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  • EBPW Chapter 21.1

    Chapter 21.1 The family’s abandoned son (1)

    The evildoer allowed Wen Renshi and the rest to exit the bank first, leaving Wen Renyi behind with him.

    Because He Zhou knew of Wen Renyi’s cultivation base, he wasn’t at all worried but the-just-rescued Zhao Ke worried about him on his behalf. 

    The evildoer coiled the urn around his waist tightly and seized Wen Renyi with both hands, leaving the bank.

    “Wen Renyi, I recognize you. You were the operation team’s previous captain. However, now that you are a waste, the trivial Wen Ren family doesn’t want you anymore. Why don’t you come and leave with me.”

    Wen Renshi looked at Wen Renyi’s direction. His inner heart fighting a struggle. Wen Renyi was previously the pride of their family but at the same time he was also their indelible shame.

    “Since you clearly know I hold no value, why did you agree to exchange Zhao Ke for me?” Wen Renyi asked calmly.

    The evildoer gave a mocking smile. “What do you mean no value? At the very least, the He Family and the Zhao Family wouldn’t let us perish together, if it was the Wen Ren family, can the two families contend against them?’

    Wen Renyi silently furrowed his brows, looking extremely cooperative.

    Wen Renshi saw the elders standing at the side. The several elders had been with him for many years so he naturally knew their intentions, it was just that, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of pity deep inside and was also a bit unwilling.

    “Wen Renshi!” The evildoer suddenly called out loud. “Wen Renyi is not my sister’s son! Hahaha! You were lied to for all these years, are you happy now?”

    The elders were suddenly hit with chaos as they all looked towards Wen Renshi. “Family head, what’s the meaning of this?”

    “Wen Renshu capriciously widowed my sister! It was my sister who was too kind-hearted, helping him to bear a son but before she died, she didn’t even tell you that Wen Renyi simply wasn’t hers and Wen Renshu’s child!” The evildoer looked at their sudden change in complexion and only felt a carefree feeling in his heart. “You dislike him because in his veins flows the blood of the demonic group which shames your family principles yet you couldn’t bear renounce his natural talent so you cultivated him, treating him as your glory and money making tool. Now that he has turned into a waste, you don’t want him anymore….”

    “Enough!” Wen Renshi’s face was full of fury. “Stop making irresponsible remarks!”

    “HAHAHA” The evildoer crazily laughed as he continued on. “It was you guys who destroyed the genius of your Wen Ren family.”

    The words he spoke weren’t wrong.

    Wen Renyi’s entire life history wasn’t something the Wen Ren family were willing to divulge but his talent was far too great. He was only 20 years old when he had a Sky Rank Cultivation base and he was intelligent beyond measure. At a young age, he was already the captain of the operations team. This kind of glory was enough to dazzle the Wen Ren Family’s social status They were originally considering to let go of the matter regarding his blood relations and write Wen Renyi’s name under the line of descendants, however, the genius fell from the sky one day.

    If the Gu Wu waste wasn’t the Wen Ren Family’s profiting money maker, one can only imagine what his days would look like in the Wen Ren Family.

    They had entirely given up on Wen Renyi.

    But now. Since the evildoer declared that Wen Renyi wasn’t their sister’s son. Wen Renshi looked like he didn’t believe his words on the surface but on the inside, he had already believed it because if it was his sister’s son, then the evildoer would not be able to proclaim these words out loud.

    Anger, remorse, fury and fear all surged into his head, Wen Renshi looked at the figure that was darting farther away, his beard trembling.

    The evildoer brought Wen Renyi with him while escaping and leisurely looked at his expression. Seeing him look peaceful, he couldn’t help but be perplexed. “You don’t seem like you’re the least bit surprised.”

    Wen Renyi smiled lightly. “Surprised about what?”

    “Your past history.”

    “I already knew it.”

    The evildoer was even more flabbergasted. “Are you really willing to be treated by the Wen Ren Family like this? While spending the money you earned, they will eventually throw you out like a pair of worn out shoes.”

    Wen Renyi calmly replied. “But I really am a waste.”

    “That’s true.” The evildoer snorted. “If you weren’t from the Wen Ren Family, I would’ve been happy to be friends with you.”

    Wen Renyi then stopped speaking

    “This little lover of yours seems to treat you well.” The evildoer could feel He Zhou pursuing them and was about to throw Wen Renyi away to escape by himself when Wen Renyi pulled on his sleeves.

    “Let go of me!” He flung his sleeves and wanted to glare at him when he suddenly felt something was wrong. How could he, an Earth Rank Late Stage Cultivator be stopped by a waste?

    “You’ve recovered!” He widened his eyes in shock.

    Wen Renyi let go of his sleeves. “If the head of your clan knew of the matter that happened today, do you think you’ll be able to continue living well?”

    The evildoer discovered that he suddenly couldn’t move and could only answer back. “Why does it matter with you? You being a member of the Wen Ren Family is really too pitiful.”

    “Who says I’m a member of the Wen Ren Family?” Wen Renyi’s cataracts looked straight into the evildoer’s eyes. His lips spitting out cold and unfeeling words. “My name isn’t even on the genealogical records.”

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