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  • EBPW Chapter 18.2

    Chapter 18.2 Shopping for clothes together (2)

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi figured this out. He Zhou thought this child was quite cute and recalled the cake from that day. He indeed felt a bit of yearning. However, the clothes were more of a priority at the current moment so he answered. “Today, I still have some matters to deal with. Why don’t we schedule to another day. On another day, it would be my treat.”

    However, Li Zeming was like a gluttonous insect today. Zhao Ke didn’t want to accompany him and he had coincidentally met a person with the same interest. How could he be so easily shooed away?

    “You don’t have to take too long to eat desserts. He Zhou, just for today, I’ll treat you!” Tasty food will taste even better when you share them with others. It would be too lonely if he ate by himself.

    He Zhou had wanted to say something when Zhao Ke grabbed Li Zeming by the neck and dragged him to the side.“Even if you want to eat, you still have to wait for them to finish buying their clothes, alright?”

    Li Zeming thought he made sense so he waved his little paws at He Zhou and Wen Renyi. “Then you guys can try out clothes, I’ll wait for you here.”

    Helpless, He Zhou could only head to the changing rooms with Wen Renyi.

    Zhao Ke poked Li Zeming in the forehead. “You have such bad taste. Why did you choose to go with He Zhou? Don’t you know what kind of person he is?”

    Li Zeming coldly side glanced at him. “Why do you care? You don’t even like to eat them. Besides, what’s wrong with He Zhou?”

    “Don’t you know he is ignorant and incompetent, and he wastes his time playing wildly all day? If he led you astray, what are you going to do?” If it wasn’t for the tight relations of the members of the Li Family and Zhao Ke, how could he have the patience to care about Li Zeming?

    Li Zeming disagreed with him. “I think a person who likes desserts can’t possibly be a bad person. On the contrary, isn’t a person like you, who speaks ill of people behind their backs, not afraid of your tongue being cut off?”

    Zhao Ke felt accused. He didn’t know how this kid’s brain operated, thinking that fellow enthusiasts must be good people. Also, where was he speaking ill of people? He was only warning him, alright?

    At this time, He Zhou stepped out of the changing room. Zhao Ke immediately shut his mouth and raised his eyes too look over with Li Zeming and was stumped for words.

    Previously, He Zhou’s attire was very ordinary. Now that he had changed into a slim fit straight suit, his eyebrows were like a painting, elegant and handsome. With the suit donned, he seemed to be taller, his legs were straight and long, a hint of laughter hung from the corner of his lips, he looked noble like jade with an upright and proper character.

    The sales lady’s eyes brightened even more, words of praise simply flowed forth from her mouth endlessly.

    Even if Zhao Ke didn’t like He Zhou, he still couldn’t deny that this silk trousers was indeed born with a good-looking appearance. His heart felt sour and he coldly snorted.

    “He Zhou looks very handsome!” It was precisely at this moment that Li Zeming sincerely praised him.

    He Zhou felt that the set he was wearing wasn’t bad and seeing how Wen Renyi hadn’t come out yet, he walked to the door of Wen Renyi’s room and knocked. “Ah Yi, you haven’t finished changing yet?”

    Wen Renyi’s soft voice floated out, containing what seems to be a bit of embarrassment. “I seem to have buttoned up incorrectly, I can’t see…”

    He Zhou couldn’t help but smile. “Then open the door, I’ll come in and help you out.”

    His voice had just fallen when the door was already opened. He Zhou then stepped in to find his heartstrings being pulled. The changing room wasn’t big by any means so having two men inside felt a bit cramped. The space between him and Wen Renyi was very close that he could closely see Wen Renyi’s face and the flush of his ear tips. His blouse was buttoned up incorrectly forming a wonky, deformed figure and exposing a small patch of clean white skin. 

    “Ah Zhou?” Wen Renyi opened his eyes seeming a bit confused. This kind of ‘let you pick and collect’ appearance made a person’s heart itch.

    He Zhou recollected his senses and reached his hand out to unbutton his shirt. His fingers would come into contact with Wen Renyi’s skin from time to time which felt like coming into contact with a burning fever.

    “You like to eat sweets?” Wen Renyi suddenly asked.

    He Zhou hummed in agreement, helping him button up properly. Then he took the blazer off from the clothes rack. “Here, put this on.”

    “Then, after we finish buying the clothes…”


    A gunshot was heard from a distance. Ordinary people in the mall couldn’t hear it but the two people’s godly senses were formidable so they were able to hear it very clearly.

    Zhao Ke and Li Zeming who were waiting inside the store also suddenly stood up carrying solemn faces.

    Immediately, a few more rounds of shots followed..

    Zhao Ke passed the clothes he bought to Li Zeming. “Help me look after this, I’ll go over and come back.”

    “Zhao Ke, let’s go together.”

    Li Zeming threw the clothes over to the sales lady and left the shop together with him.

    T/N: Aww. Did anybody picture Wen Renyi as a little white rabbit??  Cuz I did XD

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