EBPW Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 A person with a family(2)

He Zhou at this moment was lamenting at the convenience this world’s technology had brought and when he heard He Shaoning suddenly utter this out, he turned the TV off and accompanied him to the study room on the 2nd floor.

The He Family was considered to be one of Jing City’s four biggest influential Gu Wu families, inside information could be said to be ample and although this villa looked to be no different to that of rich families, but the displays in the study room showed that the He Family couldn’t even be compared to those ordinary rich families.

However, these precious unique items didn’t amount to anything in the Young Master He’s eyes. He sat across He Shaoning leisurely and waited for him to start speaking.

He Shaoning originally wanted to show care to his son but the words he spit out had turned into something else. “You should stop playing with cars, if it wasn’t because you were lucky…” Faced with He Zhou’s quiet and clear eyes, he uneasily coughed, “Anyhow, I’ve told them to lock your cars away.”

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“What about the car that got me into an accident?”

He Shaoning was surprised by his question. He thought he wanted to continue racing so his face immediately became cold. He originally looked strict, with this change, it was simply scary enough to make children cry. “Do you still want to play with your life?”

He Zhou indifferently said. “That car was tampered with by someone.”

“What did you say?” He Shaoning was shocked, his pitch going up suddenly but in the end, he was still the head of the He Family and was able to react in the next second. This kind of issue was not impossible.

He Zhou’s face was as calm as before as he unhurriedly said. “Before I had the accident, who was handling that car?”

He Shaoning wrinkled his brows, this son of his was reckless but these words could not be spoken out easily, but it was too late now. “When you had the accident, we went to the hospital and waited for your condition to stabilize. When I finally had the time to investigate, I got to know that that car had already been handled by the police.”

He Zhou was slightly perplexed. “The police have that kind of power?”

He Shaoning fell silent for a moment. “That car was already damaged beyond repair so it could only be sent to a scrapyard. If what you said is really true, I will ask people to investigate.”

He Zhou nodded. “If it’s no problem, I’ll return to my room and take a rest.”

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“Hold on, school is starting next month and since you were unconscious and missed your final exams, you’ll be continuing to stay at second year university, the school will arrange your new hall, I’ve already made my greetings.” He said with hesitation.

He Zhou waited for him to continue.

He Shaoning gave a deep sigh. “Since childhood, you couldn’t learn our He Family’s cultivation method, the cultivation methods your grandfather and I found also didn’t suit you but you don’t need to be discouraged. Since you’re studying finance, when you graduate and work at a corporation, even if you can’t learn martial arts, you’ll still be able to break heaven and earth.”

He Zhou understood He Shaoning’s painstaking efforts. Even if this body was originally a waste among the He Family’s military line, even with his stubbornness and his self-destructions, the He Family had never given up on him and had always treated him as a piece of the He Family.

“Look at Wen Renyi, he may be blind and even if he was a genius who turned into a waste, do you still think he’d be able to operate the company well? Although he can’t avoid people’s ridicule, as long as he has a firm foot in the family, since you married him, you may as well learn from him in this regard.”

He Zhou was stunned for a moment. He seemed to have forgotten a very important matter.

Wen Renyi, Wen Family’s previous young master was previously a cultivation genius. He was a star among the military family youths, but having been plotted against, he lost his sight and turned into a waste. However, he quickly pulled himself together and took over the family business and quickly expanded it several times, even if he couldn’t practice martial arts, like before, people still wouldn’t dare to contempt him.

However, in the end, he still couldn’t avoid the destiny of being manipulated by people, under the arrangement of the elders and heads of the Wen Family, he was to be married to the waste of the He Family, and the two had never even met before.

He Zhou had seen it clearly in his dreams. After just getting his license, the original owner just got into an accident from racing and was sent to the hospital and fell into a coma. When he woke up in this body, he realized that it had been months since he was in a coma and even after waking up, Wen Renyi had never come by the hospital so He Zhou had almost forgotten his existence.

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“Ah Zhou, I know you feel wronged being arranged to marry with the Wen Family but Wen Renyi is really not that bad, I did it for you…” He Shaoning really was thinking for He Zhou’s sake. Wen Renyi’s ability was strong, his moral character was reliable. If Ah Zhuo followed him and had his protection, at least he wouldn’t be bullied by others anymore. 

He Zhou smiled. “Dad, I know.”

As a bystander, he knew clearly, the original owner would’ve felt ashamed but Young Master He knew that this was He Shaoning’s display of sincere fatherly love.

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