou had caused this.

Zhao Heng intuitively felt that He Zhou wouldn’t be able to escape the responsibility for this matter but all of them had seen it clearly. He Zhou had his back towards Wen Ren Sixth Master eating cake, and was even sharing it with Wen Renyi. He didn’t make any extra moves so there was no way to determine it was him who did it.

At this moment, the other young masters of the Wen Ren Family who joined the banquet appeared. Seeing Wen Ren Sixth Master’s appearance, they immediately looked towards Wen Renyi and He Zhou. “Wen Renyi, He Zhou. What did you guys do?”

He Zhou used a napkin to dab the corner of his mouth. He turned around and lifted an eyelid.“If you’re going to put up a play, at least perform a little more naturally.”

Wen Ren Sixth Master was so angry his lungs were about to explode. When did he start putting up a play? He really was controlled by someone to not be able to speak!

“You’re the one who’s putting up a play!” The words he wanted to say in his words were immediately blurted out.

Even Li Zeming who adored eating desserts couldn’t help but stop, taking a glance at him.

The people on site all saw it clearly. He Zhou and Wen Renyi did not make any weird movements from start to end yet Wen Ren Sixth Master couldn’t speak, but was suddenly able to speak again. It did indeed seem like a play was going on.

Wen Ren Sixth Master still wanted to continue fighting until he realized even his own family members were gazing at him with suspicion.

He Zhou held Wen Renyi’s hand and spoke to Zhao Heng. “It seems like he’s fine. You don’t need to call for a doctor.”

Zhao Heng’s appearance was upright with a face full of righteousness. He nodded towards He Zhou saying. “Father has requested for Young Master He and Mister Wen Ren’s presence.”

He Zhou and Wen Renyi left along with him.

He Ye and Zhao Ke looked at Wen Ren Sixth Master with dissatisfaction. Zhao Ke’s face was full of despise. “You acted very exaggeratedly, did you know that?”

Wen Ren Sixth Master was extremely sullen.“He Zhou knows arrays. It MUST be his doing!”

Li Zeming couldn’t resist rolling his eyes. “What kind of array master can silence you without making any movements?”

There really wasn’t.

The members of the Wen Ren family couldn’t help but feel displeased. They glared at the sixth master. Today was the Zhao family head’s banquet, why couldn’t you control yourself a bit! 

Wen Ren Sixth Master could only gnash his teeth and swallow blood, his face twisted into a scowl as he ran to a corner and cried.

T/N: Kukuku, anyone take a guess who actually did it? >v<

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